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Offers Effective Stadium & Arena Media Buying & Planning PowerPoint Presentation
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Offers Effective Stadium & Arena Media Buying & Planning

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Offers Effective Stadium & Arena Media Buying & Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Offers Effective Stadium & Arena Media Buying & Planning. Sports Media, Inc. Put your brand in the GAME!. (877) 266-0042. Media Buying and Planning.

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offers effective stadium arena media buying planning

Offers Effective Stadium & Arena Media Buying & Planning

Sports Media, Inc.

Put your brand in the GAME!

(877) 266-0042

media buying and planning
Media Buying and Planning
  • Sports Media, Inc. provides media buying and planning services, we work for ad agencies as well as independent advertisers, placing advertising in stadium and arenas throughout the US.
  • Our database of over 1500 stadium and arenas cover MLB, NFL, NBA, WNBA, and MLS, minor leagues, Universities, motor sports, and fairs.
  • Stadium and arenas are a fragmented media, there are no in stadium media measurements and pricing fluctuates from venue to venue. Sports Media breaks down these barriers and delivers the information you want and need fast, saving you thousands of hours in research and costs associated with buying and planning media in stadiums and arenas.
  • Sports Media can take the edge off and deliver a media plan that fits your objectives and budget in a timely manner.
  • No one has a more complete database of industry contracts then Sports Media.
  • Sports Media brings new and exciting media to the sports world that can activate your brand with consistency and innovation.
  • Let Sports Media help plan your next campaign and put your brand in the game.

(877) 266-0042

cupholders sponsorships
Cupholders Sponsorships

Be apart of a one of a kind opportunity!

  • The Cupholder Sponsorship and advertising medium has proven to be one of the most appealing and effective ways to reach new customers and build your brand. 
  • Cupholders offer high visibility and exposure; you have a captive audience for a minimum of 3 hours per event. 
  • Cupholders build relationships directly with consumers, teams, facilities and other sponsors. Consumer Experience Marketing is a great way to build brand loyalty.

(877) 266-0042

cupholder labels
Cupholder Labels
  • Cupholder labels are an intricate part of any cupholder sponsorship and Sports Media has over 15 years experience in producing cup holder banners, these banners are tear proof, graffiti proof, UV protected and have a special bonding agent to prevent there removal, they last for years.  
  • Sports Media can also provide a full service installation staff to replace existing banners or simply install new ones.

(877) 266-0042

bleacher seat cupholder
Bleacher Seat Cupholder
  • Cupholder includes one color foil stamp or pad printing with an imprint area of 1" x 3". For brand identification. A variety of colors are available
  • Adjustable cupholder that will fit most standard stadium bleachers
  • Great for Universities and PGA events

(877) 266-0042

lenticular technology
Lenticular Technology
  • Add excitement and movement to the cups with 3D, 2 Flip, 3D with Flip, Zoom, Morph, Full Motion Images and our New Image Appear and Disappear Technology.
  • Cups can be fully licensed with MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB Players, NFL Players, and NHL Players.
  • It works best when you combine 3D with small motion, ideal for Stadium and Arena promotions.

(877) 266-0042

photo cups
Photo Cups
  • Turn beverages into works of art with custom photo cups.
  • Photo cups are the newest technology and biggest innovation in decades for collector-souvenir cups.
  • Available in 12oz, 16oz, 22oz, 32oz, 44oz and 18oz Tumbler all dishwasher safe.

(877) 266-0042

mini cd on cup lid
Mini CD on Cup Lid
  • Creative and innovative method for sponsors to deliver a targeted message to thousands of like minded, enthusiastic prospects
  • Enhance fan loyalty by delivering an interactive fan appreciation commemorative
  • Track and produce reports on venue/team web activity and gather accurate email database
  • CD’s can be co-branded with Team or Event.
  • Available in 16oz, 20oz, 22oz, 32oz, 44oz & 64oz. cup CD lids

(877) 266-0042


Collectors CDs

Sports Media has the ability to place totally different artwork on each and every mini disc making it both practical and affordable. This unique capability has a wide range of applications in sports and entertainment.

(877) 266-0042

carrying tray
Carrying Tray
  • These unique food and drink trays are distributed throughout the country in all MLB, NFL, NASCAR, NHL, NBA stadiums and arenas.
  • They are just the thing to give your message a refreshing boost.
  • The Sports Media Tray can be used for branding, couponing and even for sampling!
  • Holds all Sports Media Cup lines.

