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Ontrack PowerControls 5.0

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Ontrack PowerControls 5.0. Presenter name (optional) Location (optional). Ontrack PowerControls Overview. A simple, yet powerful software tool that allows Microsoft Exchange® email administrators to…

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ontrack powercontrols 5 0

Ontrack PowerControls 5.0

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ontrack powercontrols overview
Ontrack PowerControls Overview

A simple, yet powerful software tool that allows Microsoft Exchange® email administrators to…

  • Recover lost, deleted or archived mailbox items directly from an un-mounted Exchange Information Store (EDB) file or PST file
  • Restore individual mailboxes, folders, messages, attachments and other items directly to your production Exchange server
  • Research the contents of multiple mailboxes or folders using precise search criteria to locate items matching your specified criteria
  • Relax… with Ontrack PowerControls, the bottom line is that you save significant time and money!
key benefits
Key Benefits

Save significant time and money

  • Eliminate many of the time-consuming and expensive processes associated with email recovery and restoration
    • Open an Exchange database off-line (without Exchange Server present)
    • Search across multiple data sources to locate the mailboxes, folders, messages or attachments you need
    • Restore mailbox items from any previous full backup directly to your production Exchange server or into a new or existing PST file
      • Eliminates the need for single-mailbox (“brick-level”) backups
    • Retrieve email from your live Exchange server; then search, copy, delete, move and export specified items
    • Migrate mailbox data into a new Exchange server
      • Utilize the new Mailbox Creation Wizard to fully automate copying of legacy email to a new or different server
key benefits4
Key Benefits

Reduce the complexity of Exchange management and restoration

  • Simple, intuitive, flexible software product
  • Does not require changes to your existing I.T. / Exchange infrastructure
  • Eliminates the need to build an Exchange recovery server
  • Easy email restoration process allows for fast single message restores
  • Maintain mailboxes on your live Exchange server more efficiently
    • Set up new mailboxes in seconds
    • Quickly locate information necessary for litigation response
key benefits5
Key Benefits

Simplify email-related regulatory compliance procedures

  • Quickly locate messages that are pertinent to pending litigation or industry regulations
    • Create custom data stores using Content Analysis agent to search across multiple EDB files
    • Run multiple searches concurrently to reduce search time
    • Search using a variety of criteria
      • Keywords, subjects, dates, to/from, etc.
    • Search within attachments using optional Agent for Advanced Searching
  • Maintain data accessibility necessary for compliance to Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, various financial requirements, and other regulations
  • Use Extract Wizards to access backups without using the backup software that created them
key benefits6
Key Benefits

Maintain your internal I.T. security policies

  • Control and track user access and activity via the new Kroll Ontrack Administrative Server
    • Ensure proper use of product
    • Track and audit user actions
    • Document chain of custody for litigation matters
  • Set permission controls to match your internal security policies
    • Restrict mailbox access
    • Protect sensitive information
new features version 5 0
New Features: Version 5.0
  • Introduction of Kroll Ontrack Administrative Server (KOAS)
  • Live Microsoft Exchange Server as a Target
  • Searching Microsoft Exchange Server Targets
  • Mailbox Creation Wizard
new features version 5 0 continued
New Features: Version 5.0 (continued)
  • Search Results Reports
  • Export to PST
  • Journaling Support
  • Updated support for backup software
product usage
Product Usage
  • Designed to run from a Windows workstation
  • Microsoft Outlook® must be installed, configured for Corporate/Workgroup, and closed at the time of operation
  • Uses Microsoft’s Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) to communicate with theExchange Server
  • MAPI is configured when Outlook logs into an Exchange Server mailbox for the first time
  • Information Store files (EDB, STM and log) must be off-line and out of the MDBDATA directory since Exchange can conflict with Ontrack PowerControls use of MAPI
Ontrack PowerControls Extract Wizard
  • Extract Wizard facilitates the restoration of the Information Store from a backup tape or archive file to a local share, without the need of an Exchange Recovery Server.
  • ExtractWizard currently supports Microsoft NT-native backup,Symantec BackupExec, VERITAS NetBackup, CA ARCserve, EMC NetWorker, IBM Tivoli, HP OpenView, CommVault Galaxy, and UltraBac.
  • The Direct Method does not use the backup server software so has limited support for tape libraries and robots, requiring manual control. Tape drives typically operate best if used with Manufacturer or Vendor drivers.
  • The Advanced Method works as a client for your backup solution server to support your tape drive devices and existing catalogs.
How does it work?

