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Today in the evening hours, the “ Matka” dam was damaged. PowerPoint Presentation
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Today in the evening hours, the “ Matka” dam was damaged.

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Today in the evening hours, the “ Matka” dam was damaged. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Today in the evening hours, the “ Matka” dam was damaged. The “Matka” dam is an accumulation designed for production of electrical energy. It is built on the river Treska. It is situated at about 15km from Skopje.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Today in the evening hours, the “ Matka” dam was damaged.' - Renfred

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The “Matka” dam is an accumulation designed for production of electrical energy.

It is built on the river Treska. It is situated at about 15km from Skopje.


In the past several days the terrorist group “Zadek”, through the media, has been announcing possible targets for action.

A series of explosions in the previous days have been registered, with no material damage or loss of lives, in the wider surroundings of the city Skopje and the city area.

The media reports that the terrorist organization “Zadek” had taken the responsibility for the attack.


Guards reported that a strong detonation was heard before the damage had occurred on one part of the dam. Early analyses imply a terrorist act.

Because of the existing indications and declarations, greater measures of precaution have been taken, a Crisis Management Centre has been established and it is functioning in an incomplete structure.


According to the early information from the Ministry of Interior, it is a terrorist organization that is linked with international criminal groups and at the same time a series of terrorist attacks have occurred in countries of the region.

The Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence and Intelligence Agency are taking action within their responsibilities.


One part of the city is without electricity, water and telephone links (fixed and mobile).

First analyses report that parts at a distance of 2 km from the dam have been affected, including the following villages: Dolna Matka, Sisevo, Glumovo and Cicino Selo.

Half an hour after the attack, the Crisis Management Centre (CMC) approves the ejaculation of water and initiates the accumulation of the complete CMC and goes in session for further work.

Panic by residents is visible; the Civil Defence units are activated.

The population is informed continuously through the media.


Expected problems:

  • providing data (information);
  • notifying the residents;
  • involvement of state authorities, authorized institutions and NGOs and their coordination;
  • activation of all services which should be involved;
  • dislocation of business facilities;
  • undertaking action in protection of possible ecological catastrophes;
  • evacuation of medical institutions (mental hospital);
  • providing conditions for continuation of tuition in educational institutions;

Expected problems (con’t):

  • providing conditions for the work of local municipal organs;
  • evacuation of the zoo;
  • support for the definition of providing normal conditions for the residents;
  • possible occurrence of greater panic in the residents;
  • occurrence of robberies and unrest;
  • creating conditions for possible epidemics;
  • providing security for vital facilities;


  • smaller number of roads for evacuation of the residents;
  • damaged bridges and the possibility of further damages;
  • problems for the complete use of the airport;
  • problems in the use of the railway;
  • limited resources in national level;
  • insufficient information in relation to the hydro-meteorological condition (no full communications information);
  • insufficient information for the activities of the international terrorist group;

Needs and requirements:

  • professional assistance in further prevention of damage;
  • informational support of security aspects;
  • assistance of internally displaced persons;
  • search and rescue teams (SaR) and teams for identification of victims;
  • transport assistance;
  • need of rubber boats;
  • mobile water reserves, water purifications;
  • mobile hospitals;
  • food packets and medicine;
  • assistance in clearing up of the field;

Projection for the following 24, 48 and 72 hours:

24 hours’ situation projections:

- the makeover of “high” facilities for accommodation of the residents;

- protections of the state, city crucial objects;

- providing public law and order

- traffic regulations and providing priorities

- collections of intelligence information by the MoI, MoD and IA

- not having full coordination between agencies

- not having sufficient help

- disinformation

- terrorist activities are still possible, and could harm somewhere else;


48 hours’ situation projections:

- complete evacuations;

- providing conditions for the teams who works to stops water licking and future possible dam turning downhill;

- possibility of further terrorist activities;

- border crossing, legal and illegal;

- terrorist activities are less possible, but still could harm somewhere else;


72 hours’ situation projections:

- public order and law have been fully restored;

- international community’s helps runs;

- dam is protected of further crushing;

- still is obvious lack of water, food, medical and shelters supplies;

- having full coordination between organizations;