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Chiropractor . Trevor Black 5 th hour 10-11-10 career technology and foundations . Introduction.

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Trevor Black5th hour10-11-10career technology and foundations


  • Have you ever had a back pain or neck pain that you couldn’t handle? Well if so you should come to me for a re-alignment of your back and neck. I will use non surgical treatment to help you. And I can assure you that I will not have to issue you drugs. The way I help you is all natural and will make your day feel much better. If it is to hard for me, I will send you to someone who will take a look at you and will tell you what is wrong. And I know if I don’t know what it is then I can be sure that it has nothing to do with your musculoskeletal and that I tried my best to help, but I had no control of it. So you should come if you are having trouble so I can help you.

Nature of work

Nature of work

Deals with musculoskeletal

Heat, Massage, Ultra sound, Currents and Acupuncture

Straps, tape, braces or shoe inserts

All Natural

Drugless, nonsurgical health treatments

Working conditions

Working Conditions


On feet for long periods of time

40 hours a week

Inside an office

Training qualifications advancement

Training, Qualifications, Advancement

Have to be licensed

90 semester hours

Minimal 4200- Classroom Laboratory and Clinical experience

4-6 years of college

Job outlook employment

Job Outlook/ Employment

Back, Neck, joints- what a chiropractor does

Employment rate increase 20% from 2008-2018

No drugs all natural

Rapidly growing older population

Earnings hours

Earnings, Hours

Medium earnings

Health insurance

Retirement benefits

$94,454- experienced

$66,490- non experienced

Related occupations

Related occupations


Something I like to do

Does well in bad economy

Family not minding what I do



In order to get a better understanding of my career I need to research what I do on a basic day and all of the classes I need. I will need to get 4-6 years of college and 6 months of internship. I will also use many tools to help people out. The one thing I look forward to in this career field is helping people. The least thing I look forward to in this career is people having an attitude towards me. After doing this research I feel like I want to get into this job faster than I will be able to.

Works sited

Works sited