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Student Committee Report. Aylin Yener, Penn State Presented at the BoG meeting, Porto, Portugal. Outline. Previous Events: CISS 2008 Upcoming Events: ISIT 2008 Initiatives The new web-site First Annual School of Information Theory Update.

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Student committee report l.jpg

Student Committee Report

Aylin Yener, Penn State

Presented at the BoG meeting, Porto, Portugal

A. Yener, ITW

Outline l.jpg

  • Previous Events:

    • CISS 2008

  • Upcoming Events:

    • ISIT 2008

  • Initiatives

    • The new web-site

  • First Annual School of Information Theory Update

A. Yener, ITW

Events since allerton 07 ciss 2008 princeton nj l.jpg
Events since Allerton 07:CISS 2008, Princeton NJ

  • March 20, 2008: we organized a research discussion round table event for all participating students.

  • About 90 students attended the lunch event held at the Friend Center convocation room at Princeton.

  • Lalitha Sankar led the organization. 6 research topics discussed and led by the student volunteers.

    • “MIMO Channels”, leader: Jimmy Chui, Princeton.

    • “Network Coding” leader: Anna Pantelidou, UMD.

    • “Sparse Representations and Compressed Sensing”, leader: Eugene Brevdo, Princeton.

    • “Ad-hoc Networks” leader: Sharon Betz, Princeton

    • “Network and Information Security”, leaders: Lifeng Lai, Ruoheng Liu, Princeton, and Prasanth Ananthapadmanabhan, UMD.

    • “Network Optimization”, leaders: Chee Wei Tan, Princeton, Joydeep Acharya, WINLAB, Rutgers.

A. Yener, ITW

Upcoming events isit 2008 toronto l.jpg
Upcoming Events:ISIT 2008, Toronto

  • Two lunch time events planned

  • Monday: Round table research discussion

  • Thursday: Panel

  • Free T-shirt as is done every year

  • In collaboration with the local organization of ISIT (R. Adve, T.J. Lim)

A. Yener, ITW

New initiatives student committee web site l.jpg
New Initiatives:Student Committee Web-site

  • The student committee web-site has been static html and was maintained by a volunteer student.

    • We feel that a content based architecture will be much more useful:

    • Uploads/interaction takes place without delay.

    • Students can upload material

    • We can make available detailed records of past events.

  • Preparations are currently underway to switch to Plone (Ack: Our “new” webmaster Anand Sarwate)

A. Yener, ITW

New initiatives volunteers l.jpg
New Initiatives: Volunteers

  • We need to reach out to more volunteers to actively participate.

  • Potential new student chairs will be sought as the current ones transition to post-student life.

  • Action item: posts within the committee for better defined tasks of the committee.

A. Yener, ITW

Organizing committee for 2008 l.jpg
Organizing Committee for 2008

  • Program Chairs:

    • Aylin Yener, Penn State

    • Gerhard Kramer, Bell Labs

  • Student Applications:

    • Sennur Ulukus, UMD

    • Ivana Maric, Stanford

  • Publicity&Web:

    • Nick Laneman, Notre Dame

    • Lalitha Sankar, Princeton

    • Brooke Shrader, UMD

A. Yener, ITW

Slide9 l.jpg
From the proposal (Sept 07) School of Information Theory:Our way to pay it forward to our society’s future generations

  • Lectures by renowned members of our society.

  • Students interact with their peers.

  • Students interact with senior scientists and get feedback on their work.

  • Students get exposed to contextand “big picture” early on.

  • The school will help foster friendships and collaboration for future academic and industrial scientists and promote IT.

A. Yener, ITW

From the proposal sept 07 who will attend l.jpg
From the proposal (Sept 07): Who will attend?

  • Any graduate student or post-doc eligible to apply

  • Students apply for the school with their cvs and presentation/poster title

  • Students will each give a 10min talk and present a poster on the same topic for longer more detailed interactions.

  • Cap:100 students (plan for 50-60)

  • No registration Fee

  • Ideally: NO COST to attendees

  • Reality: Travel grants as much as budget allows

A. Yener, ITW

Calendar location for 2008 l.jpg
Calendar, Location for 2008

The inaugural school of Information Theory will take place June 1, Sunday – June 5, Thursday 2008 at the University Park Campus, Penn State, State College, PA.

A. Yener, ITW

Slide12 l.jpg



A. Yener, ITW

Instructors l.jpg

  • Vince Poor: Keynote

  • Toby Berger: TBA

  • Muriel Medard: Network Coding

  • David Tse: IT of Wireless Networks: Breaking the log-jam

A. Yener, ITW

Call for participation l.jpg
Call for participation

A. Yener, ITW

Response l.jpg

  • The response to the school has been above and beyond all our expectations: We received over 150 applications!

  • Original organization, preparations and budget was envisioning 60 attendees.

A. Yener, ITW

Organization l.jpg

  • We have made new arrangements to be able to accommodate 120 students and a total of 135 attendees.

  • Given the budget constraints and the large number of attendees, we had to first verify from applicants whether they could attend without travel support.

  • To accommodate 120 students, we will have a mix of 10min talks and poster sessions (as opposed to both per student).

A. Yener, ITW

New 2008 schedule l.jpg
New 2008 Schedule

  • For a total of 135 attendees: 120 students, instructors, keynote speaker, organizers, other academics

  • June 1: Evening Reception 6-8pm

  • June 2 and 3: 4.5h instruction; 2h student presentations

  • June 4: 3h instruction, 1h panel, 2.5h student presentations, evening banquet

  • June 5: 1h keynote; 5.5h student presentations

A. Yener, ITW

2008 schedule l.jpg
2008 Schedule

A. Yener, ITW

2008 budget l.jpg
2008 Budget

  • The lectures and presentations will

    be held in Penn State classrooms.

  • Classrooms: free of charge.

  • Breaks: in the vicinity of classrooms.

  • Reception, Banquet: at the campus hotel (NLI)

  • We have made every effort to keep the misc expenses as well as food/breaks break costs down.

  • The numbers we currently have are given in the next page in detail.

A. Yener, ITW

2008 budget min total 35800 l.jpg
2008 Budget (min total: $35800)

  • Banquet dinner $ 5700

  • Reception $ 2800

  • Lunches total: $ 7000

  • Breaks total: $ 7000

  • Breakfasts total: $ 4300

  • Food total $26800

  • Other (easels,poster boards,

  • badges, registration packets) $ 2300

  • Multimedia (pics etc)

    and contingency $3000

  • Instructor travel support $2700

  • Not including student travel grants.


A. Yener, ITW

Funding status for 2008 so far l.jpg
Funding Status for 2008 so far

  • Society: 10k commitment (Sept 07)

  • Penn State Networking and Security Research Center (CSE) 3k

  • Princeton University EE: 3k

  • Penn State EE: 3k

  • DARPA: 10k (incoming)

  • NSF: Proposal in submission stage (likely will result in10k travel support)

A. Yener, ITW

Funding status for 2008 summary l.jpg
Funding Status for 2008 summary

  • 32k+ in non-travel support expenses

  • 29k committed to general expenses

  • Likely 10k from NSF but likely for travel grants only.

  • We request an additional $10k from the society to cover the expenses properly and provide travel grants.

A. Yener, ITW

Dedication l.jpg

  • We dedicate the First School of Information Theory to our late colleague Sergio Servetto.

A. Yener, ITW