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Hindu wedding invitation cards PowerPoint Presentation
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Hindu wedding invitation cards

Hindu wedding invitation cards

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Hindu wedding invitation cards

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  1. Presentation Title 5 Key items included in the modern day Indian Wedding Invitation Cards Suite Your company information

  2. There was time not long ago when the wedding invitation would consist of a simple postcard enclosed in an envelope. The address, date and place of wedding are printed on the invites along with the name of the bride and the groom. The sending of the wedding cards has evolved in a big way. From the single ordinary printed cards, the Indian wedding cards today have come in exclusively designed packages and designs meant for various events and programs associated that lead and followed the main occasion of wedding. Feel the magic of the modern day wedding invitation card available in a suite format. We tell you 5 assorted card options that can be included in the modern day Indian wedding cards suite.

  3. Calendar Event card: • Sent at least 8 months prior to wedding, The Save-the-date cards are designed as an appetizing option. Included within the package of Indian wedding cards, these Calendar event cards help the guest to mark out their schedule accordingly so that they are in position to make adjustments to schedule. It includes booking airplane tickets to availing good offer at the hotels, the Save-the-Date wedding cards are designed with logistical feasibility in mind.

  4. 2. RSVP Cards: RSVP cards are easy reply options for the guests to mark their availability and accordingly inform the event organizers. The RSVP cards that come with the modern day Indian wedding cards suite allow the guests just to write yes or no and post them back without any extra charges.

  5. 3. Reception cards: The wedding invites have evolved owing to the introduction of western routines like reception. There are reception invitations sent through the wedding card suite that includes the address and the time of the reception. The reception cards also have a distinct look that brings a touch of flamboyance and excitement loved by the guests.

  6. 4. Direction Card: The biggest hurdle that is faced by the guests on a wedding date is the difficulty in reaching the venue. The Indian wedding cards suite carry a Direction card these days to assist the guest in reaching the destination without much of a hassle. Local volunteers are assigned too. Their names and the contact details are printed on the Direction card forwarded with the main card.

  7. 5. Hotel information cards: Some Event planners want to extend the best services through a detailed work extended in the form of Hotel information cards. From menu to particular luxuries, the Hotel information card carries a brief description of the accommodation available during the guest’s visit to the wedding destination.

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