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PPI Claims- Things to Know PowerPoint Presentation
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PPI Claims- Things to Know

PPI Claims- Things to Know

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PPI Claims- Things to Know

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  1. PPI Claims Welcome to

  2. What is Mis sold PPI? • PPI or payment protection insurance is a financial coverage to make payments of loans or credit card when borrower is unable to meet with financial obligation due to sickness or unemployment. However, banks and agents have preached misconception on these terms and sell PPI to those who were not eligible for this. Several people who have purchased PPI in last ten years are not eligible to use it on certain backgrounds. Such PPI are mis sold for borrowers.

  3. Get compensation for missold PPI

  4. How to Identify Mis Sold PPI • You were not aware that you are paying for PPI • You were not explained the details of PPI • You were unemployed, self employed or retired at the time of purchasing payment protection insurance • You have pre-existing medical conditions at the time of purchasing PPI • You have borrowed loans, credit car or other financial product in last ten years then possibility of mis sold PPI

  5. How to Apply for Mis sold PPI? • If you have a wrongly sold PPI then write claim letter to your lender. You will get back response within eight weeks. If your lender makes negative response then you may contact to Ombudsman. Further, you are just required to follow the instructions given by them. You will surely get back compensation for your losses. However, if you find PPI claim process complex then take help of PPI management firm to solve the disputes easily.

  6. PPI Claims in News

  7. What to do if no documents available? • If you do not have credit card or loan details then you may ask to your lender about the document. You can get the document under Consumers Credit Act just by paying £1. In case, you haven’t remember even your lenders then check your credit report from Experian, Equifax or Call credit at just making payment of £2. This way, you will have full details of PPI and loans. Use these documents to file mis sold PPI claims.

  8. How long it takes to settle PPI claims? • Once you send PPI claim letter to your lender then you will get back compensation letter within eight weeks. However, if bank refuses to pay the amount or doesn’t make any response then you should write to FOS. Ombudsman will surely help to settle the dispute but it may take more than 12 months in some cases. You should keep patience throughout the process. You must have all documents for fast approval of compensation. You will win the compensation at the end of the process.

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