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ENCOUNTER THE FACULTY OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES. Since 1989 of witnessing to life, of research and innovation, of imparting knowledge and skills, of community service. Structure. A family of God.

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  1. ENCOUNTERTHE FACULTY OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Since 1989 of witnessing to life, of research and innovation, of imparting knowledge and skills, of community service

  2. Structure

  3. A family of God The members of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Students, Academic and Non-Academic Staff) strive to live as people of God united in the Spirit. They yearn to up-hold human values and follow what is right, wise and good for the sake of the Kingdom of God and for the respect of human beings.

  4. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is a Team The members of the Faculty try hard to live in harmony like team builders in order to achieve collective success in witnessing to life, research and publication, teachings and Community Service. They seek genuine companionship, call to both critical and comprehensive thinking, appeal to do what ought to be done.

  5. VISION AND MISSION VISION • To be a world class University producing transformative leaders For Church and Society MISSION • To promote excellence in research, teaching and community service by preparing morally upright leaders based on the intellectual tradition of the Catholic Church.

  6. CORE VALUES 1. Witness of life 2. Prayer 3. Truthfulness 4. Honesty 5. Excellence 6. Commitment 7. Competence 8. Decency

  7. QUALITY OBJECTIVES OF THE FACULTY • To hold at least one conference for teaching and disseminating community oriented research results annually • To create functional linkages and collaboration with at least two research Institutions locally and internationally • To organize at least one fully interactive forum (Faculty Academic retreat) annually aimed at achieving the desired bonding to ensure continued suitability of Faculty activities • To split the Department of Social Sciences into distinct, sustainable and relevant departments before 2013

  8. UNIVERSITY GOVERNANCE • ChancellorMost Rev. TarcisiusZIYAYE • Pro-ChancellorH.E John Cardinal NJUE • Vice ChancellorRev. Dr. Pius RUTECHURA • DVC AcademicProf. Justus MBAE • DVC Administration Rev. Prof. Juvenalis BAITU • DVC FinanceDr. Ocbamarian BEKIT • University Registrar Mr. OdilonDizon Jr. • University Librarian Rev. Fr. Maurice KISENYI • University Chaplain Rev. Dr. Kyalo • Dean of StudentsMr. Gideon Maina

  9. DIRECTORS and DEANS • Exec. Dir. of Gaba C. Rev. Dr. P. Male • Exec. Dir. of Kisumu C. Rev. Dr. Kawasonga • Dean, Theology Rev. Prof. Constance Bansikiza • Dean, Arts and S.ScesRev. Dr. Frederick MVUMBI • Dean, Education Dr. Kang’ethe • Dean, Commerce Dr. Aloys AYAKO • Dean, Law Mr. Emillius NDERITU • Dean, Science Dr. Genevieve MWAYULI • Dir. Center for SJE Sr. Dr. Elizabeth NDUKU • Dir. of Even. Prog. • Dir. of Inst. Reg.Integ. Dr. Masinde • Director of City campus Dr. Mbaro

  10. FACULTY LEADERSHIP AND ADMINISTRATION • Dean: Rev. Dr. F.N. MVUMBI • HoD English Dr. Lucy NABUKONDE • HoDDevelpt Studies Dr. John K. MUTETI • DHoD (Dev. St) Mrs. Cornelius M.N. Liku • HoD Geo. & Environ. Studies Dr. MAHIRI • HoD History Dr. Kennedy Moindi • HoD Kiswahili Prof. Clara Momanyi • HoD Philosophy Rev. Dr. John MUHENDA • HoD Rel. Studies Rev. Dr. Joachim MSAKI • HoD Soc. SciencesMR. SAMUEL WAKANYUA

  11. Con’t • FASSc Adm. Assistant • Ms. KeziaNdwiga • Sec. Dean’s Office (Tzadua) • Ms. Rosemary Wambui • Sec. Pool (Nsubuga) • Ms.Agnes GITAU • Ms.Janet OTOIGO

  12. Full time LecturersEnglish 1. Sr. Lucy L. Nabukonde (HOD) 2. Mrs. Selline M. Oketch 3. Ms. Alice W. Kiai (S) • Mr. Peter M. Getyngo 5. Dr. Beatrice Busolo (K) 8. Robert Ochieng (K) • PamellaNyarige (G) • Dr. Karin Pasche

  13. DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 1. Dr. John K. Muteti (HoD) 2. Mrs. Cornelia M.N. Liku(DHoD) 3. Mr. Philip Wandera 4. Mr. Michael TeddOkuku

