how to shut down trend micro n.
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How to Turn Off Trend Micro? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Turn Off Trend Micro?

How to Turn Off Trend Micro?

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How to Turn Off Trend Micro?

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  1. How to Shut Down Trend Micro? Trend Micro is an internet security which protects the customer from all malwares, threats and viruses. It offers a secured layer protection against the spam filtering, Ransomeware and the firewall booster. It provides security not even in system but also in mobile phones too. It makes the customer to feel free and get enjoy of digital life safely.

  2. As you know Trend Micro provides the internet security so than the user can roam around accordingly. But, there is another side to this, while this cyber protection tool is extremely well versed with protection, it also creates certain issues for other parts of the computer. These problems entail:  A system slowdown  False positives for perfectly safe files  Firewall disallowing visit to legitimate sites

  3. For these reasons, you might want to turn off the Trend micro. Is the process to shutting this application down easy? Yes, and our team of experts from Trend Micro support Canada is here to help you out. Keep mind that although these steps are easy, we do not actually recommend using them. It is because; it makes the system vulnerable to a certain degree. Anyway;

  4. Here are the ways to keep off the Trend Micro:-  Go to the trend Micro titanium window by to click on the lower right corner icon, which is next to the clock.  From the main console click on to the “Personal firewalls control”. After that go to the “Personal Firewall Section, and then click on “Setting” under it.

  5. Go to the “Activate the Personal Firewall”, and then click on to the “Apply”, to save all the changes and the last click on “Ok”, to confirm the settings. These are few steps which the user has to go through to turn off the Trend Micro. These are very easy to perform. But keep in mind that it is still not recommended.

  6. Moreover if any of the user is facing problem can directly contact to our expert team of Trend Micro Customer Care on the given toll free no 1-844-888- 3870, come and solve your problems. Original Source