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Enmity part 2 etc

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Enmity part 2 etc. Russell Williams . Dragon (Paganism). The Beast (Papalism). False Prophet (Lamb-like beast). 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 6. The Roman Catholic Church. Babylon. M.P. Greece. Rome . United States. 1 st PHASE. 2 nd PHASE. 3 rd PHASE.

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enmity part 2 etc

Enmity part 2 etc

Russell Williams




The Beast


False Prophet

(Lamb-like beast)







The Roman Catholic Church





United States




  • The dragon in its raw form represents the first four beasts (kingdoms) of Daniel 2
  • In Revelation 17:3 John refers to each kingdom as ‘heads’, and in Daniel 7:3-7 talks about the four beast powers to arise and carry out the agenda of Rome.
  • The first four kingdoms are in Daniel 2 of the image ; the fifth head is the papacy; the sixth 6th the united States.
  • There are three phases of Rome:
  • DRAGON: Open alliance (the first four kingdoms)
  • BEAST: The Roman Catholic church
  • 3. FALSE PROPHET: Lamb-like beast (United States)

These three phases are divided or categorized into 7 heads...the kingdoms that will be

used by Satan to accomplish his agenda.

Revelation 17:7-10: The 7th head is a combination of the dragon the beast and the false prophet also the 7th head of Revelation 13:1-5 is the papacy, paganism baptized in “Christianity”....the spirit of devils...mystery Babylon.

Isaiah 14:12-14 – apostate Protestantism (Satan) has accomplished his boast now he just has to sell it to the world and cause us as SDA’s to merge See Great Controversy page 49/50

We see this in the Catholic church and with the US its easier because they are protestants “lamb-like” beast (US) one of its horns...it has influenced so much that we now have 9 out of 10 of their books for example the Alpha course from Willowcreek.

Rev 16:13,14 when it talks about the false prophet this is the United States ‘...the spirits of devils...to gather them’ this is the workings of demons...sincere or not they are still being lead.

Rev 16:16 – the third phase is to bring the whole world to spiritual “Armageddon”

Satan’s target is God’s church see Isaiah 14:12; Isaiah 2:2 and Psalm 48

When it is fulfilled, phase three (the false prophet0 he will crucify Christ again, what Israel did to Christ – Great Controversy page 508


Early Writings page 259 – those who rejected the first message could not be benefited by the second message. Paul also refers to this as receiving‘strong delusion’ (2 Thessalonians 2:11).

So NOW is the time to prepare as the Sunday law is when we turn in our papers.

3 phases:

1st phase: Daniel 11:30 –is taking place from Great Controversy page 508 – ‘Chittim’ representing the vandals attacking pagan Rome from the sea and bringing Western Rome to its knees...that’s how the papacy was to rise ‘return and have indignation’ –

2nd phase: Rome is returning now but not as pagan Rome but as papal Rome and having ‘intelligence with them that forsake the holy covenant [Bible]’ – aligning themselves with the papacy, returning with her so that she can gain control of the world again through her doctrine

Between the two phases the Roman church receives her deadly wound again of Revelation 13:3 in 1798.

- 3rd phase:This phase has now been set aside for the next phase which is the lamb-like beast of Revelation 13:11 the United States. The pagan agenda is to pass of the false for the true; a counterfeit of Christ.

So what took place between 508 and 538 is to be repeated exactly – to counterfeit Christ and it worked very well...


As we are have now moved into the third phase Satan now needs to counterfeit the Holy Spirit more closely...the false Pentecost...through various means such as the speaking in tongues.

That’s why we are Laodicea.

The sixth head of Bible prophecy influences the ‘whole world’; we were born into this influence Revelation 13:12 – the false prophet is now doing the work to influence the entire world to worship the composite beast.

Those who are saved EG White says will be ‘few, poor and unpopular’

The history of Adventism is important as Satan uses it to set up the third phase and use it to oppose the church at the time of the end.

This history began in 1798 – Napoleon I won the war and the papacy was wounded see Revelation 13:3, 10

The leader of the Jesuits was behind the French Revolution set up in 1768 see Great Controversy p234 the Jesuit order states that there is‘no disguise to difficult to assume’

The Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness, the League of Nations that became the United Nations was brought about by the Illuminiti which is Jesuitism, which is controlled by Rome.