  14. GEOGRAPHY AND Envir. Studies • Dr. MAHIRI (HoD) • Mr. David Gaiti 3. Mr. Vincent Gaitho

  15. Kiswahili 1. Prof. Clara Momanyi (HoD) 2. Mr. Timothy M. Arege 3. Ms. Rose Mavisi 4. Mr. MarganAdero 5. Bernard Kadurenge (K) 6. Vincent Nyambuga (G)

  16. History 1. Dr. Kennedy Moindi (HoD) 2. Prof. Samuel A. Nyanchoga 3. Mr. Francis Muchoki

  17. Philosophy 1. Rev. Dr. John Muhenda (HoD) 2. Dr. Paul Shimiyu 3. Mr. George Ndemo 4. Mr. Kamau F. Mwangi

  18. Religious Studies 1. Rev. Dr. Joachim Msaki (HoD) 2. Rev. Dr. Bibiana M. Ngundo 3. Rev. Dr. Lucy R. Kimaro 4. Mr. Maurice A. Owinyo 5. Dr. Peter K. Njoroge 6. Prof. Mary Getui 7. Maurice Ogolla (K) 8. Rev. Dr. Frederic N. Mvumbi

  19. Social Sciences 1. Mr. Samuel Wakanyua (HoD) 2. Mr. Urbanus M. Ndolo (D/HoD) 3. Mr. Bernard Ndonga 4. Mr. Moses M. Injendi 7. Ms. Rose M. Kathambi 8. Dr. Ekisa L. Anyara 9. Dr. Moses Pundo

  20. Con’t 9. Dr. Benson Mulemi 10. Dr. Anne M. Karanja 11. Mr. James G. Kariuki(Social Work Coordinator) 12. Mr. Allan V. Korongo 13. Mr. Maina J. Kamau 14. Mr. MumoNzau 15. Prof. Maurice Amutabi 16. Rickline S. Ngayo (K)

  21. Departmental Offices,where do you find them? Dean’s Office (Tzadua Hall) 1. English (Rugambwa Hall) 2. Develp. Studies (Rugambwa Hall) 3. Geo. and Environ.Studies(Tzadua Hall) 4. History (Tzadua Hall) 5. Kiswahili (Tzadua Hall) 6. Philosophy (Nsubuga Hall) 7. Religious Studies (Otunga Hall) 8. Social Sciences (Tzadua Hall)

  22. PROGRAMMES DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH -Bed in English (Running) -Bachelor of Arts in Language, Communication and Media Studies( Very soon) -Masters of Arts in Linguistics (Soon)

  23. Kiswahili -Bed in Kiswahili (Running) -Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili and Communication(Soon)

  24. Religious Studies -Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies (running) -Bed in Religious Studies (Running) -Masters of Arts in religious Studies (Running) -Doctorate in Religious Studies (Running) -Diploma in Religious Studies (Soon)

  25. Philosophy -Diploma in Philosophy (Running) -Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Running) -Masters of Arts in Philosophy (Running) -Doctorate in Philosophy (Running)

  26. Development Studies -Advanced Diploma in project Management of development projects (Running) -Bachelor of Arts in development Studies (Running) -Postgraduate Diploma in Planning and Management development Projects (Running) -Masters of Arts in development Studies (Running)

  27. History -Bachelor of Arts in History (Running) -Bed in History (Running) -Masters of Arts in History (Running)

  28. Geography -Bachelor of Arts in geography (Running) -Bed in geography (Running)

  29. Social Sciences -Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences(Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Anthropology, Social Work) (Running) -Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (Soon) -Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Soon) -Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences (Soon) -Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology (Soon) -Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (Soon)

  30. Con’t -Masters of Arts in Conflict, refugee and Peace Studies (very Soon) -Masters of Arts Sociology (Running) -Masters of Arts in Social Work (very Soon) -Masters of Arts in Political Science (very Soon)

  31. Modes of Delivery The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences desires to give equal opportunities to all; those who have just completed their secondary education, employees in different Institutions and any other person who meets the admission requirements set by the Senate.   Thus, the modes of delivery are as follows:

  32. Con’t • Social Sciences and Development studies offer classes to Regular Students (from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm) and to Evening Students (from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm) • Religious Studies offers classes to regular students (from 8:00 am to 5:00pm) School Focused (August, January, July) and to holiday programme students (Master’s and Doctoral programmes • Although classroom contacts, with their components, remain the major method of teaching, the Faculty is in the process of developing or improving other modes of teaching (E-learning/Distant Learning)

  33. COMMON COURSES OFFERED The University Offers seven common Courses to Undergraduate Students. From these, students are expected to choose four or three or two, depending on their program of study. The Courses are:

