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Root Canal Treatment in Tricity

Root canal treatment or RCT as it is commonly known as, is performed to repair and save a badly infected tooth instead of removing it. Don’t get panic about the root canal anymore. Whole root canal treatment is performed only in 30 minutes by our root canal specialists in Tricity, to include more relieve and ease to your overall treatment experience.

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Root Canal Treatment in Tricity

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  1. ROOT CANAL TREATMENT  EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW Book An Appointment @ 985-512-3236

  2. What is Root Canal Therapy (RCT)? RCT is the savior of any decaying tooth. Root Canal Therapy (RCT) is a dental treatment which involves repair work to save a severely damaged or infected tooth. RCT is done to ensure that the infection inside the tooth is removed. This further safeguards the tooth from future infections.

  3. When is RCT required? A Root Canal Treatment is usually recommended when the infection has spread much deeper within the tooth. The infection has infected the pulp inside the tooth and the injury or damage is so severe that if it remains without treatment, it finally may lead to extraction of tooth. Hence, when your dental surgeon suggests you for an RCT, don’t ignore their words and take the right actions necessary for saving your tooth.

  4. Benefits of RCT Root Canal treatment can save a tooth which will otherwise need to be removed. The cost of losing a tooth is way higher than what money can buy. The value of each and every tooth will be clear to us when we are old enough. But, it is wise to do every bit of effort to save the tooth. And, in addition to timely consultation, it is quintessential to bear the cost of RCT and restore the decaying tooth without further delay and ignorance than to lose it for saving some money.

  5. RCT Procedure During RCT, the pulp area which is damaged is removed, and then this area is cleaned and disinfected. Further, it is filled and sealed. As the term ‘root canal’ denotes, this treatment requires cleaning of the canals inside the tooth’s root. With new modern technology, it can be completed in one visit. Yet the steps typically include:

  6. RCT Procedure • An X-Ray of the tooth where the RCT is suspected, to exactly identify the location of decay. • Anesthesia is administered locally on the affected tooth. • After anesthesia, an opening is made to remove the infected tooth pulp. This is technically called ‘pulpectomy’. • Lastly, the opened roots after cleanup are filled with appropriate filling material and then sealed off with cement as temporary filling. • After few weeks of recovery of the wound so caused, the dentist will complete the treatment by placing a permanent crown on the top of the tooth. The type of crown can be chosen as per your personal requirement and budget. It may also require to place a small supporting post inside the root chamber while restoring the crown. This solely depends on the condition of the natural tooth.

  7. What care you should take while choosing your Endodontist? RCT is an effective treatment when done correctly. Yet there are cases where the RCT is not successful and the pain persists after the treatment. Such a pain can be difficult to diagnose. The reason for failed RCT could be many. Other than the lag as part of the RCT procedure, it could also be due to gum problems, sinusitis, TMJ, pain in adjacent tooth, heart attack etc. A dentist may have full knowledge of treating your teeth but an endodontist is a specialist who is specially equipped in saving the teeth in the worst scenarios. Hence, for the sake of securing your teeth for your old age, it is best to get the treatments done by the skilled and specialized endodontist.

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