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DOI Climate Science Centers

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DOI Climate Science Centers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DOI Climate Science Centers

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  1. DOI Climate Science Centers Doug Beard, Interim Director National Climate Change & Wildlife Science Center CSC Webinars May 26th and 27th, 2010 U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey

  2. Consultation and Development Convened and assisted by: Wildlife Society (Mike Hutchins), Ecological Society of America (Cliif Duke), Meridian Institute (Tim Mealey) December 2008 – National Workshop May 2009 – (Eastern region) Laurel, MD June 2009 – (Western region) Seattle, WA June 2009 – (Central region) Denver, CO July 2009 – Meeting with national partners Reports available at (includes TWS-ESA final report)

  3. Secretarial Order 3289 Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change on America's Water, Land, and Other Natural and Cultural Resources (9/14/09) … the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has been developing regional science centers … currently known as "regional hubs“ of the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center… The Climate Change & Energy Response Council will work with USGS and other Department bureaus to rename these regional science centers as Regional Climate Science Centers and broaden their mandate …

  4. NCCWSC Science-Management Interface National Office USGS NCCWSC Coordination, Oversight, Standards, Communication, Partnerships Downscaled Global Climate Models and Derivative Products Ecosystem Response & Forecasting Regional Habitat & Population Response Regional Climate Science Hubs Science-based Partnerships PARTNERS Resource Management-based Forecasting Habitat & Species Response Food Habitat Recruitment Adaptive Management & Monitoring Site Specific Species or Populations Response

  5. Climate Adaptation Structures External Advisory Board DOI Climate Council Cultural Water Cooperators: Science and Resource Management Stakeholder Advisory Councils USGS Science Staff DOI Regional Climate Science Centers Other Mission Endpoints Native People USGS National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center National Office • Science Partnerships • Federal, State, University, other • National Phenology Network, others • Resource Partnerships • Landscape Conservation Cooperatives • others • USGS Capabilities • - Climate Effects Network • Science Centers and CRUs • Programs

  6. NCCWSC/ DOI - CSC National & Regional Organization Alaska North central Northwest Northeast National Office Southwest Southeast Pacific Islands South-central “Fuzzy Boundaries”

  7. Potential Staffing of Regional DOI – CSC, USGS component

  8. DOI Regional CSCs -- DRAFT Selection Criteria • Current climate change program • Existing Linkages with Department • of the Interior (DOI) bureaus • Existing linkages with potential Center partners • Organization capabilities and contributions • Regional climate change science needs and adaptation partner availability Cooperators: Science and Resource Management DOI Science Staff DOI Regional Climate Science Centers

  9. Projected Timeline for DOI Regional CSCs Cooperators: Science and Resource Management DOI Science Staff DOI Regional Climate Science Centers • Competitive Announcement Wednesday, May 5th, 2010. • Have a series of four, 2 hour webinars May 26th-27th. • Proposals due Friday, June 18th, 5 pm EDT • Technical Review Panel, meets the week of July 12th. • Technical Review Panel does any site visits the week of July 19th and July 26th. • Award announcement August 9th.

  10. USGS NCCWSC Component of DOI Regional CSCs • Initial / Core Staffing (USGS NCCWSC) – Director/Coordinator, Ecologists, Modelers, Climate Scientists, Population Biologists, etc. Cooperators: Science and Resource Management DOI Science Staff DOI Regional Climate Science Centers • Annual Projected DOI/USGS funding ~$4 million • ~$1.5 M = DOI staff and operations (space/facilities, etc.) • Remainder = science funding through university, USGS, other partners • Partnerships – in-kind and monetary multipliers

  11. DOI Climate Science Centers • CSCs will deliver basic climate change impact science. • CSCs will prioritize fundamental science, data and decision-support activities. • CSCs will partner with and help facilitate the coordination of fundamental climate science capabilities across their regions of responsibility. • CSCs will synthesize, integrate, and communicate existing climate change impact data. • CSCs will partner with resource managers at pertinent LCCs to assist development of science-based adaptation strategies.

  12. DOI Climate Science CentersA New Paradigm • Linking Physical, Biological, and Social Science • Scenario/Forecasts of Future Possibilities • Link Research, Modeling, Synthesis, and Monitoring in a Landscape/System Perspective • Science Collaboration/Resource Management Collaboration • Stakeholders set priorities/Provide Review & Feedback • Share Data and Information