  34. Here are the Common Courses • GS 100: Christian Ethics (Offered by the Department of Ethics, Center for Justice and Ethics) • GS 101: Communication Skills (Offered by the Department of English, FASSC) • CS 102: Computer Literacy (Offered by the Department of Computer Sciences, Science)

  35. Con’t • GS 103: Introduction to the Bible (Offered by the Department of Religious Studies, FASSC) • GS 104: Environmental Studies (Offered by the Department of Geography and Environment Studies, FASSC) • GS 105: Entrepreneurship (Offered by the Faculty of Commerce) • GS 106: Social and Development Studies (offered by the Department of Social Sciences, FASSC)

  36. Collaboration and Affiliations The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences collaborates and has developed strong relations with many Universities, Colleges and other Institutions of Higher learning. For instance, the External Examiners of all Departments come from universities within Kenya and outside Kenya. However, we have special collaborations with the following affiliated and constituent Institutions:

  37. Con’t • Affiliated Colleges to CUEA through the Faculty • St. Elizabeth University, Slovac Republic, is offering BSc Social Work and Community Health at CUEA • Christ the King Major Seminary (Philosophy, Nyeri), • Don Bosco College (Philosophy and Education, Moshi, • Spiritan Missionary Seminary (Philosophy, Arusha)). • These are CUEA Constituent Colleges: • Marist International College (Development Studies, Nairobi), • Tangaza College (Social Ministry in Mission, Social Communication and Youth Ministry, Nairobi) and • Hekima College (Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations, Nairobi).

  38. LIST OF PROFESSORS AND DOCTORS Professors • Prof. Mary Getui PhD (Religious Education), Kenyatta University Department of Religious Studies • Prof. Samuel A. Nyanchoga PhD (History), Kenyatta University Department of History • Prof. Clara Momanyi PhD (Kiswahili), Kenyatta University Department of Kiswahili - Prof. Maurice Amutabi PhD in History and Political Science

  39. Doctors • Dr. BibianaMuniniNgundo (Sr) PhD (Religious Studies), CUEA • Dr. Lucy Raphael Kimaro (Sr), PhD (Religious Studies), CUEA • Dr. Peter KiarieNjoroge , PhD (Religious Studies), CUEA • Dr. Michael OyooWeche, PhD (African Languages and Literatuure, SA • Dr. Ekisa Luke Anyara, PhD (Social Statistics), UK

  40. Con’t • Dr. Benson Mulemi, PhD (Medical Anthropology), Netherlands • Dr. Kennedy Moindi, PhD (History), USA  • Rev. Dr. John Muhenda (HoD), PhD in Philosophy, Rome • Dr. John Kennedy Muteti (H0D), PhD in Development Studies, SA

  41. Con’t -Rev. Dr. Frederick N. Mvumbi (PhD (Islamics), Ibadan. -Dr. Anne MumbiKaranja (PhD Development Studies), Netherlands -Dr. Paul Shimiyu (PhD Philosophy), Rome-Dr. Moses Pundo (PhD (Agricultural Economics), South Africa-Dr. Thomas Kibutu (PhD Geography),UK

  42. Summary • The Faculty has one Dean, 8 HoDs, 2 Deputy HoDs, 1 cooridinator • The Faculty has 17 programs and is developing others • The Faculty has 53 Full-Time Lecturers and 4 Secretaries (The numbers of Part-Time Lecturers varies between 45 to 62) • The Faculty has developed some Guidelines for effective implementation of University policies

  43. Summary, Con’t • The Faculty Holds high genuine interpersonal relations for effective and efficient academic collaboration • The Faculty has two sections • Cognate Departments; these serve the Faculty of Education: English, History, Geography and Environment Studies, religious Studies and Kiswahili) • Others are specifically Arts: Philosophy, development Studies and Social Sciences.

  44. Summary con’t • The Faculty is present in the three Campuses (Langata, Gaba, Kisumu) • Types of Programs: Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, BA, MA and PhD (Langata); BA (Gaba and Kisumu). • -Mode of Teaching: Regular, Evening, School Focused and Holiday (Langata); regular and School Focused (Gaba and Kisumu).

  45. Summary con’t • Number of Full-Time academic Staff (All campuses):53 (professor, Associate professors, senior Lecturers, lecturers and assistant Lecturers). • Number of Students in all Campuses (2012): 657 • Number of Offices in All Campuses: 27 • Location at Langata Campus: Otunga Hall, Nsubuga Hall, Rugamwa Hall, Tzadua Hall

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