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An Intranet that really works

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An Intranet that really works Introducing Acclipse Desktop Today’s Presentation Introducing Acclipse Business Fitness NZ Acclipse Desktop Overview Intranet with Business Fitness NZ content Pricing Acclipse Desktop – Intranet Business Fitness NZ content Questions

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An Intranet that really works

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an intranet that really works
An Intranet that really works

Introducing Acclipse Desktop

today s presentation
Today’s Presentation
  • Introducing
    • Acclipse
    • Business Fitness NZ
  • Acclipse Desktop
    • Overview
    • Intranet with Business Fitness NZ content
  • Pricing
    • Acclipse Desktop – Intranet
    • Business Fitness NZ content
  • Questions
introducing acclipse
Introducing Acclipse
  • Created from key staff who built CA-Systems - developers of MYOB Accountants Office …
  • 500+ firms are using our applications supported by over 40 staff in NZ and Australia
  • Working with ‘best of class’ suppliers:- APS, BankLink, Business Fitness NZ & Red Sky

At Acclipse we integrate and automate our applications with Microsoft ™ and practice management software to empower the 21st century accounting firm.

introducing business fitness nz
Introducing Business Fitness NZ
  • Created by:-
    • Viv Brownrigg
      • 17 years in public Practice
      • In NZ, 200+ firms in Business Fitness Network
      • Several years experience systemising accounting practices
      • Coach and mentor to accounting practices
    • Team of editors and content creation people
so lets look at
So lets look at …..

Acclipse Desktop – Intranet

  • Why have an Intranet?
  • Industry ‘syndromes’ … where’s the time being lost?
  • Intellectual Asset management
  • Must haves for an Intranet
  • Business Fitness NZ content
  • The software and content .. front and back end process
why have an intranet
Why have an Intranet?
  • Recruiting and retaining staff
  • Productivity
  • Growth, profit and cash flow
  • Workflow management
  • Efficient processes
  • Succession planning
  • Systems and procedures
  • Keeping up to date
  • Delegation
  • New services

(The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, a survey of 86 firms by Business Fitness NZ, 2005)

  • Ranked in order are the key challenges recorded in an industry survey conducted by Business Fitness NZ in 2005.

An effective Intranet will help overcome these challenges and provide a real lift in productivity and profitability

industry syndromes where s the time being lost
Industry Syndromes - where's the time being lost?
  • Pick up and Put Down syndrome - “Jobs end being done 1.2, 1.3, 1.5 times”
  • Looking for it syndrome - “Recently a time management guru reported that the average professional time worker spends six weeks a year looking for stuff”
  • I can’t delegate it syndrome - “Trusting someone to delegate the work becomes a real problem … in the end delegation tends to flow upwards”
  • “Not now” syndrome - I’d really like to introduce this new service BUT ‘not now’ as the practice just needs to sort out its compliance work first”
intellectual asset management iam
Intellectual Asset Management (IAM)
  • Understand the value of Intellectual Asset Loss
    • A valuable team member leaves the firm. Generally the knowledge that they have goes with them.
  • Understand the value of Intellectual Asset Leakage
    • Most current practice manuals are on C Drives or in paper files. What happens if a team member can’t locate the file/checklist that they want?
      • They bug the person sitting next to them
      • They reinvent the document
      • They do nothing ??!!
  • So lets make sure we capture all your firm’s know how and get the intellectual property on to your desktop
must haves for a practice intranet
Must haves for a Practice Intranet
  • A platform that interfaces with Outlook, IE and PM software
  • The Intranet becomes your induction programme
  • Instant retrieval of templates
  • Advanced searchability
  • High-quality trusted content
  • Ability to customise…easily
  • A content management process
  • Regular content updates
  • Integration with your Practice Management System
  • An integration programme
  • The Intranet becomes “the way we do it here”
business fitness nz content
Business Fitness NZ content
  • More than 1,500 templates
  • Sourced from many highly performing NZ firms
  • Used and road tested by 200+ NZ firms
  • Updated regularly (monthly)
  • Third party contributors:
    • Owens Tax Advisors
    • BankLink Ltd
    • ESS – 252 Business advisory tools
content includes
Engagement processes

Accounts preparation systems

Client Questionnaires

Electronic work papers

ACC administration

BankLink processes

GST/FBT systems

Tax planning processes

Specialist tax systems and checklists

Company administration

Trust administration


Fixed price agreements

Client coaching programmes (252 modules!)

Business appraisal and valuation systems

HR systems such as induction and appraisal

Practice KPI systems

Practice strategic planning processes

Firm Newsletters for clients

More than 1,500 templates!

