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Benefits Of Maize Gluten PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits Of Maize Gluten

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Benefits Of Maize Gluten - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Benefits Of Maize Gluten

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benefits of

Benefits of

Maize Gluten

Maize gluten is a by-product of maize processing and is usually

produced by centrifugation, drying and filtering of the slurry left

after the refining process. It is also known as corn gluten meal

(CGM) and is a rich source of natural, stable and efficient pigments.


It is most commonly used as poultry, fish &

cattle feed and has high protein content.

The total quantity of TDN (Total Digestible

Nutrients) in maize gluten is higher than

that in corn.



Due to its high nutritional value, it is often

used as a feed for several young animals.

Maize gluten is cost-effective as compared

to other supplements and can be stored

for a longer duration.


It is used as a major ingredient in producing

dry good for cats because of its high protein

digestibility and low ash content.


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