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TERRORISM and LAUSD. Los Angeles Unified School District Office of Environmental Health and Safety Robert Kamm. What is Terrorism?. The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any

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Terrorism and lausd l.jpg


Los Angeles Unified School District

Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Robert Kamm

What is terrorism l.jpg
What is Terrorism?

The unlawful use of force or violence against

persons or property to intimidate or coerce a

government, the civilian population, or any

segment thereof, in furtherance of political

and social objectives (FBI).

Foreign terrorist organizations l.jpg
Foreign Terrorist Organizations

  • The US State Department lists 38 groups as Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

  • 50% of the groups are Islamist.

  • www.state.gov

Prominent foreign terrorist groups l.jpg
Prominent Foreign Terrorist Groups

  • Al Qa’ida


  • Hizbollah

  • Jemaah Islamiya (JI)

  • Palestine Islamic Jihad

  • Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC)

  • Real IRA

Domestic terrorist groups l.jpg
Domestic Terrorist Groups

  • Right-Wing

  • Left-Wing

  • Anarchist

  • Single Issue

Special interest groups l.jpg
Special Interest Groups

  • ELF

  • ALF

  • Anti-Abortion

What are the threats l.jpg
What are the threats?


    • Chemical

    • Biological

    • Radiological

    • Nuclear

  • Bombings

    • Suicide

    • Vehicle

  • Cyber Attack

    • Lack of services

Slide10 l.jpg

Weapons of Mass Destruction





Fbi threat spectrum l.jpg
FBI Threat Spectrum


Bio Toxins

Industrial Chemicals



Chemical Weapons

Nuclear Weapons


Slide12 l.jpg

Biological Terrorism

Use of biological agents or toxins to intentionally produce illness in a susceptible population

  • Biological agents easy to obtain, produce & distribute

  • Difficult to detect (invisible, odorless & delayed onset)

  • Can cause mass casualties at low cost

  • Potential wide-spread panic / social disruption

Biological agents disease l.jpg
Biological Agents & Disease

variola major Smallpox

bacillus anthracisAnthrax

yersinia pestis Plague

clostridium botulinum Botulism

francisella tularensis Tularemia

Ebola virus Viral hemorrhagic fevers

Slide14 l.jpg

Why Worry About Bioterrorism?

Nations believed to have bio-weapons capabilities





North Korea

South Korea









South Africa



Iraq & Russia have large-scale offensive programs

Slide15 l.jpg

History of Biowarfaire

1346- Tartar forces besieging Kaffa catapulted plague-contaminated corpses over city walls

French and Indian War- British gave smallpox-laden blankets to Native Americans

In WWI- German agents used anthrax and to infect livestock and feed for export to allied forces

1972 - Biological Weapons Treaty ratified by 140 nations

Slide16 l.jpg

Recent Acts of Bioterrorism

2001 - Anthrax incidents following 9/11

1998 - Nation-wide anthrax hoaxes

1996 - Shigella-contaminated muffins in Dallas

1994 - Sarin gas attacks in Tokyo

1991 - Ricin toxin produced Minnesota

1985 - Cyanide in pickles in Los Angeles

1984 - Salmonella sprayed on salad bars in Oregon

Slide17 l.jpg

Routes of Exposure

  • Inhalation

  • Dermal absorption

  • Ingestion

  • Injection

Slide18 l.jpg

Inhalation or Dermal Absorption of Aerosols

  • Most likely route for Bio-Terrorism

  • Aerosols of most agents produce disease

  • Objective is to generate respirable size particles

    • 0.5 - 10 microns

    • remain suspended for long periods

    • can reach the alveoli

Slide19 l.jpg

Cooperative Efforts in Los Angeles

  • LAPD

  • LA Sheriff

  • Fire/Health Haz-Mat

  • FBI

  • Terrorism Early Warning Group (TEWG)

  • Archangel

  • Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Oehs lausd preparedness l.jpg


Safety Alerts

Standard Emergency Procedures Safe School Plan

Safe Schools Inspection Guidebook

Routine School Safety Inspections

Drills and Exercises

Assignment of Duty Officer

Routine District briefings & consultation with agencies

OEHS LAUSD Preparedness

Safe school plan vol 2 emergency procedures l.jpg

Animal Disturbance

Armed Assault on campus

Biological or Chemical Release

Bomb Threat

Bus Disaster


Explosion or Risk of Explosion

Fire in Surrounding area

Fire on School Grounds


Loss or Failure of Utilities

Motor Vehicle Crash

Psychological Trauma

Suspected Contamination of Food or Water

Safe School Plan Vol. 2 Emergency Procedures

Lausd eoc systems l.jpg

  • 200 KW diesel generator supports EOC and all critical communications

  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for all data and communications

  • 14 generic work stations. Supports all 5 functions of SEMS and ICS

  • Multiple fax machines and blast faxing

Lausd eoc systems cont l.jpg
LAUSD EOC Systems (cont)

  • Direct Email to EOC for situation updates and damage assessments

  • 3 separate data networks to ensure redundancy (LASPD & LAUSD LACity)

  • Stand alone heating and ventilation system (HVAC)

  • Desktop radio communications consuls for LASPD, Transportation & Emergency Operations

Lausd eoc systems cont27 l.jpg
LAUSD EOC Systems (cont)

  • 14 hand held portable radios for emergency operations

  • Multiple portable cell phone kits for response to incidents or command post

  • Amateur radio communications (HAM)

  • Multiple media monitoring systems

  • 14 standalone telephone systems

  • User accounts with LA County EOC, EMIS and LA City EOC, Web EOC

What can i do l.jpg
What Can I Do?

  • Be Aware

    • Suspicious persons

    • Suspicious activities

  • Be Prepared

    • Emergency supplies

    • Family communications plan

    • Shelter in place

    • Get away plan

    • Plans for school or work

  • Be Informed

References l.jpg


  • U.S. State Department

  • Red Cross