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Grout Sealing Services in Queens PowerPoint Presentation
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Grout Sealing Services in Queens

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Grout Sealing Services in Queens - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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D’Sapone provides the best Grout Sealing Services in Queens. Our specialists perform Services, Like Travertine Shower Sealing, Marble Shower Restoration Services

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Grout Sealing Services in Queens

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re grouting causes the same burden again

Re-grouting causes the same burden again and you mean within months. It is a process where a contractor replaces the old grout with new grout. Instead of re-grouting, we seal all the grout lines using Caponi® – a two part pigmented solvent titanium epoxy/resin sealer.

shower restoration queens

Shower Restoration Queens

Caponi® – a patented sealer developed by our experts in the lab, color seals all the grout lines with its titanium coating, waterproofing the surface to prevent stains. Re-grouting – peeling and wears off the grout, causes stains within months. We always seal the grout with Caponi®, offering a permanent solution.

slate shower sealing services

Slate Shower Sealing Services

Once we repair your grout with Sentura and seal the grout with Caponi®, you will be free for years. Both of these products work with each other and protect the grout from stains with a 5 year labor warranty.

re grouting peels in a short order and gives

Re-grouting peels in a short order and gives birth to mold, growing over the entire surface. It makes the shower look worse and also causes health issues. Our Queens artists remove all the mold with Imperia, soaking deep into the grout to eliminate the mold at the bottom. Then, they prevent its occurrence with Sentura and Caponi®, waterproofing the shower.

We know people in Queens rely on our highly trained artists for shower restorations, regardless of the extent of mold and stains. Our ‘Healthy Shower’ service offers a caulk and mold free shower for a lifetime. And this result would not be achievable using regular products. We use exquisite cleaners and sealers designed by pFOkUS®.

contact us

Contact Us

Add - 59-46 56th Dr Unit 2L Maspeth, N.Y. 11378

Phone No - (718)412-1018

Email - customerservice@dsapone.com