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Is your hotel's supplies improving your brand image? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is your hotel's supplies improving your brand image?

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Is your hotel's supplies improving your brand image?
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Is your hotel's supplies improving your brand image?

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  1. Is your Hotel's Supplies Improving your Brand Image? The hospitality industry is competitive, and you need to beat your competition to get a stable user base to secure your business. This is absolutely true for both small motels as well as national & international chains. It is important to position your hotel in a way that it tops the mind of your customer when they are booking their next trip. Hotels have a large number of supplies that tend to set them apart. From the supplies occupying the restrooms to the towels and other hygienic products, everything affects the image of your brand. Making smart choices in picking the right supplies is crucial to maintaining your position amongst your competitors and augmenting your brand image. There are three areas that can either improve or hurt your brand's image. Here, we will discuss all these areas and their importance in enhancing your brand. Quality Quality of your hotel supplies is directly related to your guest's experience at your hotel. It is an important metric, as guests are concerned with the quality of the supplies they are using at a hotel. Guests demand good quality supplies for the room rate they Instead of supplies, let's consider the example of you choosing your hotel's furniture. Wouldn't you go through the exercise of checking the durability and the finishing of the furniture? Why not with supplies? Instead of being driven by prices when purchasing your hotel's supplies, give equal importance to craftsmanship and warranty. When you talk of supplies, comfort plays a crucial role, especially in case of bedding and towels. Focus on quality to enrich the guest's experience and give them a good stay at your hotel. Price For all obvious reasons, cost of the hotel supplies plays a crucial role. It is important for your hotel to have a policy in place that determines the supply costs to avail the necessary profit margins. When you buy supplies at low cost, you will be able to pass these costs to the customer, who in turn

  2. returns satisfied. And the most important thing it shows is that it reveals a lot about how much you care for your customers. Sustainability Are your sustainability claims true? Have you employed the necessary energy conservation measures in your hotel? A lot of hotels have claimed that they have included green measures in their hotel policies. Apart from having recyclable and disposable products, the construction of the hotel should resort to sustainable measures. When choosing your hotel supplies, it is important to consider the sustainable and quality products. When you are bound by these three parameters while choosing your hotel supplies, it is important to partner with the right supplier. A lot of suppliers have started providing environment friendly products that adhere to the sustainable policies that they have created for their operations. These suppliers offer quality products at competitive prices adding value to your hotel. If you want to improve your brand's image, choose a supplier who will help you in the process. Ramayan Supply has a reputation of providing environmental friendly and quality hotel supplies to meet your business needs. Augment your business by partnering with us.