Content includes…
acclipse desktop intranet
Acclipse Desktop - Intranet

Intranet Overview

  • Launch and view Acclipse Desktop from:-
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Lotus Notes
    • Internet Explorer
    • MYOB Accountants Office
  • News/Bulletin Board
  • Organisation - induction
  • Procedures
  • Policies
  • Favourites
  • Document Types - letters, checklists, guides, scripts etc
  • Knowledge Base
  • Web Links
  • Clients & Contacts integrated to Practice Management software
  • In/Out Board
  • Search – fast & restrictive
  • Complete with NZ’s best content provided by Business Fitness NZ

Effective Intranets need “eyeballs” everyday

a staff in out board that works
A staff In/Out Board that works
  • Keep track of who’s in and out of the office
    • Setup predefined reasons
    • Displays reason
    • Fast data entry
    • Filter & display by In, Out, Overdue & All
  • Display staff phone numbers and email
    • Integrates with APS systems
    • Email staff by clicking on the URL
practice news bulletin board
Practice News/Bulletin Board
  • All staff log on via this page or favourites. MS Outlook makes the difference for the interface as everyone opens this each day!
  • Imagine how your could use news like this:-
    • Critical tax deadlines could be highlighted
    • Internal staff news .. Babies, birthdays etc
    • Training courses, Who is on leave, etc, etc
  • View by title, title and description, title description and keywords.
organisation team and roles
Customise the practice roles and positions

Create procedures for roles & team members

Create a great induction process

Increase productivity by making training and learning the job much easier

Create a practice where you have people wanting to work for you

Empower the team and create accountability

Organisation - team and roles
it s all about procedures
It’s all about procedures
  • Procedures are the missing link with all other practice manuals and Intranet systems
  • Procedures create the “how to” for the practice
  • Procedures is a ‘section’ with all the power of the document management process
  • Search by title, description, key words and full text
  • View by title, title and description, title description and keywords …
policies practice culture
Policies - practice culture
  • Policies help define the practice culture
  • Policies is a ‘section’ with all the power of the document management process
  • Search by title, description, key words and full text
  • View by title, title and description, title description and keywords …
web links
Web Links
  • Web links provides quick access across the practice for all the relevant web content and information required within the practice. No more trying to find what the site URL is!
  • Web links is a ‘section’ with all the power of the document management process
  • Search by title, description, key words and full text
  • View by title, title and description, title description and keywords
knowledge base
Knowledge Base
  • Knowledge Base links provides quick access across the practice for all the relevant ‘knowledge’ required within the practice.
  • Knowledge Base is a ‘section’ with all the power of the document management process
  • Search by title, description, key words and full text
  • View by title, title and description, title description and keywords
favourites a personal intranet
Create your own ‘personal’ intranet. It’s only linked to the master documents so standards are maintained

Right click to easily add and remove favourites

Favourites is a ‘section’ with all the power of the document management process

Search by title, description, key words and full text

View by title, title and description, title description and keywords

Favourites - a personal intranet
search finding the right document in 2 seconds
Search for documents by:-




Full text

Advanced Search:-

Search across and filter by section(s) & document type

Very very fast!

Designed to be restrictive .. You don’t get Google like relevancy

Section search available

Search - finding the right document in 2 seconds!
finding out what s new
Email Notifier

Preview first

See list of recipients

Select date

Write email message

What’s New

Graphic to highlight

What’s New section

Finding out what’s new …
mail merge with pm systems auto filing
Mail merge with PM systems & auto filing
  • Links directly with MYOB AO, APS and Viztopia
    • Search for client
    • Filter by Partner and Manager
  • Set default folder directory structure to enable ‘best practice’ management of client folders.
  • Mail merge easily with documents
    • Within Microsoft Word
    • Directly from Acclipse Desktop
  • Customise practice templates for firm font, logo and style
mail merge with practice management database
Mail merge with Practice Management database
  • Merge from MS Word with Practice Management name and address data
  • Invoke ‘replace fields’ form to guide you through the documents for additional data
  • Save into APS - Notes & Links, MYOB AO - Files tab and Server Client Directories
acclipse desktop contacts
Acclipse Desktop – Contacts
  • Acclipse Desktop installs a new Toolbar within Outlook that provides instant access to all firm Intranet functions. Included in this toolbar is a Contacts button that provides ALL the main information a partner or manager requires when looking up a client. Specific features include:-
    • Direct access to all major practice management software client databases
    • Auto files documents into nominated folder
    • Links to notes for MYOB AO
    • Drag and drop files on this form
    • Click on IRD link to auto login to the IRD
content administration the backend
Sections can be customised with practice defined categories

Content can be:-

Customised to meet individual practice standards

Additional content can be easily integrated

Define document title, description and keywords

Administrator controls the content management process:-

Document status control – Published, Draft & Deleted

Document type control

Protect from updates

Read only flags

Automate document expiry

Record History and Notes

Publisher module available for national firms, groups and franchises

Content administration – the backend
reporting the backend
Easily view what documents are being used.

