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Family Wellness from Your Portland Chiropractor

Our mission is to provide natural healthcare to our patients through chiropractic, nutrition, massage, fitness, and wellness education. We provide health care for the entire family in a relaxed but highly professional atmosphere. http://prohealthchironw.com/

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Family Wellness from Your Portland Chiropractor

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  1. Aching joints, a sore back, and feeling tired all of the time are not normal. If you have any of those feelings you are not living a life filled with wellness. Family wellness for all members of your family is the goal of a Portland chiropractor. This chiropractor does not just talk about family wellness as a concept to draw patients in the door. It is a way of life for him. He expects to feel well and wants that same feeling to extend to all of his clients. What are your first thoughts in the morning when you wake up? For many people it is dread about crawling out of bed to deal with a sore back or joints. It takes them an hour or more to get their body moving smoothly each morning and until then life is miserable. If you feel this way you might be tempted to just consider it the price of getting older. It is not. These problems are usually caused by a wide range of minor issues, but many of them can be corrected by a chiropractor in Portland. Many of the issues can be traced back to a spinal column which is causing poor communication with the rest of the body. The body reacts be become stiff, painful, and resistant to motion. When you correct the problem you wake up in the morning feeling energized and ready for the day. Family Wellness from Your Portland Chiropractor

  2. Improved Performance for Athletes and Everyday People Now, it is important to note the chiropractor Portland athletes and residents rely on to solve these types of issues it not going to let you off the hook with just getting chiropractic treatments. He is going to be asking you questions about your lifestyle, the amount of exercise you get, and other issues including weight. The focus on family wellness extends to every component of your well-being. Do not be shocked when he recommend you start doing corrective exercise every day to help improve the strength, stamina, and to aid in eliminating issues which are causing pain. You will probably hear a few words about nutrition, supplements, and ways to enhance your health, also. Top athletes who turn to this Portland chiropractor are usually seeking improvements in performance, not freedom from pain. They realize by making minor adjustments to diet and overall health they can perform at a higher level than ever before. Just to illustrate how focused one Portland chiropractor is on this issue take a look at Dr. Jeff Robinson of ProHealth Chiropractic. He is not only licensed as a chiropractor but is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He knows family wellness is not found in a single chiropractic treatment, but is discovered by working on the total person. If you want your days to be filled with energy and joy instead of aches and pains it is time to visit one chiropractor in Portland who specializes in family wellness. Choosing the right chiropractor can make all the difference in getting your life going in the right direction again.

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