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Content of marking information to help you, we have seen this

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Content writing strategy is clear and simple. You need to write fresh and good content for your website or blog to boost Seo ranking ,Decrease market competition , increase commercial values and level of traffic. Good and popular keyword in your content makes it rank highly in search engines.

Forms of content

Content can be displayed in following forms in digital form of display.

HTML or Text

Pictorial representation



Html or text
HTML or Text

Text Type information or contain is the most understandable content by the search engine. If you writing a content must remember that your contain should have at least 30% text contain.

Some point about Content writing …

Sentence should be shorter and point to point.

Try to write one paragraph for One Idea.

the inverted pyramid style, putting the most important point or the conclusion first.

Content should be on simple word that all type of visitor can understand.

bulleted lists.

highlighted text (bold or color, also hyperlinked text) for scan ability.

meaningful headlines and subheads, avoiding cute or clever lines.

Pictorial representation
Pictorial representation

More then 50% visitor on web does not have the patience or time to read all text content. Therefore to attract those viewer you much have pictorial representation on your web content.

Viewer Read capability are 25% slower on screen then printed book. So you should use that type of pictorial representation a viewer can understand about your product or subject in few seconds.

A pictorial representation can be different type….


Pictorial Drawing.







Some visitor on web does not like to read or can not read. For those visitor audio representation is one of the medium to understand web content. If you want to reach every visitor on web , your content writing must have audio representation. If you thing Blind people can not see pictorial or text representation. So here audio representation makes a valuable contribution .


Now a Days where youth can communicate with video representation then anything else. Video representation can content your every information and present it like a short movie. The increasing viewership of YouTube videos, whatapp videos ,Facebook videos are the prove that todays viewer are not like to read whole web content .They just like to watch video content.


Content writing on web should be a good mixture of text content,Pictrorial content, Audio and video content that every type of user can communicate with it .Simple form can be use to reach all type of viewer and rank high in search engine.