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Corrective Action Preventive Action Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Corrective Action Preventive Action Software

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Corrective Action Preventive Action Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CAPA management is a key part in quality management system especially in medical devices and pharmaceutical industry. Qualityze CAPA management software investigate quality problems of product to take appropriate and effective corrective or preventive actions.

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corrective action prevention action
Corrective Action Prevention Action
  • CAPA management is a set of actions which are required to be taken and implemented in an organization at levels of manufacturing, documentation, procedures or systems to rectify and eliminate the recurrence of non-conformance.

Before documenting there are many several chances to arise quality issues such as improper design, inadequate product specification; failure of purchased materials; inadequate manufacturing instructions, processes, tools or equipment.

Next step is after identifying quality issues plan the resolution.

After planning investigate and analyse the risks of those quality issues.

Implement the action plan and verify the effectiveness of the action plans implemented.

Resolve all the issues that will helps in implementation of organization.

capa management in lifesciences
CAPA Management in Lifesciences
  • CAPA Management in Pharmaceutical industry is a systematic investigation of the root causes of identified defects/problems or identified risks to prevent their recurrence (corrective action) or to prevent the occurrence (preventive action).
  • Medical device manufacturing companies required to identify corrective and preventive actions on the basis of client feedback, deviations, complaints.
  • CAPA Management Software for medical devices helps in eliminating all nonconformity issues occurred.
  • CAPA is required to bring about improvements to an organization's processes taken to eliminate causes of non-conformities or other undesirable situations.
capa management software
CAPA Management Software
  • Qualityze CAPA management software is capable to identify the problems/defects to prevent their recurrence and it also helps in the occurrence.
  • Qualityze Corrective and preventive action software complements your established CAPA process and enables your organization to document, plan, investigate, analyse, implement, verify and resolve all nonconformities.
  • Qualityze CAPA process is capable to get early signals of quality issues from your subsystems.
  • Qualityze’s CAPA management software has inbuilt powerful analytics and reporting capability to provide you an early indication of quality issues so that your organization can take simple corrections.