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Bettis Actuators PowerPoint Presentation
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Bettis Actuators

Bettis Actuators

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Bettis Actuators

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  1. Bettis Actuators Presented By Coastal Industries, LLC

  2. Introduction Buy, Sell, or Rebuild your used or Obsolete Actuators, Pneumatic or Hydraulic, New Surplus Bettis Actuators, New Surplus Automax Actuators, Rebuilt Pneumatic or Hydraulic Actuators, or just Parts for your Bettis and Automax Actuator.

  3. Buy, Sell, or Rebuild Used Actuators Actuators are essential components of a machine which is responsible for moving or controlling a mechanism or a system in a machine. It can also be referred as the “mover”. It is one of the most important parts in machinery as it controls an important movement. It requires a control signal and a source of energy to work. The source of energy can be electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic. Now that you know which part of your machinery is an actuator, do you believe you need one? Or do you need a repair with it?

  4. Actuator Pneumatic Actuators Hydraulic Actuators Electric Actuators

  5. Some Reasons You Should Choose Us For Your Actuator Service • Experienced actuator professionals • Large inventory of old and new parts • We carry both high and low temperature seal kits • Parts and kits available for both Bettis and Automax actuators

  6. Our Manufacture • We manufacture a full line of parts and accessories for Bettis pneumatic and hydraulic powered actuator. We specialize in repairing highly reliable actuators for any application that requires high cycle times and normal or severe operating environment. • Our modern CNC Machining facility is detailed for machining the necessary components needed to produce high-quality and better performance in the actuation industry. Whether your automation system works in the chemical industry, oil refinery, offshore, or small batch facilities our remanufactured actuators are proven to be most reliable.

  7. Coastal Industries, LLC is completely involved with the purchase and sell of Bettis actuators. We take care of used and faulty Bettis actuators, by providing reconditioned parts for your general actuator system. • Send your non-functional Bettis parts to us, we will recondition, refurbish, and rebuild your actuator back to original condition. • Our state-of-the-art facility will definitely improve the operational efficiency of your Bettis or other actuator systems, allowing you to feel more confident and saved from the additional expenditures.

  8. Contact Us Website: Contact Number: 281-204-1308 Fax: 800-871-1759 Location: 957 NASA Parkway #421, Houston, Texas, USA

  9. Thank You