europe is a small continent transylvania is an entire world l.
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Europe is a small continent Transylvania is an entire world PowerPoint Presentation
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Europe is a small continent Transylvania is an entire world

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Europe is a small continent Transylvania is an entire world - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Europe is a small continent Transylvania is an entire world. Live Tours and Events. Transylvania LIVE. CONTENTS: Romania Vision Positioning Our Guests Strengths: Company Team “ Live” concept Partners Strategy Professional organizing of events Transportation Accommodation Meals.

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Europe is a small continent Transylvania is an entire world

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Transylvania LIVE


  • Romania
  • Vision
  • Positioning
  • Our Guests
  • Strengths:
      • Company
      • Team
      • “Live” concept
      • Partners
  • Strategy
      • Professional organizing of events
      • Transportation
      • Accommodation
      • Meals
  • Live tours and events.
      • The general structure
      • Festivals
      • Things to see
      • Moments to live

Why Transylvania?

  • Romania is a growing tourist destination: in 2003 Romania was second on the list of European countries that have registered a growth in the number of incoming tourists, by 14% (Bulgaria – 1st – 18%, Island – 3rd – 12%)
  • thename of Transylvaniabenefits of free publicity due to vampire legends
  • Transylvania is a place where traditional ways of life are still preserved

Vision and Principles


Seeing the tourist circuits as live shows, will turn Transylvania Live into the leader among tour operators valorising the double valence of Transylvania: legend and tradition.


  • travelling is most rewarding when it involves direct experiences of the characteristicsof the visited places
  • the details make the difference
  • sustainable tourism: both making use and preserving our traditions and mythology

Positioning. What makes us different.

  • The creativity in conceiving the tours, our experience in event organising and our knowledge of Transylvania and Romania allows us to design some of the best itineraries;
  • We are the only Romanian tour operator offering the possibility of enjoying Transylvanian Festivals live.
  • All events are focused on the tourist’s needs based on the principle of interactive shows – we offer special happenings with medieval and traditional themes.

Our Guests

  • For couples tours are designed for couples who would like to socialise, enjoy good quality time together while visiting and discovering a country that proves to begreat for two! The minimum age range for these tours is 20 years old.
  • Transylvania Live hiking tours appeal equally to young people, as well as to middle aged-people, specially to mountain lovers.
  • Our cultural tours are conceived for people who value authentic cultures and immersion in other lifestyles
  • Sightseeing holidays are created for tourists that travel for leisure and to make new friends.

In general our holidays are intended for people who:

    • will appreciate being a living part of the picture
    • are concerned for comfort and security and we setup our arrangement accordingly

Strengths. The “Live” Concept

Our name is the expression of our mission. We invite our tourists to

…Live Transylvania in all senses as well as to experience Transylvania… Live.

“Live” means:

  • experiencingthe Transylvanian lifestyle: dances, songs, cuisine, holidays
  • in addition to classical tourism sites, visits to villages and homes of peasant craftsmen
  • happenings which involve the tourists directly
  • local professionals coordinating events
  • taking part in traditional and medieval festivals

Strengths. Our company.

“Transylvania-Live” is a trade-mark of Pansatelit Comunicatii SRL

          • tour operator license no. 2999 “Transylvania Live”
          • radio station
          • advertising agency
          • web design studio
          • cable TV station
          • 8 - years event organizing experience (outdoors concerts and festivals, charity events)

Sustaining our region through involvement in civic projects :

  • founding member of Tourist Information Centre in Turda
  • sponsor of belles-lettres national magazine "Echinox",
  • sponsor of Transylvania Riders Motorcycle Club

Strengths. Our managing team.

  • Anamaria Ignat

Sales Manager

  • Claudia Palfi

Operations Manager

  • Hertha Todea

Managing Partner

  • Alin Todea

Business Development Manager

  • Andras Balogh

Project Manager

  • Adrian Trim

UK tourism development

  • enthusiasts in our mission to have our guests enjoy Transylvania by the same passion that Romanians do
  • passionate for ethnography and legends and dedicated to bringing them to life.
  • we have been working together for the revival of traditional festivals and holidays

Strengths. Associations; Partners

Transylvania Livejoined the deontology principles of the professional association of travel agents in Romania and is ANAT member (National Association of Travel Agents) ( we appear on associationsite in Euro regions - North West, page 4 )

Our export partners:

BD Graiver Israel

Genuine Romance Adventure USA

Gruber-reisen Ldt. Austria


Strategy: professional organizing of events

All of our special events are organized by professionals. We work with:

  • Regional Centres for Preserving Tradition of Maramures and Brasov
  • Community Cultural Centres in Sibiu and Fagaras
  • City halls: The Festival at Prislop, Sighisoara and Jina
  • Wine yards and wine factory
  • British consultancy company

Strategy: transportation

We begin our Romanian experience from Budapest airport because: 

  • It offers excellent low cost travel from UK (the direct U.K – Bucharest flights are more expensive, there’s a difference of more the 150-200 EURO comparing to U.K – Budapest flights).
  •  Is the most attractive way to travel in comfort to Transylvania, avoiding the complication of there being no nearer direct flights from the UK to this region of Romania.  
  •   It provides the possibility of visiting the western Hungary, come in contact with Hungarian  atmosphere and visit the capital – Budapest.

