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The Problem

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Gauging e-Government A Report on Implementing Services Among Small American Cities Charles Kaylor, Randy Deshazo University of Michigan & David Van Eck, City of Ann Arbor The Problem Began as practical problem for a city government:

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Gauging e-GovernmentA Report on Implementing Services Among Small American CitiesCharles Kaylor, Randy DeshazoUniversity of Michigan & David Van Eck, City of Ann Arbor

the problem
The Problem
  • Began as practical problem for a city government:
  • How should Ann Arbor, Michigan invest in web-enabled government?
  • What technologies are cost-effective? Necessary?

Gauging eGovernment

the problem3
The Problem

Process Led to Need for Comparison:

  • What are other similar cities doing?
  • How does Ann Arbor stack up?

Gauging eGovernment

the solution
The Solution
  • Compare implementation of egovernment functions in Ann Arbor to cities nationwide.
  • Needs:
  • An instrument for measuring degree of implementation of various functions
  • An index that allows broad evaluations and comparisons

Gauging eGovernment

defining egovernment
Defining eGovernment

eGovernment :

Visitors to the site can communicate and/or interact with the city in any way more sophisticated than a simple email letter to the generic city (or webmaster) email address provided at the site.

Gauging eGovernment

measuring egovernment
Measuring eGovernment

Using our broad definition, only 38 of the 132 cities with populations between 100-200,000 had egovernment at all!

Gauging eGovernment

the matrix
The Matrix

Gauging eGovernment

the matrix scoring
The Matrix—Scoring


1- Information about given topic exists at website

2- Link to relevant contact via email

3- Downloadable/viewable forms at website

4- Information exchange takes place on-line

Gauging eGovernment

the escores
The eScores

Total escores for the 38 egovernment cities

Gauging eGovernment

comparing cities 100 200 000
Comparing Cities(100-200,000)

Mean 34

Median 37

Mode 37

Gauging eGovernment

comparing cities 200 499 000
Comparing Cities(200-499,000)

Mean 39

Median 41

Mode 47

Gauging eGovernment

comparing cities over 500 000
Comparing Cities(Over 500,000)

Mean: 53

Median: 50

Mode: 52

geographic distribution of escores
Geographic Distribution of eScores

Does not include Anchorage and Honolulu

Gauging eGovernment

egovernment services
eGovernment Services
  • eCommerce
  • Registrations and Permits
  • Customer Service
  • Communication, Documents and Information
  • Participation

Gauging eGovernment


Gauging eGovernment

registration and permits
Registration and Permits

Gauging eGovernment

customer service
Customer Service

Gauging eGovernment

communication documents information
Communication, Documents & Information

Online GIS

Gauging eGovernment

communication documents information21
Communication, Documents & Information


Gauging eGovernment

communication documents information22
Communication, Documents & Information


Gauging eGovernment


Gauging eGovernment

emergent technologies
Emergent Technologies

VIS: Simulation Models

Gauging eGovernment


Charles Kaylor University of Michigan (734) 763-1502

Randy Deshazo University of Michigan (734) 763-1502

David Van Eck City of Ann Arbor (734) 997-1040

Gauging eGovernment