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Things to Know About Car Insurance Claims for Minor Damages PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to Know About Car Insurance Claims for Minor Damages

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Things to Know About Car Insurance Claims for Minor Damages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When it comes to car insurance claims for minor damages, there are excesses that must be considered. And it\'s important to know about them before deciding on your claim. Read through these slides to find out why.

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if you re wondering what level of damage warrants

If you’re wondering what level of damage warrants a claim on insurance, then here are

some things to consider. Firstly, find out what your excess is from your insurance

documentation. Be conscious that your insurer may report on an incident basis and not

just a claims basis. Consider seeking an independent quote and compare to your excess

before deciding on a claim. If the damage is assessed within a close range of your

excess, then decide between a claim or a direct repair. If claiming, you are likely to be

guided to a specific repairer and you are also likely to lose your vehicle for a few days at


For minor cosmetic damage, a reputable mobile repairer can provide a time-convenient

alternative. If you need help assessing the damage, give Touch Up Guys a call and we

can help you out.

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CEO Glen Hawken discusses a few things one must

consider when claiming car insurance.

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