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Long Distance Measuring. PowerPoint Presentation
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Long Distance Measuring.

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Long Distance Measuring. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Long Distance Measuring. Yesterday... The Problem with long distance measuring is that it can be cumbersome, time consuming, and sometimes inaccurate measuring. Today... Laser technology is the solution. Why? It is fast, accurate, and easy to measure-just point and shoot.

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long distance measuring
Long Distance Measuring.


The Problem with long distance measuring is that it can be cumbersome, time consuming, and sometimes inaccurate measuring.


Laser technology is the solution.

Why? It is fast, accurate, and easy to measure-just point and shoot.


Quick and efficient.

Just point the laser, press the button and measure. One person measuring that saves you both time and money.

Easy to Operate

Great for Appraisers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Technicians, Floor and Tile Layers, Painters


Measure indoors, outdoors and hard to reach areas.


Avoid hazardous measuring procedures. Measure safely with the TLM Measurer!

market potential
Market Potential

Huge untouched market potential

• Actual estimation based on current product offering:

2,500,000 instruments (total potential in North American Market)

Strongly growing market

• future oriented technology

No market saturation

• Total North American industry sales now up to 150,000

Outstanding customer benefits

• Dramatic increase in productivity

Current Market Share

the solution long distance measuring
The Solution.Long Distance Measuring

77-910 TLM100 FatMax® Tru Laser Distance Measurer

Accuracy: ± 1/4-in (6mm)

Range: 2-ft to 100-ft (0.6m - 30m)

Laser: 650 nm, Class 3R


Distance measuring •

Area measuring •

Volume measuring •

Calculator •

POP Packaging

Fast. Accurate.

Easy Measuring.

Just Point and Shoot.

Available in:

3-PACK Counter Display

8-PACK Floor Display



tlm series
TLM Series

Opening RetailAll Users

Step Up RetailPro

Pro RetailSurveyor


Measuring heightsWith the Stanley Tru Laser Measurer, Measuring poles and steel tapes are a thing of the past. Today you aim at the ceiling, press a button and the ceiling height is measured in seconds, effortlessly.

Integrated Bubble (TLM 300)

Makes horizontal measurements very easy.


(TLM 200 and TLM 300)

Measuring Distance by

Angle Calculations

Distances, Areas, and Volumes

Measure length, width and height from any reference point of a room. The area or the volume is available on demand.

tiling estimation cut away at costs not tiles

Quick and reliable measurement for estimating. Consider the large number of individual dimensions involved in a tiled bathroom building module. Take on such projects with total confidence, knowing that you have the technology to provide results in half the time.

Reduce waste and frustration. Re-tiling and re-cutting are now a thing of the past. Professionals can benefit immediately from the ability to measure perfectly with accuracy. The superiority of laser measurement becomes obvious.

Increase your level of professionalism, with a lightweight, portable measuring device. The uncertainty of measurement is eliminated as the TLM emits a distinct red laser point. It is as simple as point and click with confidence.

Your TLM100 will have paid for itself after the first job.

window fitting turn the tlm into a window of opportunity

The TLM’s Tru Laser technology has truly surpassed the concept of tape measurement. With this innovative new laser technology, we derive great benefits in time and cost saving. We can now perform tasks in a fraction of the time.

Window fitting would normally rely on the reading of measuring tapes. Imagine measuring up to 100 windows spaced over the frontages of, say, an apartment block with such devices. This would be a tiresome, time consuming and sometimes dangerous task. Now, time saving, easier production planning and easier final installations are with the TLM possible!

painting areas volumes in a matter of seconds

Eliminate the more inconvenient tasks associated with indoor dimension measurement. The inefficient manner in which these tasks were once carried out can now be a thing of the past. Reduce time spent measuring to a third of the time and eliminate backache as the result of continuously stopping for measurements.

The TLM will increase your professional image. Imagine walking into a building, and within a few minutes determine the exact area, volume, size and length of all necessary piping. Provide a quote within a few minutes, and save yourself time.

Reduce time constraint pressures by measuring faster and easier with the TLM… Tru Laser Measuring.

carpet laying technology that gives you the red carpet treatment

TIme is a valuable commodity for any professional. Eliminate the more inconvenient tasks associated with the measurement for carpet laying. Cumbersome and repetitive tasks such as stooping for measurements can now be eliminated. Reduce your time spent measuring by a third of the time.

Save more than two hours per day, working easier and faster with no more transcription errors. You only need to do the job once. Allow the TLM to do the calculations for you.

Isn’t it time you received the red carpet treatment?


It’s so Tru!




tlm faq s

Q. Who are the best customers for the TLM?

A.Anyone who measures – usually further than they can reach and who prefer to do measuring as a one-man operation.

Q. What is the payback period for a TLM purchase?

A. Really short when you consider the cost of conventional measuring. Example: two persons measuring an office building for floor cover. The TLM is at least four times faster and requires one less person, so at $25.00 per man per hour using the TLM one 8 hour day, saves 1 man 7 days x $25.00 = $175.00 savings. In other words, one person with a TLM could do what two men without a TLM could do in a quarter of the time. There is your payback.

tlm faq s15

Q. How can I justify the expense of a TLM to my boss?

A. Easy – just point out the incredible speed and accuracy that working with a TLM gives. It is also safer as you keep both feet on the ground and every measuring job is a one man operation.

Q. Speed and Accuracy are two advantages of using a TLM – are there others?

A. Yes – In addition to speed of measuring (reduced cost) and greater accuracy (less mistakes and rework), using a TLM gives greater jobsite safety as measuring remotely requires less climbing or working in crawl spaces. The TLM eliminates most measuring safety risks.

tlm faq s16

Q. Are there any other major advantages?

A. Yes – related to measuring in confined spaces is measuring occupied building, homes or shops. Conventional long tape or wheel measuring inside a home, office or other dwelling filled with contents is difficult. The TLM measures over or through obstructions – convenient for both measurer and property owner.

Q. Measuring with a sonic unit is also fast and it’s less expensive– Is a laser unit better?

A. Yes – Laser beams travel at the speed of light so are much faster and not influenced by air temperature and density as sound is. Laser also maintains its visible pencil sized beam over long distance where sonic units spread into a large invisible cone over distance so you cannot see exactly the spot to which you are measuring.

tlm faq s17

Q. Some hand held measuring units use both sonic and laser – are they better?

A.No– the sound signal is still used to measure the distance. The laser beam pointer is only used as a reference for the center of the cone not to actually measure distance. In some models the outer circle of the sound cone is indicated by the laser so the operator can see all of the obstructions that interfere with a correct measurement – but they do not correct them. A laser is still the fastest, most accurate and longest distance tool for measuring jobs.

Q. My crews are not graduates – can they learn to measure with a laser as easy as a tape or wheel?

A. Yes– A TLM is actually easier to use. Single button: Aim. Shoot – Measure design of the TLM means that anyone can pick up a unit and be measuring in moments. Adding complex measurements is automatic and error proof as is figuring square area and volumes. Additional features are built into the TLM and are not difficult to master. The TLM really is a workman’s tool.

tlm faq s18

Q. Is the laser in the TLM safe to use in public areas?

A. Yes – It is a class 2M laser product and is completely safe for use in all areas and does not require any special user or sales precautions.

Q. Is the Stanley FatMax® TLM as good or better than other laser products on the market?

A. Yes better – the technology in TLM is also used in the highly accurate and long distance survey measuring applications. It has many patients protecting the way that accuracy and distance is achieved. The TLM offers by far the best value in interior distance measuring options.