26 may 2003 l.
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26 May 2003

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4G Wireless Networks. 26 May 2003. Roberto Vitalini, x@wheii.com. Convergence.

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26 may 2003

4G Wireless Networks

26 May 2003

Roberto Vitalini, x@wheii.com

  • As the handheld universe converges into a single device, the effective marketing and acceptance of worldwide industry standards is the key to ensuring a healthy market for wireless devices, network operators, and channel partners


4g is
4G is:
  • a communications technology that will allow one device to roam seamlessly over several different wireless technologies.
  • Imagine a mobile phone that has wireless LAN connectivity, 3G connectivity and Bluetooth. This device could be programmed to automatically and seamlessly switch to whichever network is the most appropriate


4g data networks
4G data networks
  • 4G, addressing future needs of a universal high speed wireless network:
    • The IP wireless environment
    • merged data/voice/multimedia network
  • There are multiple standards for 3G making it difficult to roam and interoperate across networks. we need global mobility and service portability
  • We need hybrid networks that utilize both wireless LAN (hot spot) concept and cell or base-station wide area network design.


4g gps and a vision
4g GPS and a vision
  • In addition to locating individuals, a 4G version of GPS tech might be able to let people be virtually present in a variety of places.
  • "The idea is that you could become connected through your mobile device with other locations that you care about.For example, if you are away and someone rings the doorbell at your house, you could see who it is and decide if you want to respond in some way."


4g scenarios speed and wearables
4g scenarios, speed and wearables
  • data download speeds reach 100 megabits per second
  • download a video to your car before a trip so the children will have something to watch
  • Your phone, or "virtual reality device", will be able to recognise whether you are standing in front of your garage door and want to open it, or standing in a supermarket corner wanting to buy something.


consolidation is inevitable telcos and cellcos dominate



Independent PWLAN SPs

Independent PWLAN SPs



Consolidation is inevitable: Telcos and cellcos dominate



Larger independents become:

  • Acquired
  • Niche players


26 may 200310

… trends

26 May 2003

Roberto Vitalini, x@wheii.com

wireless home entertainment
Wireless Home Entertainment
  • Sony Airboard
  • Media Receivers:
    • Terra Player TR-100
    • Sony Roomlink Network Media Receiver PCNA-MR10
  • Wi-Fi video: beam videos to your TV for viewing
    • 802.11b = 11 Mbps
    • 802.11a = 54Mbps (not compatible with b)
    • 802.11g = 54Mbps (compatible with b), radio frequency interference
  • Ultrawideband: 100Mbs, low power consumption, UWB home networking and Sensors
  • Socket Bluetooth GPS receiver www.socketcom.com