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Colonial Style Architecture

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Colonial Style Architecture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Colonial Square Apartments. Chelsey Nelson. Chad Clower. Colonial Style Architecture. Completed in 1913, the dorms were the first example of Maryland Style Colonial Architecture in southern Minnesota. History of Colonial Architecture.

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Colonial Square Apartments

Chelsey Nelson

Chad Clower

Colonial Style Architecture


Completed in 1913, the dorms were the first example of Maryland Style Colonial Architecture in southern Minnesota.


History of Colonial Architecture

Colonial Architecture is an off-shot of the Cape Cod style of architecture.

“Real” Colonial style can only be found in the 13 colonies.

There are two varieties of Colonial Architecture.

  • Georgian
  • Colonial

Georgian style was transported directly from England.

It only had slight differences from the English Style.


Colonial Style is completely distinct from the Georgian and English style.

It evolved only in America.

It is less complex than the Georgian Style and is thought to be less “glamorous”.


Forms of Colonial Architecture

There are four forms.

The second is mainly in New York with some examples found in Long Island and Northern New Jersey.

The first is found primarily in New England.

The third originated in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

The last is in rare existence found only in Maryland, Virginia, and the Carolinas.



  • Rectangular
  • Symmetrical
  • Protruding Entry with Columns
  • Gabled Roof
  • Chimney at Each End
    • Sometimes Seen Only at One End

Features Cont.

  • Clapboard Siding
  • Double-Hung Windows
    • Shutters
    • Small Equally Sized Window Panes
  • Central door way
    • Two windows on either side
  • Five windows across second floor


  • Post and Beam Construction
  • Small Windows
    • Conserve Heat
  • Central or Offset Chimney
  • Steep Thatch Roof
    • Lowered with Use of Shingles
  • Frame of Vertical Posts Every Six Feet
    • Horizontal Mortared to Ends to Form Rooms
  • Dirt Floors
    • Wood Floors
  • White Limestone Walls

Floor Plan

  • The first Colonial houses were merely one room deep and two stories.
    • Occasionally single story “hall parlors.”
  • Added space in 1700’s to make 1 ½ room deep Saltbox home.
  • Had unique sloping rear roof line.

Late 1700’s evolved to four-over-four houses.

Central hall with stairs

Kitchen behind Dining room

Living Room 2 rooms deep

Dining Room opposite living room


Bedrooms Upstairs

  • Bathrooms Upstairs

Features of Maryland Style

  • Maryland houses used brick construction
    • More protection from the elements
  • Produced architecture second only to Virginia
    • Wealth from tobacco fields
  • Few examples left in Maryland
    • Chose more elegant style as wealth increased

Colonial Square Apartments:

Front View

  • Grand Central Chimney
  • Brick Construction
  • Eave Pattern
  • Perched Windows
  • Original Peaked Roof

Colonial Square Apartments:

Side View

  • Brick Construction
  • Peaked Roof
  • Three Window Pattern

Perched Windows

  • Brick Construction
  • Intricate Columns

Colonial Square Apartments:

Back View

  • Peaked Roof
  • Eave Pattern