The false prophet; the United States is doing the work of Rome...the woman riding the beast (Revelation 17:3).

Before 1798 Rome was ruling for 1,260 and during this time (Revelation 2:18-20) all the characteristics of Jezebel were set up...


At the end of the Dark Ages God raised up a people up that function like the true church

Millerites (true) were raised up and beside them people that weren’t Gods’ people were raised up; they represented the false prophets but God gave the true people more light.

It was prophesied that Christ would come in Daniel 9:25 – here are the two classes the Elijah of God and the false prophet – 1st time Jesus time; 2nd Millerites and NOW is the 3rd and final time...we are at Mount Carmel now...there have been two altars set up, even here in the “present truth”.

Moravian is a ministry: Just like the people went to John the Baptist at Jordan to be taught then they went back to the leaders it is the same setup.

Matthew 21:31-39 The parable of the heir was representing Jesus being crucified and prior to that John the Baptist (the servant) Christ’s Object Lessons page 293.

In 1844 Christ was coming the second time, thus representing the fire upon the altar...if the fire was received he would have come in your heart...if not the false prophets work is so effective you weren’t benefited by it. Satan does through the beast (Papalism).

How can God dwell in your heart? ‘No many cometh to the Father but by me [Jesus] see John 14:6

The order is important:

1. The Dragon...Paganism

2. The Beast...Papalism

3. The false prophet...Lamb-like beast


For example, the sacrifice in the Garden of Eden told Satan that Christ would come...he knew a system would be set up for sacrifices ... So Satan created a counterfeit sacrificial system sacrifices which then became Christianised paganism (the papacy).

When Christ removed His sacrificial system Pentecost to a new phase, the Holy Spirit, the law being written in their hearts Jeremiah 31:33 (see Acts of the Apostles page 44) and in 1798 Satan did the same thing by changing from paganism to Papalism.

The Son of God is Christ; Satan’s son is the man of perdition the antichrist which is Papalism (2 Thessalonians 2:3-7).

The Holy Spirit testifies of Jesus and God’s throne is established in righteousness – God’s throne is in Christ – so that the Father can dwell in your heart...Satan wants God’s throne Isaiah 14:13.

In the Garden of Eden – by setting up a lie Satan got the throne but Jesus will get the throne by telling the truth. So why do we need the Holy Spirit? To put the truth in our heart (mind) so that only God can control your mind and He alone will sit on the throne.

The false prophet of Revelation 13:11, the United States is counterfeiting the first beast to cause the whole earth to worship the first beast; papal Rome (see Revelation 13:12). – 2nd beast from 11 introduced to cause the whole earth to worship the first beast (papal Rome).

Early Writings page 56 – Satan’s counterfeit is cause the whole earth to worship the first beast...papal Rome – the doctrines of the false churches are the doctrines of Rome see Great Controversy page 50 it is ‘...false religion’.


It is the false prophet of the United states its horn of Protestantism that Seventh-day Adventists will and are accepting the Papal system of worship.

Daniel 12:4 this Increase of knowledge is Christ coming into the heart but only the hearts of the wise virgins...this is an antitype of the fire from Mount Carmel when Elijah made his altar to the Lord.

TRUTH OR PRESENT TRUTH?Noah – true story on the flood in the Bible but will this prepare you for what is to come? NO ...the flood has come and gone, what we now need is the present truth application for what the time of trouble ahead (see Evangelism page 196)...the work of the false prophet is to talk about merely ‘truth’ and not ‘present truth’, which is what we see and hear in our churches today.

Spiritualism was first established in the Garden of Eden when the serpent [Satan] said to Eve ‘ye shall not surely die’.

Spiritualism...the dragon (Paganism)....soul does not die...goes to heaven see Great Controversy page 588.

Apostate Protestantism is the world

Satan’s deception is so strong that all classes of people are taken care of either through atheism with business men and woman who due to intellect wont accept God or through the false prophet (apostate Protestantism).


In 2 Corinthians 3:18 - glass converted to mirror in Great Controversy page 676 - the glory of

the Lord is beheld.

