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Teaching the “ whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). Welcome to our service. Please visit our website: www.livingstonesnewforest.org.uk. Teaching the “ whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). Revelation 9 – The unleashing of demonic forces part two.

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  1. Teaching the “whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27) Welcome to our service Please visit our website: www.livingstonesnewforest.org.uk

  2. Teaching the “whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27) Revelation 9 – The unleashing of demonic forces part two Please visit our website: www.livingstonesnewforest.org.uk

  3. The sixth trumpet • The sixth trumpet brings an increased demonic presence and increased judgment – Isaiah 26 v 9 (those in judgement learn righteousness) • From the four horns of the golden altar – the voice: Probably God’s • The place of mercy and judgement – clinging to the horns for sanctuary 1 kings 1 v 50 • The place from where the incense rose • The prayers of the martyred saints • How long oh Lord until you avenge our blood • The actions of this angel are driven from the place that signifies the prayers of the saints and in direct answer to them. • The sixth angel told to release other angels that are bound in or at or upon the great river Euphrates.

  4. The four angels • Not sure how they are bound or how they are released • Almost certainly held and released by the supernatural power of God • Four usually refers to that which relates to the whole world • Probably act as commanders of the demonic army • Their binding similar to that of Satan during the millennium • Their loosing similar to Satan’s at the end of the Millennium • A group of particularly malevolent angels • One angel killed 185000 in 2 Kings 19 v 35

  5. Why the Euphrates • It was the river that marked the limit of Eden • It was the river of Babylon • It signifies sin • It signifies captivity for God’s people Israel • It was the border of the land God gave to Abraham (Gen 15 v 18) • Sixth bowl also concerned with the Euphrates – Chapter 16 v 12.

  6. Why the Euphrates • Historically significant • City of Babylon • Necho’s army defeated there by Nebuchadnezzar • Cyrus the younger and Crassus died after crossing it • Alexander crossed it • Trajan and Severus descended it • Sin was first committed close to it, the first murder and the tower of Babel was also close by. • Near by was the central location of three world powers – Assyria, Babylon and Medo-Persia • It was where Israel endured 70 years of captivity • It is a river over which God’s enemies will cross at to fight the battle of Armageddon (Rev 16 v 12) • Nimrod became a mighty one in the earth

  7. Bound with a view to judgement? • How does God bind in, at or on the Euphrates? • He is all powerful • Demonic forces MUST obey Him • This was a binding with a purpose • For an hour, day, month and year • 2 peter 2 v 4 – angels bound and reserved unto (with a view to) judgement • Jude 6 & 7 – kept not their first estate, reserved in everlasting chains unto judgement at the great day • Both passages also refer to Sodom and Gomorrah as typical of God’s method of judgement

  8. Planned • God knew • The hour, day, month and year when He would have to pour out this judgement (the ones having been prepared) • He has foreknowledge (Ephesians 1 v 11 – god prepares all) • He has power • He is consistent – using his enemies to bring judgement and then moving in judgement on those enemies • The plan was that they would have only one mission – to kill! • 25% already killed – revelation 6 verses 7 & 8 • Now a further third • 50% in a short time

  9. How did death come? • The bound angels commissioned an army • 200,000,000 – some scholars say this is a precise figure • 10,000 x 10,000 x 2 but could be a numberless host • Some say a human army • No use of like or as – these were horsemen • However, they had heads like lions and breathed fire and smoke and brimstone. • Probably more demonic forces from the pit • Joel 2 v 2 and Psalm 35 v 18

  10. How did death come? • Some reasons why they are demons not men, the Chinese or something similar • Led by fallen angels • Location – Babylon, the final home of the counterfeit trinity • The description seems to preclude humans • They rode horses that had tails that have mouths and bite people • Not from the East • Deemed by military experts to be logistically impossible • Breathed fire like the two witnesses (Ch 11 v 5) • Purpose – to test those who dwell on the earth – Philadelphia • Proverbs 27 v 22 – fools do not repent

  11. The judgement • Fire smoke and brimstone • Very similar to what God used in Sodom and Gomorrah • Also used under the same circumstances • The righteous removed • Judgement on the unrepentant • Fire, brimstone and smoke • However, destruction not total • God still choosing to be merciful

  12. No repentance • Still worshipping demons • Their numbers reduced by a third or more as a result of demons and still they worship them. • Idolatry still prevalent despite their knowledge that the judgement was from God who hates idolatry • Murders still on the increase • Sorceries – Pharmacia from where we get our word pharmacy, so linked to drugs. • Sexual immorality increasing • Restraint has gone and sin is king 2 Thessalonians 2 v 6 & 7

  13. Teaching the “whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27) Welcome to our service Please visit our website: www.livingstonesnewforest.org.uk

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