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2010 Softball PowerPoint Presentation
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2010 Softball

2010 Softball

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2010 Softball

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  1. 2010 Softball

  2. SoftballItems for Review • Softball State Series • 2010 FHSAA Softball Finals • Status of Softball Evaluation Program • Officials Recommendation Forms • Softball Field Clinics in 2011 • Softball Exam Schedule • Questions, Comments or Suggestions

  3. Softball State Series • Congratulations! This year’s State Series were fantastic! • Overall, Officials that were assigned did a great job! • Nearly every official and assigned crew ranked a 4.0 or higher within their evaluation • Reminder – Officials/Associations who are not following NFHS Softball Rules are doing a disservice to the players, the game and other officials. • Please be sure to call everything as noted in the NFHS Softball Rules Book!

  4. 2010 Softball Finals A Special Thanks to Florida Professional Officials Association for their assistance during the 2010 Softball Finals in Clermont.

  5. Status of Softball Evaluation Program • Evaluations continue to improve • Nearly all State Final Officials were evaluated at a 4.0 or higher during the State Finals • Overall, the positive feedback has been helpful to both the FHSAA and officials • Past evaluations are being used for State Final Assignments • All State Final Officials were debriefed following their game by a State Final Evaluator for immediate feedback • Officials are encouraged to be evaluated at State Field Clinics to support the submitted recommendations.

  6. Officials Recommendation Forms • Be sure to list alternate officials/crews if available • If you have officials that you would like to recommend, but have not met all criteria, please recommend them and then explain in the comment section why the official/crew has not met all criteria • Utilize the comment section that has been provided • It is important to list crews by ability – not by experience or because they have not been to that level before (i.e. their turn)! Some Associations are not utilizing the new format as it was designed. Remember – officials need to be recommended by ability, especially in the later rounds. I.e., State Semifinal/State Final Crew #1 should be the BEST 3 officials in your Association based on ABILITY. • Not all Associations receive assignments. Some Associations have received assignments EVERY year and in order to give every capable Association a chance, there are a few Associations that may not get an Assignment in a given year. We have over 30 Softball Associations and only 18 games. Not EVERYONE will be assigned. • Individuals that publicly degrade the assignments or the assignor do a disservice to their Association and the sport. It is the assignors goal to put the best officials on the field as our student-athletes only deserve the best!

  7. 2011 Softball Field Clinics Pinellas Sports Officials Association Pinellas County Date: Jan. 21-22, 2011 Site: E.C. Moore East softball complex (Clearwater) When: Friday, 5:30 – 9:45 p.m.; Saturday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Application Deadline: Jan. 7, 2011 Contact Person: Al Standiford, (727) 487-4250 Clinicians: Rich Ryals, Steve Hanney, Al Standiford, Ed Whipple or Mike Connelly Special Highlights: • Friday night pizza and soft drinks • Saturday live games for evaluations • Useful gift for all clinic participants • Pre-registration available online @ starting in June. Jacksonville Umpires Association Duval County Date: Jan. 22, 2011 Site: Bishop Kenny High School When: Saturday, 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. Application Deadline: Jan. 8, 2011 Contact Person: Cathy Jester, Clinicians: Randy Scott, Randy Hosmer, Dana Keister, Chuck Frey Special Highlights: • Classroom work • Cage work • Scrimmages/on-field work • Pre-registration available online @ starting in June.

  8. 2011 Softball Exam Schedule • Overall – each exam window has moved forward by 3-weeks, except for the written exam and seemed to work well! • Online Open Book Exam • January 28th – February 2nd • Online Closed Book Exam • February 10th – February 21st • Online Make-Up Exam • February 25th – March 1st • Written Closed Book Exam • February 28th at 6:30 p.m. • Officials choosing to take this exam will not be afforded the opportunity for make-up. • Online Rules Presentation • January 31st – February 12th • This leaves a 2-day window for officials who want to view the Rules Presentation prior to taking the online open book exam • This schedule provides the opportunity for all officials to be tested and to post a score prior to pre-season classics.

  9. Questions, Comments or Suggestions?

  10. Congratulations and Good Luck Congratulations on a Great Year and Good Luck During the upcoming season. Enjoy your summer!

  11. Photos Provided By: Bryn-Alan Photography Official Photographer of the FHSAA