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Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

King of Cards India Private Limited offers a wide range of Indian wedding invitation cards. They also provide printing services in various Indian languages to meet the unique requirements of all tradition and culture. Visit their site today to order elegant Indian wedding cards or any other card of your choice.

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Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

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  1. Get Ready To Be Surprised By These Strange Wedding Facts Wedding is considered a very pious occasion in all the religions, but what happens when strange rituals take place in weddings? In many parts of world, different taboos and superstitions are associated with weddings. Sometimes it is hard to believe that such things really happen. Here are few strange but true facts related to weddings, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited-the best online store for Indian wedding invitations. Shoot the bride down-In Yugurs, a Chinese community, groom has to shoot the bride thrice before wedding with a bow and arrow. Once this strange ritual is complete, groom collects the arrows and break them, ensuring that their love will stay immortal. Smiling not allowed– In Congo, bride and groom are asked to refrain from smiling till the end of their marriage. It is considered a sign of seriousness for the wedding. Colour her black-In Scotland, in a bizarre wedding ritual, the bride is covered in curdled milk, spoilt food, dead fish, tar, sauces, mud, etc, before her marriage. It is believed it prepares bride for even the worst situations in her life. Marrying a tree-India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions. From Indian wedding invitations to wedding rituals, Indian culture is quite interesting. One such interesting ritual is-‘marrying the bride to a tree’. This is done to cancel the ill effects of planets and bring peace and happiness in bride and groom’s married life. Unique Blessings-In Kenya, at Massai weddings, Bride’s father blesses his daughter by spitting on her head and breasts. This is done to save her from curses and evils. Break the dishes-In Germany, a ritual called Polterabend is practiced, which involves smashing the dishes received as gifts. It is believed that by breaking the dishes beforehand, the bridal party is preparing the bride and groom for the obstacles ahead. Unique wedding traditions and the presence of our family and friends is what make our wedding so special. So, make sure you make your guests happy; send them the best marriage cards from King of Cards India Private Limited.

  2. King of Cards India Private Limited has the best selection of cards to make your guests feel special. To know more, visit-https://kingofcards.in/

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