1 - Backup software backs up an Exchange database and creates Exchange backup sets.

2 - Extract Wizard restores the database to an alternate location that is not an Exchange server.

3 – Open an EDB filewith Ontrack PowerControls to view and search through PST files or mailboxes, messages and attachments.

4 - Ontrack PowerControls can restore a single mailbox, messages or attachments back to the production Exchange server or to a new or existing PST file in another location.

extraction method selection
Extraction Method selection

The Direct Method needs no backup software.

TheAdvanced Method uses a form of emulation for the backup solution to use its catalogs and tape devices.

advanced extraction method
Advanced Extraction Method

In Advanced Method, the PC running Extract Wizard emulates an Exchange Recovery Server for a redirected restore using your backup solution server.

direct extraction method
Direct Extraction Method

In Direct Method, Extract Wizard talks directly to the tape drive.

From the Extraction Source screen you can select a tape drive, backup archive or a previous ExtractWizard cataloged backup

direct extraction method continued
Direct Extraction Method (continued)

After cataloging, the ExtractWizard displays the Exchange Information Store files available

The catalog file can be saved for later use saving the time needed to catalog the tape

source selection
Source Selection

Ontrack PowerControls Source Selection dialog allows you choose EDB, PST or CAS files as a source, if the optional “PST as Source” or “Content Analysis Store” agents are enabled. The EDB database and it’s log files can reside in separate folders.

Ontrack PowerControls does not modify the source files.

The transactions still in the log files are accommodated through the temporary files generated at “Temporary File Path”

target selection
Target Selection

The Target destination options are a PST file, a live Exchange Server either single mailbox or entire server connection, or a Content Analysis Store. The option to connect to public folders on the target Exchange server is selected.

Source and Target view

Source panel

Target panel

Preview panel

Search Results for word “Outlook” with optional “Advanced Search” enabled. You can Preview messages during search session and Save Report of search session results. Multiple Source search sessions can be run concurrently.

Search Example

Search Session Dialog
  • The Select Sources dialog box allows selection of:
  • all open stores
  • a single store
  • a mailbox
  • a folder within a mailbox
content analysis store
Content Analysis Store
  • Content analysis store (CAS) allows you to automate and save searches
      • Use any number of Exchange sources, including multiple EDBs.
  • After creating a CAS container, create profile folders as subfolders to the CAS
      • Each profile folder is configured with search criteria such as, From, To, Subject, etc.
      • Messages matching the criteria will be contained in that profile.
      • Allows you to make many separate searches (profiles) for the same set of sources
  • After processing is complete, open the CAS as a source
      • Allows you to copy the data out of the CAS into PSTs or to an Exchange server mailbox.
command line operation
Command Line Operation
  • Ontrack PowerControls features a command line interface allowing unattended operations such as:
    • Opening a source data store to copy a mailbox to a PST file or a mailbox on a live Exchange Server; or
    • Exporting messages as MSG or TXT files; or
    • Listing EDB mailbox names.
  • Product can be configured to open a data store and copy messages to root level, mailbox level or folder level to either mailboxes on a live Exchange server or to .PST files from a command prompt
  • Ontrack PowerControls has a List function at a command prompt that will generate a list of mailboxes from the source data store
message views
Message Views
  • Ontrack PowerControls features the ability to view all instances of a given message or attachment in the EDB Source by:
  • Message table
  • Attachment table
  • Conversation thread

Ontrack PowerControls can generate reports on a number of source database criteria, including Content Analysis Store sources

ontrack powercontrols
Ontrack PowerControls

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