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University of Rostock. Department Maritime Systems. Maritime Systems – A New Interdisciplinary Approach of Rostock University Frank C. Hansen Scientific Secretary of the Department Maritime Systems Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research, Rostock University Klaipeda, 15 May 2009.

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University of Rostock

Department Maritime Systems

Maritime Systems – A New Interdisciplinary Approach of Rostock University

Frank C. Hansen

Scientific Secretary of the Department Maritime Systems

Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research, Rostock University

Klaipeda, 15 May 2009

Faculty of interdisciplinary research 3 departments l.jpg
Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research: 3 Departments:

  • D1: Science and Technology of Life, Light & Matter

  • D2: Maritime Systems

  • D3: Aging Science and Humanities

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In 2007, the Department Maritime Systems was founded at the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research in order to concentrate the maritime research at the University of Rostock.

This department deals with coastal seas, the coasts themselves, and landside coastal areas.

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Faculty of Informatics

and Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences,

Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research

  • Life Science Automation

  • Communications Engineering

  • General Electrical Engineering

  • Marine Biology

  • Ecology

  • Applied Ecology

  • Zoology

  • Molecular Plant Physiology

  • Animal Physiology

  • Sensory and Cognitive Ecology

  • Physical Oceanography (IOW)

  • Marine Chemistry (IOW)

  • Biological Oceanography (IOW)

  • Marine Geology (IOW)

Faculty of Law

•State and Administrative Law,

Environmental Law and Public Economic Law

•Baltic Institute of Maritime Law,

Environmental Law and Infrastructural Law

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

and Marine Technology

Faculty of Economics

and Social Sciences

  • Ocean Engineering

  • Fluid Mechanics

  • Ship Design

  • Shipbuilding and Steel Construcion

•International Economics

•Institute of Political and Administrative Science

•Baltic Institute of Marketing

Transportation and Tourism

Faculty of Theology

•Church History

Maritime Reserach at the University of Rostock

Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

  • Coastal Water Supply Construction

  • Soil Physics and Environmental Resource Conservation

  • Geodesy and Geoinformatics

Chairs with Maritime Research Topics

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Coastal zones in global and regional change

Sustainable development and management

Use of maritime systems

Research Areas

Interdisciplinary responses to complex research requirements:

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Coastal Zones in Global and Regional Change


changes and trends in coastal ecosystems, caused by climate change and increased use, and their effects on social developments in coastal areas


changes in hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics, changes in cycles of matter and changes in biodiversity


to determine the causes and consequences of these changes and to predict scenarios for expected change in order to provide a theoretical basis for rational policy decisions

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Use of Maritime Systems – Technical Engineering


intensification of human use regarding resources, energy, traffic, tourism puts an increasing pressure on coastal areas


experimental investigations and modeling of hydrodynamic processes and fluid-structure interactions, the construction of large-scale structures such as offshore wind farms, innovations in shipbuilding, conception of coastal defense measures


to develop environmentally sound technical solutions for variousfields of maritime economy

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Use of Maritime Systems

Hydrodynamic characteristics of harbor seal vibrissae

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Use of Maritime Systems – Aquaculture


the increasing demand of aquatic resources for nutritition and pharmacy,

the decline of fish stocks due to overfishing and climate change


culture of micro- and macroalgae, biotechnology of algae, population and feeding ecology of coastal fish, genetics of commercial fish


to develop innovative strategies for resource sensitive methods for aquaculture and sustainable fisheries

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Use of Maritime Systems – Aquaculture

Artificial reef Nienhagen

4 ha in-situ laboratory

  • Interdisciplinary studies:

  • fisheries

  • culture of macroalgae

  • ecology of hard substrate communities

  • maritime technologies

  • economical effects of artificial reefs

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Production of biomass

closed photobioreactors in temperate climates

Use of microalgae

aquaculture, nutritition, cosmetics, pharmacy, CO2 fixation, energy, environmental monitoring

Yields per ha and year

Colza: 3-4 t

Soya: 6-7 t

Corn: 7-18 t

Microalgae: 30-150 (550) t

Use of Maritime Systems – Aquaculture

Aquaculture of microalgae and cyanobacteria

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Sustainable Development and Management


increasing and competing demands for use of the coastal zone cause conflicts between different economic interests and the need for environmental protection


the manifold interests for use are regarded in their ecological, economical, political, ethical and social contexts, important tools are the integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) and marine spatial planning


to develop holistic strategies for conservation of the natural and economic potential of coastal zones within an interdisciplinary framework

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Sustainable Development and Management







Water quality management


Dr. Gerald Schernewski, IOW

Conceptual model oder river basin coast l.jpg
Conceptual Model:Oder river basin - coast

Sustainable Development and Management

Dr. Gerald Schernewski, IOW

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University of Rostock

Department Maritime Systems


1. Predicting holistic future developments for coastal zones

2. Development of best available technologies and best environmental practice for coastal zones

3. Political consulting & conflict resolution for competing demands of use

4. Partner for maritime economy

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Thank you for your attention

Dr. Frank C. Hansen

Scientific Secretary of the Department Maritime Systems (Leader: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Graf)

Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research (Dean: Prof. Dr. Udo Kragl)

University of Rostock (Rector: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schareck)


Phone: +49 (0)381-498 6063