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The Sercret To Building Wealth.. And How To "Make It Happen" PowerPoint Presentation
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The Sercret To Building Wealth.. And How To "Make It Happen"

The Sercret To Building Wealth.. And How To "Make It Happen"

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The Sercret To Building Wealth.. And How To "Make It Happen"

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  1. T TH HE E W WE EA AL LT TH H B BU UI IL LD DI IN NG G S SE EC CR RE ET T. .. .. .A AN ND D H HO OW " "M MA AK KE E I IT T H HA AP PP PE EN N" " W T TO O John D. Rockafeller, Dale Carnegie, J.P Morgan, Albert Einstein and Even Alexander The Great All Used This Same Technique.. And Now You Can Use It to "Make It Happen" For You By: Raplato Author:

  2. WEALTH BUILDING SECRET The greatest wealth building secret of all time has been used for centuries, yet it’s amazing how few people have ever heard of it. It's more than likely you've heard someone say to you, "make it happen." The question is, how do you actually make it happen? Even more importantly, what are we supposed to make happen to begin with?!! We all feel as though we have a mission in life but it’s seems so rare that anyone actually discovers what it is. Your mission can be determined by your talents or gifts... and we ALL have these special talents and unique gifts. You know what they are because you feel most "like" yourself when you’re doing it. It's like you’ve found your home. Even if you hit the lottery tomorrow, you wouldn’t stop doing it because you enjoy it that much.

  3. You absolutely know it when it happens. It doesn’t have to be world changing or fit in with other people's beliefs. You are unique. There never will be another one of you ever again, and the gift(s) that you possess is just as unique. When you identify what you feel you were meant to do, you’ll quickly realize two things: 1. Working toward your goal or using your special gift(s) reinforces the best part of yourself. 2. You love doing this so much that you are totally focused and you can’t get enough of it. It never feels like a chore, you get too much enjoyment from it to ever feel like work. Many people are excellent at setting goals in an attempt to “make it happen.” It's that exact type of goal setting that makes them automatically look past any discomfort and risk? Your goal needs a "pilot-light" that will keep the fire burning. If your goal is not self-sustaining by your passion, the result will, not surprisingly, be a lack of ACTION. If you're able to follow this logic with me, an interesting thing starts to happen.

  4. MONEY WON'T MAKE IT HAPPEN Many people believe that their dream goal is to be wealthy. But if that is the case, why aren’t they more motivated to get it? Having money is nobody's goal in life. Money gives you the freedom, choices and opportunities that you wouldn't have if you were struggling to pay your bills. It is what money can do and what you can do with it that makes having wealth so desirable to so many people. Wealth isn’t their dream goal. They assume it is because they haven’t found what truly moves them at a much deeper level.

  5. SO WHAT THEN? Okay, so all that sounds great. So you just find your dream and the act of making it a reality will just come automatically... right?? Probably not. More often than not, your dream/goal doesn’t just come to you while you’re sitting in your favorite chair. No, you need to get up, go out and find it by trying new things, things that may even seem "out of character" for you. It's exposing yourself to new and different experiences and situations that opens your mind.. When you broaden your view of the world you find there is so much more out there. The more new things you experience in life, the more likely you are to find exactly what you are looking for. It will "come" to you.

  6. If you're stubbornly holding on to doing the same boring job, living in the same place, taking the same stale trips to get away or sitting in front of the TV night after night, please don’t be surprised to find that nothing happens... certainly nothing will be any different than it was the day before. "What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson How will you know what you're specially suited for if you're never exposed to anything different? I know, change can be scary.. there is a perceived (imagined) risk involved. However, the greatest risk you face in life are the experiences you missed, the chance not taken or what could have been if you put yourself out there.

  7. BACK WHERE WE STARTED Which brings us right back to where we started... we must take some form of action. There’s just no getting away from that fact. I’m not going to lie to you, some people, and you know who they are, are natural born go-getters. They don’t even think their abilities are that special because it just comes so naturally to them. But to the population at large, they’re perceived as having a magical gift. They wouldn't be able to explain how they do it. It’s just their nature plain and simple. Through a mixture of DNA and childhood experiences they're able to meet life on their own terms and make whatever they want out of the circumstances that present themselves.

  8. ARE YOU SAYING YOU CAN'T "MAKE IT HAPPEN?" So is that it then? End of story? You either have it or you don’t? It may surprise you to discover that world-class athletes, a group of people often described as gifted... are not gifted at all. Their success is built on years of discipline and hard work. Their extraordinary talents only came about as a result of shear will power. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a gifted actor? Obviously NOT! He found (or possibly created) his passion. He knew what he wanted to achieve and set specific goals to getting it.

