automatic guided vehicles n.
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Automatic Guided Vehicles

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Automatic Guided Vehicles. Jesse Johnson 28 October 2009. AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) Definition:.

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automatic guided vehicles

Automatic Guided Vehicles

Jesse Johnson

28 October 2009

agv automatic guided vehicle definition
AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) Definition:
  • An independently operated vehicle that moves material along defined paths between defined delivery points or stations. Typically the paths are defined by using wires embedded in the floor or reflecting paint strips on the floor.
current state
Current State
  • Used primarily in industrial settings. (Sniff, no automatic cars yet)
  • Some commercial use
applications where used
Applications (Where Used?)
  • Trailer Loading
  • Raw Material Handling
  • Work-in-process movement
  • Pallet Handling
  • Finished Product Handling
  • Tooling Movement
  • Roll Handling
applications cont
Applications (cont.)
  • Mail Delivery
  • Custom Applications
application limitations
Application Limitations
  • None really, can be used to move any material anywhere
  • Manufacturers can customize an AGV for any situation
  • Only real limitation is cost, cost effectiveness
primary vendors
Primary Vendors
  • Jervis B. Webb Company
  • JBT Corporation
  • Egemin Automation
  • Frog AGV
  • HK Systems
navigation sensor types
Navigation (Sensor Types)
  • Wired (wire transmits radio freq.)
  • Guide Tape (magnetic or colored)
  • Laser Target Navigation (requires reflectors to be setup as guides)
  • Guidance and Navigation: The invisible fluorescent guidepath is applied over existing surfaces. The guidepath is stimulated by ultraviolet light and tracked by photoelectric sensors.
  • Costs vary as widely as the applications do
  • $50K to $500K
  • Manufacturers claim all their products pay for themselves
supporting technology
Supporting Technology?
  • Manufacturers install AGV systems for their customers
  • Interface is usually only physical so there is no necessary technology compatibility requirements
  • Optional to create interface with PC, in which case it just uses Windows
  • Certain safety and performance standards must be met
  • (This slide only exists to get a checkmark on the evaluation form)
  • AGVs are vehicles that automatically move materials
  • Wide range of industry applications
  • Wide range of types, costs
  • Can be customized to fit any need