  • 2 Corinthians 4:6 - in the face of Jesus is the reflection of God but it is God we see in the


  • Hebrews 1 - the express image of God (Jesus) God in the image of Jesus is God - God in

Christ in Adam - Satan changed the thoughts of God in man (in Eve...then Adam) Adam lost the

image (sin) Satan’s thought in man and man was in Satan...Satan's thoughts represent the

dragon ...ye shall not surely die (spiritualism) - paganism

  • Sabbath showed the completion of God's word....come unto me...rest unto your souls...learn

of Him the light of His glory...the knowledge of God in Christ (A T Jones 1888).

  • The dragon, the beast and the false prophet are counterfeiting the three in one of the Godhead.
  • The dragon in the beast is the dragon of the beast – ‘speaks like the dragon’ - the image to

the beast is set up at the Sunday law...the work will be completed in man at the Sunday law...man will speak and act like the dragon if we are not sealed in Christ.

  • Hebrews 4 - never entered into the rest...God's law completed into the heart of man. Entering into God's 'rest'- search the rest....
  • His name is the Sabbath... that will be written it is the therefore the seal of God is in your forehead.

The latter rain seals the grain..intellectually and spiritually settled into the truth so that

you cannot be moved...every position of truth that we now hold we will be tested.

knowledge = patience...in your patience possess ye your soul (Luke 21:19).

  • What is God’s character? Revelation 1:8 God is the Alpha and Omega....we can be settled in the truth because we are established in the truth and have assurance that despite everything God is the beginning and the ending.
  • The principles of righteousness by faith - David was an adulterous, murderer etc.
  • When Nathan told David the story of the lamb (2 Samuel 12) the Holy Spirit prepared Him for the revelation – he had righteous indignation (or resentment) against the rich man who took the poor man’s little ewe lamb. There was already an enmity in David’s heart against the wrong that Satan had put there, which resulted in Psalm 51.
  • Jesus illustrates this in parables and we have this righteous indignation when we read parables such the parable of two debtors - one with much and one with little; the prodigal son...the one that went out, the one that stayed home - the unrighteousness of the brother coming home to be restored...we are like that naturally we can see the enmity against wrong.

So it is not merely teaching righteousness by faith but do we see the lamb in the teaching that gives us the grace to be changed once we are aware of our situation?

  • Righteousness by faith is often taught through analyzing the situation but not telling you how to get the righteousness...(read it in EG White the story on David and Nathan).
  • Nathan was a 'faithful witness' as he showed David the grace...the way out of his sin...no condemnation
  • It is not merely presenting truth. For example, King Saul when he went to the witch of Endor and his death was predicted this was truth as he had exposed himself (read in EG White).
  • The truth can kill you in the wrong hands....just like in King Saul’s situation.
  • Jesus said a bruised reed shall he not break...the gentleness...the smoking flax...Christ's presence will not cause even the smoking flax to go out see Matthew 12:20..
  • The condition of Laodicea - you are naked, wretched, blind we are rich and increased with goods...
  • Laodicea like the Pharisees...we have arrived and know it all. God wants us to be like the Publican (Luke 18:9-14).
  • 2 classes of people in the church - the Pharisee which represents the seed of Satan...self-exaltation...(the daily). The publican admitted to his condition, Mary Madelenge too, admit, see and so we need to see the good (the lamb)...the lamb which taketh away the sins of the world (John 1:29).

world.Righteousness by faith must lift up the Lamb...learn at the feet of the lamb to learn

  • this message. 'Behold the restorer' Christ is the restorer...merely desiring it
  • Psalm 51 - 1 to 3 combo...he saw the restorer...not merely what it is, what Laodecia
  • Alpha and the Omega - the time is fulfilled...urgenance is brought to view...he is
  • establishing belief, faith, fear (respect) and a trust at the revelation that He loves
  • us and this leads us to search our own heart...the revelation of Christ will cause the true repentance.
  • Special resurrection - 7th plague - Rev 16:17-19 ...5th plague the darkness that
  • Rev 16:17- the voice of God wakens them up (special resurrection) v18 that destroys
  • Babylon into three parts... v19 disunity
  • 5th plague Rev 16:10 - wake up 'spiritually' realisation that they are lost....Michael
  • has stood up and probation has closed ...for SDA Rev 15:8 same Dan 12:1
  • Rev 16:1-9 plagues are for Babylon