By period

By number of documents

View usage by all team members. This encourages use!

Reporting – the backend
content administration import content
Easily add more ‘bulk’ content.

Point to the content directory

Move or copy documents

Create category, author, status etc

Full text indexing is created when the content is imported

Content administration – import content
team administration the backend
Create team members

Link to login name

Reporting to …

Roles .. Can fulfill multiple roles

Add procedures to team members

Add procedures to roles

Team administration - the backend
administration the backend updates
Menu – Check for updates (also notified by Business Fitness NZ

Document Action

Document Status


Send to Draft


Do not Update

Protected document



Open new version to view before deciding

Business Fitness NZ provide monthly updates

Administration - the backend - Updates
administration the backend applications
Control applications across the firm

Setup applications for each user

Group applications

Create the ‘one’ desktop to manage the whole practice

Administration - the backend - Applications
newsletters for clients
Business Forward provided with content updates each month

Professional relevant content for clients

Insert your practice logo and branding

Newsletters for clients
so how much is acclipse desktop intranet
So how much is Acclipse Desktop – Intranet?

Licence fees – up front fees

Server/single Additional workstationworkstations

Acclipse Desktop - Intranet $1,295 $125.00

Business Fitness NZ Content** $ 695 $185.00

$1,990 $310.00

So a five person practice would only be $3,230*

And a ten person practice would only be $4,780*

* Excludes GST. Delivered with MSDE which provides free access up to 50 users (assuming 1 in 5 concurrent use) otherwise SQL required. Note APS users should already have SQL.

** Content fee capped at 40 workstations or $7,910.

so how much is acclipse desktop intranet36
So how much is Acclipse Desktop – Intranet?

Enhancement and Support fees – per month

Individual Modules 1-4 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-29 30-59 60-100

Acclipse Desktop - Intranet$45 75 95 115 140 185 235

Business Fitness NZ Content* $195 245 295 345 395 495 495

* Minimum 12 month service contract with Business Fitness NZ required

Training – additional costs of between $700 and $1,500

  • Installation of software by Acclipse – 1 to 4 hours required. Provides software installation, integration with practice management software and template setup to match practice management software.
  • Content and software training provided by Business Fitness NZ

* Excludes GST & expenses.

acclipse desktop roi
Acclipse Desktop - ROI
  • 10 staff with a 15 min productivity increase creates a huge ROI
  • Get cynical and say there is only a 6 min (I unit) increase and still be surprised a the productivity increase
  • What about the revenue opportunities from:-
    • Sale of documents
    • New clients
    • Additional client work generated
    • And .. And .. And …
you ve just laid the foundation for
You’ve just laid the foundation for ….
  • Having implemented the Intranet version of Acclipse Desktop you can then add Email Manager (can you find all emails by client that have come into the practice and been sent from the practice?) and finally complete document management (real less paper office) with Document and Task Manager.
  • We recommend to take this in stages and to implement email manager module either with or after installation on Acclipse Desktop Intranet
  • Acclipse Desktop Modules
  • Intranet
  • Email Manager
  • All email stored by client, personal, internal or Other/Spam
  • Email shared with Intranet Knowledge Base
  • Email filed in Practice Management systems (MYOB AO, Viztopia & APS)
  • Email quality improved as linked to Intranet documents
  • Document & Task Manager
so how do i get going
So how do I get going?
  • Order now and book in time for initial training that will be provided by Business Fitness NZ.
    • The investment required varies from firm to firm and is largely dependent on the number of team members as well as your preferred implementation style. You will be provided with a quote for user and integration training once we have discussed with you, your firm’s specific requirements. Costs typically range between $450+GST and $1,500+GST, plus any applicable travel expenses.
  • A typical training and integration programme involves a two hour training session with your entire team (including Partners), to show them the benefits of systemisation as well as how to use the Intranet and access the content.
    • We then usually spend two hours with your Content Integration Team (the small team of people who will ensure that your Intranet is successfully integrated into your Practice). At this session we plan together your best way forward, so that:
      • You successfully merge your existing procedures and templates into the Intranet.
      • You achieve maximum utilisation of the Intranet across your entire team.
      • Your Intranet Administrator (the person designated in your team to manage the Intranet) is confident with the Content Management process.
any questions and lets get started
Any Questions … and lets get started!

So please say ‘yes’ and lets get productive and profitable .

contact details
Contact Details

Business Fitness NZ

123, Jellicoe Street

PO Box 427, Te Puke

Ph: 0800 10 58 60

Fax: 0800 10 58 70