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E-Commerce Trends in 2015

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E-Commerce Trends in 2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E-Commerce is the most important part on online business and for purchasing and selling products. Now a days people like to buy products using internet and E-Commerce Web Development is going to be a big trend in coming years. So to know eCommerce trends in 2015, we have created this Presentation.

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E-Commerce Trends in 2015

E-Commerce Trends in 2015


E-Commerce Trends in 2015

Electronic commerce development, or in simple words e-commerce web development has taken over the Internet world like anything! The selling and buying of products, transmitting data or even funds in an online medium can be distinguished as tasks done via e-commerce. There are several mediums through which these kinds of transactions take place. They can either be business-to-consumer, customer-to-customer or even customer-to-business and business-to-business. One of the most important benefits of this kind of shopping is that the services are available around the clock and their accessibility is fast.


Some of the trends in the e-commerce industry for 2015 are summarized in next slides

E-Commerce Trends in 2015


Sales of Mobile and Smart Devices are Expected to Increase

E-Commerce Trends in 2015

It has been seen that online transactions and shopping through mobile devices increased manifold times in 2014 as compared to desktops. Even the large expanse of concessions available for these gadgets in e-commerce website will upsurge their demand this year too. Even the target audiences of some online stores like Amazon are people who do transactions via smart phones!


E-Commerce Trends in 2015

Trends For Website Designing

E-commerce website designing will also see a huge lift. At this present stage of the Internet dominated the world, it is crucial that websites should have returning customers along with new visitors. To hold their grip, your business should focus on some latest web design trends. Tiled Navigation is one such area. This makes images more accessible and customers do not get lost while going through the products. Flat Designs will be in. They are more appealing, responsive and easy to comprehend.


E-Commerce Trends in 2015

E-Commerce Industry Trends

The year 2014 saw a large boost in this sector and it is being speculated that 2015 will bring a larger volume of trade in different segments online. There is definitely going to be a boom as far as sales of developed countries and some rapid developing countries like India are concerned especially in the retail sector. The holiday quarters are the time when the transactions accelerate at a rapid pace.


E-Commerce Trends in 2015

E-commerce Big Data

Big Data is going to stay in 2015. It helps in organizing numerous communication channels so that customers do not leave unsatisfied. It also helps in retailers in determining configurations that aid in removing potential disruptions. Decisions driven on data need Big Data to its fullest. Without Big Data, today’s online market is handicapped!


E-Commerce Trends in 2015

Social Media and E-Commerce

The role of social media in the e-commerce sector is enormous. The various advertisements of online stores available in these public forums make them vulnerable to clicks especially among the youth. Social media earns an appreciable amount of revenue while posting these ads. They are responsible for popularizing a specific segment of products through their pages so as to capture more shoppers. Online stores are well aware of the fact that social sites are something where people are available whenever there is slightest of free time. So, why not use them effectively? E-commerce development company keep these points in mind and come out with ideas so that they can connect to the people in a more articulate way.


E-Commerce Trends in 2015


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E-Commerce Trends in 2015

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