(877) 266-0042

lenticular 3d graphics
Lenticular 3D graphics
  • Get the competitive edge! High-impact graphics increase sales. Lenticular 3D graphics is the process whereby you add dimension and/or motion to your printed marketing displays.
  • Large format 3D graphics easily combine up to five images or more into a single graphic to convey depth, motion, or both, in photo images.
  • 3D graphics are adaptable to light boxes, fixtures, display cases, sign holders, and much more.
  • Use to reach a captive audience with guaranteed circulation and demographics, excellent visibility and size impressions, plus the possibility of TV exposure. Now available for placement in Sports Venues Nationwide.

(877) 266-0042

stadium popcorn buckets
Stadium Popcorn Buckets
  • Give your concession stand a nostalgic look with these colorful products designed especially for Stadiums!
  • Sports Media has taken an ordinary concession item and turned it into a unique delivery vehicle that allows stadiums and companies to: combine recourses of external partners and generate direct sales, link audiences to web sites and incite excitement for partnership development.
  • Popcorn buckets are delivered in 85oz., 46oz., and 24oz.

(877) 266-0042

video messaging
  • Share The Experience! The Video Messaging Kiosk is an engaging, interactive communication and branding solution for stadium locations and events.
  • The Messaging Kiosk can record a short video message and deliver it via e-mail anywhere in the world, with amazing speed, regardless of the type of internet connection. The message is simple to record and send, and is viewed in the recipients email in box in a customized HTML skin.
  • The Video Messaging Kiosk has enjoyed great success in a wide range of areas wherever people gather such as concerts, visitor centers, museums, themed restaurants, clubs, sporting events, common areas of malls, POS, and festivals.

(877) 266-0042

promotional bags
Promotional Bags
  • The innovative medium offers a massive visual impact as consumers take their seats at sports and entertainment events and simultaneously offers insert and sampling opportunities.
  • Promotional bags are well received by fans
  • Fans will take the bags home with them as a souvenir, take action on the promotion and even thank the venue for their “goody” bag
  • Bags may have inserts, which allow for measurable redemption rates
  • Bags are directly in front of the fans making the brand unavoidable

(877) 266-0042



Imagine being able to see yourself up on a big screen, playing a giant game of volleyball with an entire crowd of people in a theatre. You’d need a ball and a pretty big net . . . right? Not necessarily. Large audiences can actually interact with each other, play games, or just sit back and watch others have fun with the Magic Mirror.

Magic Mirror works by taking live video of a group and then laying computer-generated effects, such as a huge ball and net, over this image. Sensors that detect movement in the group allow audience members to physically affect the images they are seeing on the big screen.

The end result is an engaging, interactive application that can be customized and branded for a sponsor. The Magic Mirror has already had success with everything from movie premiere activities to entertaining crowds at a club opening.

(877) 266-0042

trash that pays
Trash That Pays
  • Tamperproof steel frames and sturdy 1/4” sheets of Lexan® Plexiglas® protect advertisements from theft while 5 mil UV laminate shields the ads from natural and human elements.
  • This advantageous positioning reaches consumers moments before crucial purchasing decisions are made.
  • Exclusive pedestrian-level placement isolates your message from the clutter of traditional stadium advertising.
  • Trash Receptacle Signs fit right in by replacing existing trash receptacles.

(877) 266-0042

shopping cart cupholder
Shopping Cart Cupholder
  • Advertising Builds Brand Sales At Point Of Purchase
  • Constant Exposure To Your Advertising
  • As shoppers use: Beverage



Shopping List

And More

  • Its Always In Front Of Them

(877) 266-0042

turnstile ad sleeve
Turnstile Ad Sleeve
  • Turnstile Advertising has been a staple of professional sports for over 8 years. Renowned stadiums such as Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium and Soldier Field (to name a few) have already seen the power of Turnstile Advertising.

(877) 266-0042

experience cool media
Experience Cool Media
  • This Billboard is an unique advertising platform that (at the push of a button) delivers a cooling spray mist while connecting your message to the audience
  • Instant relief from the environment without getting wet due to an evaporative cooling mist controlled by exhausting fans
  • Fixed in place, mobile or custom designs available
  • Large platform 15.5’ x 28.5”

(877) 266-0042

visit sportsmedia net online
Visit Online

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