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DICOM & PACS Data Migration - PrimeArray Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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DICOM & PACS Data Migration - PrimeArray Systems

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DICOM & PACS Data Migration - PrimeArray Systems
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DICOM & PACS Data Migration - PrimeArray Systems

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  1. DICOM & PACS Data Migration - PrimeArray Systems

  2. Founded 1999 – Leader in CD/DVD systems, NAS and iSCSI storage solutions market Thousands of customers worldwide Diversified mix of vertical markets, including business, government, manufacturing and education. The broadest CD/DVD, NAS & iSCSI storage solutions on the market Sales via worldwide channel network Company Background

  3. PrimeArray Product Overview CD/DVD Servers & Duplicators ServStation Base CD/DVD server solutions will store up to 1500 CDs or DVDs ProServer Multi-CD/DVD drive network attached storage solutions NetServ Combined storage solution of NAS with CD/DVD functions of Servstation Maxtet CD-ROM/DVD-ROM SCSI attached storage solutions DupliCore CD/DVD duplicators – from 1-to-1 to 1-to-9 systems Network Attached Storage FlexNAS Adds general storage to network and scalable to 8+ TB iSCSI Storage Systems AutoStor IP SAN Storage for the SMB – scalable to 16+ TB

  4. DICOM Data Migration Services Migration of DICOM data residing in legacy PACS always present unique challenges for hospital and migration service provider as technology behind medical imaging, information system and interoperability is evolving rapidly to accommodate more integration and cost reduction

  5. Managing PACS DICOM Data Migration Challenges Our past experience suggest migration challenges can come from any angle. Merging multiple archives Error in patient/study information Vendor specific proprietary technology for archiving Processing private DICOM tag Inconsistent legacy DICOM data Failure to perform validation for moved data

  6. Vendor Neutral Approach for DICOM Data Migration Growth in connected information system for healthcare providers encouraging IT personnel search for more inclusive systems that can manage imaging and workflows beyond RIS and CVIS. PrimeArray designed DICOM data migration solution to deliver maximum data integrity.

  7. Data Portability During PACS Migration PrimeArray ensure data liquidity so that relevant data is immediately available for hospital operation while migration process is going on by scheduling migration for periods of low network activity and optimized, multi-threaded transfers can carry out at night even as data pulled from the system for next day’s business.

  8. PACS Migration : Clean And Organized Data Data migrated to new system is made usable as part of the migration process with varying state of compliance without losing its native format.

  9. PACS Migration: Efficient Data Management PrimeArray’s commitment to achieve maximum data integrity enables health organization get tailored project management for PACS data migration.

  10. 1500 District Avenue Burlington, MA 01803 Phone: 800-433-5133 Web: www.primearray.com