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Accelerated Reader STAR Reading Renaissance Place

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Accelerated Reader STAR Reading Renaissance Place. An Introduction. What Is Accelerated Reader?. A software program (or tool) that helps you manage reading practice, monitor daily progress, and plan instruction. Accelerated Reader’s Goals: Improve Reading.

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what is accelerated reader
What Is Accelerated Reader?

A software program (or tool) that helps you manage reading practice, monitor daily progress, and plan instruction.

accelerated reader s goals improve reading
Accelerated Reader’s Goals:Improve Reading
  • Accelerate growth in reading ability
  • Foster a love of reading in all students
  • Enable daily (or weekly) monitoring of reading progress
  • Improve test scores
accelerated reader the facts
Accelerated Reader:The Facts
  • Uses short quizzes to check comprehension of books
  • Stores data and provides reports on how much and how well students are reading
  • Is used after a reading range is established
  • Is part of a group of products available through Renaissance Place
star reading create reading ranges
STAR Reading:Create Reading Ranges
  • What your child did last October!
  • Computer based assessment of a student’s overall reading ability
  • Identifies individual reading ranges
  • Measures growth (administer 2-3 times a year)
  • Students must have a 100-word sight vocabulary
star reading assessments
STAR Reading Assessments
  • Provide a quiet, non-disruptive environment to take assessment
  • Question difficulty is based on previous answers (computer-adaptive)
  • Results: Provides a grade-equivalent (GE) reading level and identifies a “ZPD” (Zone of Proximal Development)
  • Provides a starting point (“broaden” range if < 85% on Reading Practice quizzes)
using accelerated reader
Using Accelerated Reader
  • Use Accelerated Reader after STAR Reading assessments are complete
  • Students select books appropriate for individual reading level and interests
  • Students take quizzes within 24 hours of reading book
accelerated reader quizzes
Accelerated Reader Quizzes
  • Four types of quizzes
    • Reading Practice (RP): 100,000+ quizzes
    • Vocabulary Practice (VP): 8000+ quizzes
    • Literacy Skills (LS): 7000+ quizzes
    • Other Reading: We don’t have any
  • All students must complete RP quiz for each book
ar reading practice quizzes
AR Reading Practice Quizzes
  • Quizzes are meant to see if book was read, not to pose difficult questions
  • Goal for all students at HRS: 80% or better (“broaden” range if not meeting goal)
  • Points are prorated based on % of quiz score; student who scores 80% earns 80% of point value of book. Students earn no points for a failed quiz.
  • 5 or 10 question quizzes: 60% pass20 question quizzes: 70% pass
more on quizzes
More on Quizzes
  • Quiz questions are the same for all students, but scrambled in order
  • Students may not retake a RP quiz
  • Teachers may delete RP quizzes
  • Accelerated Reader keeps track of quiz scores, points earned and book levels
choosing books
Choosing Books
  • Visual
  • Short description
  • Advanced Search options
  • Collections (award winners, state lists, etc)
book interest levels
Book & Interest Levels
  • Book Level indicates text difficulty -- not appropriateness
  • Interest Level relates to content and appropriateness
    • LG = lower grades, K-3
    • MG = middle grades, 4-8
    • UG = upper grades, 9-12
  • Choose a lower Book Level and a higher Interest Level for struggling students
managing goals for students
Managing Goals for Students
  • Review progress weekly using Diagnostic report (see instructions)
  • 100% does not mean it’s too easy
  • If 100% 3x or more at top of range, broaden range up, if <85% 2 or more times broaden range down
  • We want to see the zone move up throughout the year!
  • During reading time allow students to read or take quizzes
quiz guidelines for students
Quiz Guidelines for Students
  • Don’t rush through quiz; read the question twice and ALL four answer choices
  • Review info on print out (TOPS) with students
  • Don’t refer to the book (post-it chapter summaries acceptable for some students)
  • Review Code of Ethics
taking quizzes
Taking Quizzes
  • Take RP quizzes at home or school; see
  • Take quizzes within 24 hours of reading book (as soon as possible)
  • Take quizzes on ALL books read (Read With, Read To, Read Independently)
  • Turn print out into teacher (optional)
the parent s role
The Parent’s Role
  • Create time for reading practice at home (before bed, 15 minutes of reading)
  • Provide access to books in library, bookstores, share books with friends
  • Guide and motivate daily reading (check-in)
  • Use reports to monitor progress and give feedback (have your child print out reports)
  • Provide motivation (positive, limits, incentive)
practice reading every day
Practice Reading Every Day
  • Students need to improve reading stamina as well as reading ability
  • Lots of ways to count the reading in AR!
    • Read With: mom, dad, cousin, aunt, sister
    • Read To: teacher, parent, siblings
    • Read Independently: student reads alone
reading truths
Reading Truths
  • Top performers read 144 times more than readers who perform at the lowest levels
  • Practice must be in appropriate materials
  • Improvements to reading impact all curriculum areas
reading truths1
Reading Truths
  • Find books
  • Take a quiz at