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What is happening in the picture? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is happening in the picture?

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What is happening in the picture?
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What is happening in the picture?

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  1. What is happening in the picture? What do you think the people protesting are trying to do?

  2. Pressure Groups People who have strong opinions on a particular issue often try to influence what happens by putting pressure on MP’s and people who make decisions. They are called pressure groups or sometimes lobby groups or protest groups Some pressure groups work to protect the interests of their members, such as trade unions. Others work to promote a cause, such as animals rights.

  3. Advertising campaign National TV coverage Riot Marches Road blockades Meeting government ministers Meeting MP’s Violence against people • Which of these activities are extreme and illegal? • Do you think violent tactics can every be justified? Staging stunts to attract the media Targeted violence against property Direct Action such as setting animals free Ways of protesting Occupations Petitions Demonstrations Letter writing campaign – to MP’s & Newspapers Strike

  4. RSPCA • Which of the ways of protesting do you think the RSPCA is most likely to use? • Which activities do you think would be most effective in influencing: • Public opinion • Politicians

  5. Are pressure groups good for democracy? The aim of a pressure group is to promote their cause so the people in power take notice. When this is a group like the RSPCA this is not a problem as most people would support the aims of the group. But when it is a cigarette company trying to influence the government to relax laws against smoking – some people we not be happy.

  6. Sometimes pressures groups are in conflict with each other….. Pedestrians Association Promotes walking and wants lower speed limits Automobile Association Protects the interests of motorists Wants betters roads and cheaper Fuel prices Government Policies on Transport TBUS Promotes public transport Alternatives and want electric run buses SUSTRANS Campaigns for sustainable Transport. Wants more cycle networks

  7. And finally……. Look at the arguments and sort them into statements FOR/AGAINST pressure groups. What’s your opinion? I think pressure groups are GOOD for society because….. I think pressure groups are BAD for society because…..