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Laser Marking Machines - Dot Peen Marking Solutions - HeatSign

HeatSign, one of China’s leading dot pen and laser marking machine suppliers, offer all inclusive marking solutions for both industrial and domestic use.<br>

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Laser Marking Machines - Dot Peen Marking Solutions - HeatSign

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  1. HeatSign HeatSignhas come into existence with the goal of offering certified premium product marking machines aimed at helping original equipment manufacturers trace products over their complete lifecycle. We offer a cradle-to-grave approach to traceability that helps improve product quality, order processing, and prevents part counterfeiting.

  2. Who We Are & What We Do

  3. What We Aim • HeatSign has been focusing on Direct Marking Technologies and Marking Machines for the past 10 years. Our vision is to be the most customer-centric company; to create a portal where product manufacturers from varied industries find virtually all types of Product Marking and Branding possibilities. • We have endeavored to make a real difference for our customers with superior marking solutions, low prices, fast and reliable delivery, and a trusted and convenient experience. We are committed to ensure 100% Satisfaction on all your marking requirements.

  4. About us • We offer a variety of High-Precision Product Marking, Traceability and Turnkey Process Automation Solutions, using the latest Bench Top Dot Peen Marking, Portable Dot Peen Marking and Laser Marking technologies. • Our highly flexible marking machines incorporate attractive and eye-catchy Text, Logos, Graphics, as well as Data Codes on a wide-range of markable materials.

  5. Our Marking Solutions are some of the best in the industry. Having worked with state of the art technologies, we have a strong know-how of the product marking industry. This helps us lower the operating costs and offer competitive pricing to our customers, helping them enjoy increased profitability. This alone should be enough to make our product marking machines worthy of your attention!

  6. Why Are We The Best? • Ten years of experience with Marking Technologies and Marking Machines • CE and ISO 9001:2008 certification with International approval • 50% domination of China’s Dot Peen Marking machine market • Impressive sales figures in South America, Europe, Asia and other countries • Extensive R&D focus for superior marking solutions and high customer satisfaction • Compact and light wood packaging for easy and safe shipment

  7. Laser Marking Machines • HeatSignspecialized Laser Marking solutions present the newest generation of laser science. This technology makes it possible to create permanent marking that is quick and precise.

  8. Using the right marking machine based on the industry and application, gives manufacturers several advantages and brings value to a product’s appearance.

  9. Dot Peen Marking Machines Ruggedly simple and highly effective Dot Peen Marking Machines from HeatSign are recognized as the highest quality marking equipment used in various industries today.

  10. They offer permanent, direct part marking of deep, clear text, data or symbols in the harshest of manufacturing conditions. • Our Portable Dot Peen Markers are meant for marking Big and Heavy parts, and the Bench Top Dot Peen Markers are used to mark Medium and Small parts

  11. Marking Customization Is Our Specialty • For HeatSign, every customer is unique with a specific set of requirements. We treat every marking need with the respect it deserves. We offer many marking solutions, including Dot Peen Marking, Laser Marking and Laser Engraving. Customize Marking Solutions Industry-Specific Marking Solutions Material To Mark

  12. Industry-Specific Marking Solutions • Automotive • Car and Motorcycle • Electrical • Aeronautics • Aerospace • Electronic • Energy • Medical Instrument • Military/Defence • Metal Processing • And others…

  13. Material To Mark • Metal • Glass • Ceramic • Plastic • Wood • Leather • Paper & Cardboard • And others…

  14. Customized Marking Solutions • Our expert team with in-depth knowledge and years of experience customize everything that can be customized. As of now we haven’t turned down a customization request. Let us discuss and create a marking customization plan for your business.

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