  9. STEP ONE So your first step is to eliminate the idea that you're a either a natural born go-getter or you're not! Anyone Can Do This.. The first skill required to make it happen, regardless of how impossible it may seem, is called visualization. This technique has been used for centuries by people of all walks of life to acheive great wealth and freedom. Most of today’s millionaires (and billionaires) have become wealthy by having this as a firm belief at the core of everything they do. If you would like to know what really separates the rich from the poor, it is the ability to imagine a greater life for themselves, clearly and in every detail, until they achieve it. There is no room for doubt or second guessing, just a crystal clear picture of their desired outcome imbedded in their mind. It may sound complicated or hard.. but it is neither..

  10. GOAL SETTING First, it's true, you must set your goal. But before you set a goal, you must want it badly enough that it is all you can focus on. If not, it will not happen. Is it freedom that you want that badly? Only you can answer that question. We must be certain beyond any doubt and decide exactly what we want. So the first skill needed to "make it happen" for you is called visualization. The technique has been used by people to gain wealth and freedom throughout the centuries, and indeed most of today’s millionaires have become wealthy using this method today. This is what separates the rich from the poor. Do you want freedom? If you do, you can certainly get it if you follow along with me.

  11. STEP TWO The next step is to write it down. This is your most desired objective. Don't you think it would be a good idea to write it down on a piece of quality white paper, and in ink? Next part of the equation is the most vital though. After writing down that you will achieve your freedom figure, you must put a deadline on it. This is when you will have achieved your goal. This is a critical point. If you don’t set a deadline then you give yourself an excuse to fail... to keep telling yourself, "I'll do it “Tomorrow.” Trust me, at that point, tomorrow never comes. How many times have you heard, "I’ll start my diet tomorrow..." and it never happens. When you set your deadline, it is a "drop-dead" cutoff for achieving the goals that you have outlined and there is no tomorrow. “By the year 2020...” is not good enough. The deadline must be as exact as “January 1st, 2020. I know, it may sound terrible... right?? You’re going to have that piece of paper staring at you day after day making you feel uneasy about the tasks you need to perform.

  12. You’re going to want to tear it up and tell yourself it's impossible! Well, this is where you learn how badly you truly want to achieve your heart’s desire. What's it gonna' be?? Now comes the tricky part. I want you to close your eyes and VISUALIZE yourself achieving your objective on schedule. You will actually SEE your bank statement with a balance of this exact figure, you need to FEEL the sense of relief as you become free of the grind, bills and worry. You can SMELL an FEEL the interior of your brand new car... Now I know, this takes some practice and concentration but the results are extraordinary. Do you see what you are doing here? You are re-educating your subconscious mind. You are taking the pieces of the puzzle you created earlier in your life and changing them. It’s no good just writing down a goal and reading it to yourself. Your subconscious won't believe it's sincerely what you want.. it just won't believe you. That won’t work!

  13. You need to convince your subconscious to be on board with your new desires because your "silent partner" plays a powerful role in your success. The subconscious does not respond to will power, it responds only to deeply felt emotions and feelings. This is why the power of visualization is so effective. You can feel the experience happening and it gradually becomes real to your subconscious mind... When the subconscious starts to sense something is a reality it begins working to make that happen. THE VISUALIZATION PROCESS Some people say they find it hard to visualize. If you’re one of them, I want you to start reading a novel instead of watching a movie. This will make it easier for you to visualize the images and characters in the story. Television is lazy because all the visualization is done for you! Another good practice is to sit yourself down quietly in a room on your own and look around taking in as much of the surroundings as possible. Then, close your eyes and try to picture how the room looked in your mind. This is the same principle you use when you visualize achieving your goal. Can you visualize what your life will be like when you no longer need to work a 9 to 5 job to pay your bills? I want you to vividly picture it.. WILL YOU QUIT YOUR JOB? I am often asked how it feels not to have to work anymore and having been able to break free of the daily "grind." My response is often surprising when I explain that

  14. I didn’t really notice it happening except for having more free time to enjoy myself. My answer wouldn’t surprise most high-achievers either. Whenever I reach a certain level of achievement I rarely notice it. Why? Because I’ve already visualized it happening a thousand times before. Maybe that takes the excitement out of the whole experience, but that’s really the point I want drive home to you here. You must not only know what your goal is, but also constantly visualize it so completely that it’s the only possible outcome. Do I concern myself with backup plans, "plan B," contingencies plans? NO, absolutely not! Why? Because failure simply isn’t an option. If things don’t proceed as planned I change course and figure out another way to make it happen until it does. So in answer to the question we began with... NO, nothing will happen or change in your life until you can see it happening and the vision becomes so real to you that you can taste, feel and touch it. And when it does, it's going to create a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to be Rich.. and to live a rich life to the fullest, on your own terms!

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