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Animal Welfare Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Animal Welfare Training

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Animal Welfare Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Animal Welfare Training. The Development Process. Remember This!. Computer Models Chemical Models In-Vitro Models In-Vivo Models Human Models. The Drug Development Process. Is it safe? Does it work?. Compound X. How much? How often? How should it be put

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Animal Welfare Training

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the development process
The Development Process

Remember This!

  • Computer Models
  • Chemical Models
  • In-Vitro Models
  • In-Vivo Models
  • Human Models
the drug development process
The Drug Development Process

Is it safe?

Does it work?

Compound X

How much?

How often?

How should it be put

into the body?How long does it stay there?

Are the effects: short and long?

Does it leave the body? How?

Does the body change it? How?

Do other variables matter?

  • Safety and Efficacy
primedica nonclinical contract research
Primedica: Nonclinical Contract Research


Contract Research Organization

  • We test drugs, biologics, and medical devices in animalsto prove they are safe and effectivebefore they are tested in people.
our product the final report
Our Product: The Final Report
  • Attract client
  • Collaborate on study design
  • Schedule study
  • Order/quarantine animals
  • Receive/Store/Formulate Test Article
  • Dose Administration
  • Sample Collection
  • Process Samples
  • Euthanasia/Slide Preparation
  • Tissue Pathology
  • Deliver the Final Report
who regulates animal use in research
Who Regulates Animal Use in Research?

USDA United States Department of Agriculture

NIH National Institutes of Health

IACUC Institutional Care and Use Committee

The State Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

AAALAC Association for Assessment and Accreditation of

Laboratory Animal Care International

ethical issues in animal research
Ethical Issues In Animal Research
  • Animals As Machines
    • Greek/Roman games
  • God Granted Dominion
    • Humane Stewardship
  • Rationality and a Soul
    • “the question is not Can they reason? nor Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?”
  • Speciesism
    • prejudiced in favor of one’s own kind
differentiate between
Differentiate Between. . .

Remember This!

  • Animal Welfare
    • The humane care and use of animals.
  • Animal Rights
    • The belief that animal rights are equal to human rights.“A rat is a dog is a boy.”
some animals for some research
Some Animals For Some Research
  • Reduce: Fewer Animals - Same Valid Results
      • Animal as it’s own control
      • Statistical analysis
      • Same animal for more than one study (necropsy)
  • Refine: Improve Procedures - Reduce Discomfort
      • Intrabladder catheter / regular urinary catheter
      • Vascular access port
  • Replace: Models Without Animals
      • Harvesting rabbit corneal cells
      • Bioreactor
iacuc s role
IACUC’s Role
  • Reduce study duplication
  • Reduce animal discomfort
  • Justify species/number selection
  • Assure veterinary care
  • Ethical Guidelines
  • Membership
  • Meetings/Subcommittees
  • Semiannual Inspections/Program Reviews
  • Suspension
animal welfare concerns
Animal Welfare Concerns

Remember This!

  • Report to a Group Leader, Supervisor, Manager, Study Director, IACUC Member, Vet, or HR
  • They notify IACUC/Attending Vet, in writing.


The company must investigate/report to the IACUC. IACUC

will review the response and investigate too. IACUC will

report findings/recommendations to the Institutional Official.


The outcome is variable, but serious violations (abuse, neglect) will result in termination(s).