capa corrective action preventive action n.
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CAPA Management Software

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CAPA Management Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CAPA management software is to eliminate nonconformities or undesirable situations and it may be a market compliant or customer compliant. Qualityze QMS software gives you clear oversight of performance, activities and, keeping your corrective and preventive action process controlled and streamlined.

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Presentation Transcript
  • CAPA Management System is a systematic process to investigate the nonconformities and to identify the risks/defects is Corrective Action and to prevent the identified risks/defects is Preventive Action.
  • CAPA System is to analyse the risks effectively and to correct the identified nonconformities and prevent the future events.
  • CAPA management system helps to increase the value of products by going beyond to regulatory compliance.
capa process
CAPA Process
  • Identify the problem occurred and analyse the impact of quality, regulatory and management.
  • Investigate the root cause for risks/defects appeared.
  • Plan effectively and ensure there is no impact on product quality.
  • Implement Actions to resolve those issues and verify the effectiveness.
  • Verify to ensure the problem has been resolved and it is not reoccurring.
capa management in pharmaceutical industry
CAPA Management in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • CAPA management in Pharmaceutical Industry and medical devices is to ensure that they meet both regulatory and customer requirements.
  • CAPA management software is implemented in such a way that it performs verification and effectiveness steps and it finds resolution of quality issues that occurred in the medical devices and pharmaceutical industries.
  • CAPA management system is essential for the development of any quality system and increases customer satisfaction.
qualityze capa management software
Qualityze CAPA Management Software
  • Quality management in products makes the organisations to be more reliable to the people and it can be managed by corrective action preventive action software.
  • Qualityze CAPA Management System is a process helps to capture your risks for your quality related incidents from any source and it efficiently manages everything in your organisations.
  • Qualityze CAPA management software helps in quality management investigating risks by corrective and preventive action those identified risks or problems can be easily solved and prevents from recurrence.
  • Qualityze CAPA Management Software has powerful analytical and reporting tools to eliminate further recurrence of such non-confirmation in future