root canal treatment in delhi ncr n.
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Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR PowerPoint Presentation
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Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR

Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR

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Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR

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  1. Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR Ratra Dental Care

  2. Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR Ratra Dental Care ABOUT US Ratra Multispecialty & Cosmetic Dental Center (RMCDC) has fully-equipped clinics at several places in Noida. Convenient location, easy accessibility and best dental services are what driving people from South Delhi and other parts of Delhi NCR to our treatment center in Noida. With a range of premium-quality dental services available at reasonable rates, we have gained popularity among all categories of patients that also include people from corporate sectors. The specialists at our center use advanced equipments and follow international standard to give you the most satisfactory services. We have complete solutions to problems that have anything to do with your teeth. Our treatment starts with a thorough check up of your teeth and mouth along with a complete analysis of the problem you are having to come up a solution that gives you the most satisfactory result and instant relief. Moreover, we offer free dental check up to the patients who come for the first time to our clinic. Our dental centers have flexible appointment schedules, thus allowing you to reach us at your own convenience. You can also contact us for a personal appointment at any time that suits you the best.

  3. Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR ABOUT US Ratra's Dental centre proudly offers the best root canal treatment in noida at par to international standards. under the able guidance of dr(mrs).Harpreet ratra & her team of dentists,rct becomes a totally painless procedure.our digital radiography systems decreases the radiographic exposure to minimal levels & rvg system from csn italy helps patient to see the procedure on the screen, our painless anesthesia delivery system like sprays, laser analgesia & microfine needle delivery systems make your dental experience painless & comfortable. Our state of art equipments like protapers (usa)tm, heroshapers (france) tm, x smart system of rotary endontics ( usa )tm, dental lasers ( italy )tm. Makes the treatment accurate & flawless. Moreover with our flexible niti systemtm we can treat the curved & difficult canals. our use of lasers have made the single sitting rct procedure a great success. Our super specialized procedures like photon induced photoacoustic streaming (pips™),photo dynamic therapy (pdt) & photo dynamic disinfection (pdd) helps to achieve best sterlized bacteria free tooth canals for longevity of results.

  4. Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR Why Would You Need Root Canal Treatment? • Root canal treatment is needed for two main reasons: infection or irreversible damage to the pulp. An untreated cavity is a common cause of pulp infection. The decay erodes the enamel and dentin of the tooth until it opens into the root canal system, allowing bacteria to infect the pulp. Infections inside teeth don't respond to antibiotic treatment. The inflammation caused by the infection restricts the tooth's blood supply, so antibiotics in the bloodstream can't reach the infection very well. The reduced blood supply also limits the pulp's ability to heal itself. • The pulp also can become damaged from trauma, a fracture or extensive restorative work, such as several fillings placed over a period of time. Sometimes, a common dental procedure can cause the pulp to become inflamed. For example, preparing a tooth for a crown sometimes leads to the need for root

  5. Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR What is the use of Root Canal Treatment? • In a nutshell, the process of root canal treatment first removes (as thoroughly as possible) bacteria, infected nerve tissue, the organic debris left over from the breakdown of nerve tissue, and bacterial toxins from within the inner aspects of a tooth (the area originally occupied by the tooth's nerve tissue). Each of these items can produce tissue irritants that can cause your body to activate an inflammation reaction. • Subsequently, once this space has been cleansed the second half of root canal treatment involves filling in and sealing up the interior of the tooth. This aspect of the treatment is an attempt to minimize the possibility that bacteria will be able to recolonize the inner aspects of the tooth or that tissue fluids can seep inside the tooth, become stagnant, and subsequently break down. (Either of these situations could produce a state of persistent inflammation in the tissues surrounding the tooth's root.) The seal also contains and encapsulates any debris that could not be fully removed during the cleaning aspect of the root canal treatment process so that it can't leak out and trigger an inflammation reaction.

  6. Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR Ratra Dental Care OUR SERVICES • Orthodontic Treatment Without Braces • Orthodontic Treatment • Dental Implant • Smile Designing • Child Pediatric Dentistry • Root Canal Treatment • Caps,Crown and Bridges • Teeth Whitening • Tooth Pain • Gum Disease • Dental-Courses • Temporamandibular-disorder • Extractions and Impactions

  7. Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR Ratra Dental Care • Ratra introduces special corporate packages! • Full Mouth scaling + Gum Treatment Package - Our Price : Rs 1500 | Offer Price : Rs 699 • Teeth Whitening Package (Inclusive of Full Mouth Scaling + Gum Treatment) - Our Price : Rs 10,700 | Offer Price : Rs 6,950 • Braces Pkg • Metal Braces Cost - Our Price : Rs 35,000 | Offer Price : Rs 21,999 ( Rs 10,000 Initially & further Rs 1000 per month ) • Ceramic Braces Cost - Our Price : Rs 50,000 | Offer Price : Rs 31,999 ( Rs 10,000 Initially & further Rs 2000 per month ) • Invisible Braces Cost - Our Price : Rs 60,000 | Offer Price : Rs 41,999 ( Rs 10,000 Initially & further Rs 3000 per month ) • Implants Package - Starting at Rs 16,999


  9. Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR Ratra Dental Care