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The advantage of foreign travel for owners of apartments in mumbai ppt PowerPoint Presentation
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The advantage of foreign travel for owners of apartments in mumbai ppt

The advantage of foreign travel for owners of apartments in mumbai ppt

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The advantage of foreign travel for owners of apartments in mumbai ppt

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  1. The Advantage of Foreign Travel for Owners of Apartments in Mumbai

  2. The size of apartments in Mumbai can be judged by how many people can fit comfortably inside them. Most flats in Mumbai are small, very small. As a matter of fact, a 1 BHK flat in Mumbai can often seem too cramped for even a family with three members. The baby boomers (the generation which came of age in the 1950’s and 60”s) as a fad would try and see how many people they could fit together in a single car, park bench, or chair; if similar actions were carried out in flats in Mumbai there may be little chance that any of the earlier records would be broken. That is certainly an exaggeration; however, it does demonstrate how small flats in Mumbai usually are. Recently a record was set for the most number of people able to fit inside a BMW Mini, the new world record stands at 27 people. Many Residential Property in Mumbaicould never accommodate such a large number of people inside comfortably, if a prosperous executive in Mumbai wants to have friends over for dinner he will have to exercise discretion and select only those few whom he truly wants to share a meal with.

  3. Whereas middle-class denizens of Bangalore and Delhi enjoy rather spacious homes, their counterparts in Mumbai who earn a similar income live in homes which may be half, or even one-third the size of homes in the former cities. The reason many prefer to live in Mumbai and in small lodgings is that if there is such a thing as the Indian Dream, it is only possible in Mumbai. Builders in Mumbai don’t build small homes because such homes are cheap; they do so because land in Mumbai is so expensive. Even luxury apartments in Mumbai can be as small as a middle-class home in parts of Bangalore, but the fact that a Mumbai property is ranked within the luxury segment itself gives such an apartment a certain indescribable property unattainable anywhere else in the country. Despite Bangalore being a tech hub which has more startup unicorns than Mumbai, the nightlife in Bangalore is tame when compared with the club scene in Mumbai. Those who work hard in Mumbai, party harder than anywhere else in the country.

  4. New projects in Mumbai are continuously being built which have units as small as those built a quarter century ago, such units have a ready market of buyers signaling that the citizens of Mumbai don’t mind the smaller accommodations even though they have more money than they did many years earlier. A wild party in Bangalore is a tame one in Mumbai, and an extravagant wedding in Delhi is modestly ostentatious by Mumbai standards. Many residential projects in Mumbai may have flats with only two or 3 bedrooms, but the residents of many such units have a net worth greater than that of many at the helm of unicorn startups in Bangalore.

  5. The charm and prestige of living in Mumbai do not simply extend to living in Mumbai but are carried by a resident of the city wherever they may travel, even when they travel outside India. Bollywood has made India popular across the globe and Indian actors are now seen more often in foreign productions. Those who live in Tokyo, New York, and London are aware of Mumbai through the Indian movie industry; many are fans of Indian actors and actress. Many who live in countries all across the southern hemisphere see their lives reflected in Bollywood movies, the citizens of countries such as Malaysia, Egypt, and numerous others regard Bollywood movies to be far more entertaining than movies produced in their domestic cinema industry or those produced in Hollywood. As a matter of fact, many nations in the Earths southern hemisphere regard Bollywood as their movie Industry.

  6. When someone who lives in top builders in mumbai ventures to South East Asia, the Middle East or Africa he or she will likely be told how much those in the foreign country enjoy Bollywood movies and eagerly await the release of the next blockbuster film. Many conversations may revolve around the lives and scandals of actors and actresses who work in Hollywood. Hence those who live in Mumbai and travel abroad to distant lands carry with them more sheen and glamor than does someone from Bangalore or Hyderabad when they are abroad.