Strategy: transportation

  • For each type of tour, here is how we structured the transportation:
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • for groups of 15 to 48tourists - we can provide a luxury coach which offers refreshments, toilets and the driver will stop when requested to do so – a MAN coach,49 tourist seats, made in 2004, equipped with AC, toilets, foldable seats, video, TV, refrigerator.
  • for groups of 15 to 18 tourists the transportation is assured by a midi bus Isuzu Turquoise–made in 2004– 26 tourist seats, equipped with AC, foldable seats TV, DVD, and refrigerator.
  • for groups of 8 to 14 tourists the transportation is assured by a microbus Ford Tranzit, made in 2004,equipped with AC, foldable seats, TV, video, refrigerator compartment.
  • - for groups of 4 to 7 tourists the transportation is assured by a microbus Mercedes Vito, made in 2003,7 touristsseats, equipped with AC, foldable seats, the guide will also be the driver.
  • - for groups of 1to 3 tourists the transportation is assured by a car – Ford Focus, made in 2001, equipped with AC, in this case the guide will also be the driver.

Strategy: transportation

Cultural Tours

  • for groups of 15 to 26 (the maximum number for a cultural tour) tourists the transportation is assured by a midi bus Isuzu Turquoise – made in 2004 – 26 tourist seats, equipped with AC, foldable seats TV, DVD, and refrigerator.

- for groups of 15 to 18, 8 to 14, 4 to 7, 1 to 3 the same solutions given for sightseeing.


Strategy: transportation

Tours for couples

- from 8 to maximum 13 couples (maximum allowed per tour) tours are done with the same midi bus Isuzu Turquoise – made in 2004,.

-For 5, 6 or 7 couples we use a Ford Tranzitmicrobus

IMPORTANT: These tours are different from the others because a minimum number of 5 couples is required to book the tour (due the socialization reasons);


Strategy: transportation

Hiking tours

For Discover Western and Northern Carpathian (code Hu6.1 RoHi - the transportation is assured by a Ford Tranzit (maximum 14 persons per tour)

For Conquer Transylvania’s Alps (code Ro6.2RoHi) 16 is the maximum tourist number per tour. Tourists will have 3 transfers on short distances with local microbus rented for them.


Strategy: accommodation & meals

  • 3***, 4**** hotels (exception: accommodation for one night in traditional country-inns during some of the tours)
  • we assure the opportunity to enjoy the best in matter of Romanian cuisine
  • special picnics in spectacular places in the middle of the nature

NOTICE: For the adventure tour Conquer Transylvania’s Alps (code Ro6.2RoHi) most of the accommodations will be in mountain huts


Strategy: guides

  • For the Hiking Tours our guides are young, sociable, sportsmen in love with the mountains.
  • For the other tours we use guides with minimum 7 years of experience in Romanian tours,cultivated persons, intellectuals, most of them coming from the university medium or from educational management.

Strategy. Plan for success.

By respecting our principles and sustaining astrong network of

  • suppliers,
  • artists and
  • event coordinatorswe created

an excellentcustomer satisfaction oriented system.


Live tours and events. The general structure.

  • visiting and sightseeing : medieval castles and citadels as well as Transylvania's most important cities and museums
  • meeting craftsmen at their very workshop, tasting traditional food
  • participating in folk and medieval festivals and to happenings set up especially for our tourists (a medieval witch trial, an evening sitting in Maramures, talking with the Venerable Misiuga, Baron of Dracula)

Live tours and events







Easter traditions in

Wine Road.

Winter Traditions in

Medieval and traditional


Transylvania and


Transylvania – including

medieval festival in


Sighisoara and Mount Jina

Shepherds’ Gathering


Vagabond ski in



Hora” at Prislop -





Live tours and events. Festivals.

“Hora” of Prislop - traditional dance festival in the Prislop Pass in Maramures, beautiful scenery, costumes and dances from 4 different regions.

Shepherds’ Festivals: The Meeting of the Shepherds on Mount Jina, near Sibiu, and “Răvăşitul Oilor” Autumn Shepherds’ Gathering.

Medieval Festival of Sighisoara. The knights of Transylvania meet for tournaments, princesses and witches strive to charm them, actors, tumblers, musicians and dancers are trying to enchant the audience, each showing his/her own mastery. These festival include: outdoor theatre shows, medieval dance and music, parades.


Live tours and events. Things to see.

Cities: Budapest, Brasov, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Cluj Napoca, Bistrita, Baia Mare, Sighetu Marmatiei

Castles and medieval cities: Dracula’s Castle at Borgo Pass, Sighişoara, Sibiu, Biertan, Mediaş, Făgăraş, Braşov, Râşnov, Bran, Peleş, Alba-Iulia

Picturesque villages: Sibiel (near Sibiu), Huta Certeze (in The Land of Oaş), Bran (Ţara Bârsei),

Săpânţa, Ieud, Bârsana, Săcel (in Maramureş),

Museums: The open-air village museum in Sibiu, The Bruckental museum in Sibiu,

The Tower Museum in Sighişoara, The Arts Museum in Cluj, The Merry Cemetery Museum,

The Pleş family Ethnographic Museum of Ieud

People: the craftsmen of Săcel: Grigore Tulean, Vasile Susca - leather masks craftsman,

Emil Mureşan - the only spider web painter in the world


Live tours and events. Moments to live.


  • Romanian Traditional Party.
  • Dinner in the open air at the mouth of a cave (when the weather allows it)
  • The open-air picnic lunch
  • Evening sitting (traditional meeting of women who tell stories and work together)
  • Christmas and New Year’s Eve Traditions – decorating the Christmas tree, witnessing

the Christmas dinner preparations, “colindul”- welcoming carol singers,

  • Carriage trips (optional in most of the tours)

Medieval :

  • The witch trial in Sighisoara (optional).
  • Visit while the sun is setting Dogarilor Tower in Bistrita, presented by the Venerable Misiuga, Baron of Dracula