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Project Officer Orientation

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Project Officer Orientation. 2010. i Care iContribute iAssist iRenew iEnrich. Today’s Agenda. Welcome /CFC History Organization and Planning Committee Goal/Logo Schedule Training and Materials Extravaganzas Review Project Officer’s Guide You Make It Happen

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project officer orientation
Project Officer Orientation


i Care

iContribute iAssist iRenew iEnrich

today s agenda
Today’s Agenda
  • Welcome /CFC History
  • Organization and Planning Committee
  • Goal/Logo
  • Schedule
  • Training and Materials Extravaganzas
  • Review Project Officer’s Guide
  • You Make It Happen
  • Responsibilities/Awareness/Education
  • Events/Charities
  • Strategies/Recognition
  • Keyperson’s Envelopes / Forms
  • Website
  • Wrap Up/Questions
general information
General Information

CFC History - Established in 1961 by John F. Kennedy

Mission - promote philanthropy through a voluntary program that is employee-focused, cost efficient and effective in providing all Federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all.

CFC Regulations

Ensuring that every employee is given the opportunity to participate

Employee solicitations shall be conducted during duty hours

About 350 Combined Federal Campaigns

Hawaii-Pacific Area CFC is 3rd in size with 83,101 federal employees and includes Hawaii, Guam, Northern Marianas- Saipan, Rota, Tinian, and American Samoa

organizational chart
Organizational Chart

U.S. Congress

U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Honolulu Federal Executive Board

U.S. Navy

2010 CFC Chair Organization

Steering Committee

(Local Agency Heads)

101 Agencies

Hawaii – Pacific

Agency Project Officers

Unit Project Officers

Key People (1:25)

Individual Donors

hawaii pacific information
Hawaii Pacific Information

History of Giving

Number of federal employees – 82,804

Average gift has generally increased

Participation is a concern

Use of payroll deduction is the preferred method of giving

2010 leadership
2010 Leadership

FEB Chair – Mr. Daryl Ishizaki

CFC Chair - ADM Patrick Walsh, USN

Executive Agent - RDML Dixon Smith, USN

Executive Advisor - RDML Jonathan Yuen, USN

FEB Local Federal Coordinating Committee

CFC Advisor

Yolande ‘Yogi’ Fong

planning committee
CDR Jeanene Torrance - CFC Project Officer (808) 772-0130

LT Kevin Peters - Assistant CFC Project Officer (808) 772-3369

Nita Yates - Principle Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) Director (

Melanie Kaaihue - PCFO Asst. Director - (

Planning Committee

CSC Lane Jones - Training

(808) 473-1735

LT Casey Two Bears - Public Affairs

(808) 473-2880

ITC William Gullaba - Materials

(808) 772-3822

HMC Scott Comer - Data/Progress Reports

(808) 471-0194

CSC Randyronan Basat - Special Events

(808) 772-3568

ENS Crystal Campbell - Charity Coordinator

(808) 772-3817

2010 goal and logo
2010 Goal and Logo

In 2010, we will make 100% Face-to Face contact

with every Federal Employee and exceed the total

funds raised during any previous campaign year

2010 schedule
2010 Schedule
  • September 17 Deadline for Event Funding Request
  • September 27 Promotional Blitz (Media/Banners/Posters)
  • Week of Sept 27th Training Extravaganza and Materials Distribution
  • Various CFC Kickoffs
  • October 1-31 Fund Raising Drive
  • October Weekly Progress Reports - Due each Tuesday
  • November 2 Agency/Unit Audits Complete
  • NLT November 5 Unit POs return materials to Agency POs
  • NLT November 19 Agency POs return materials to CFC PO
  • TBD End of Campaign Recognition Event
  • Material Collection Goals
    • Agencies with <100 (40) Turn in complete by 5 Nov
    • Agencies with 100-1000 (25) Turn in complete by 10 Nov
    • Agencies over 1000 (35) Turn in complete by 19 Nov
training and materials distribution
Training and Materials Distribution
  • Who: Agency Project Officers, Unit Project Officers, and Keypersons
  • Where: Pearl Harbor, K-Bay, Schofield Barracks & Federal Building
  • What:
    • Training
    • Issue of Materials
      • Key person Envelopes
      • Charity Books
      • Initial issue of Recognition Items
  • Sign up online
training agenda 2 hrs
Training Agenda (2 hrs)
  • Welcome and overview of CFC and its importance (10 min)
  • Charity Talk Story (one charity randomly chosen to provide a 5-10 minute presentation on how CFC contributions change lives) (10 min)
  • Training Part I (30 minutes)
    • 2010 Agency Organization
    • Project and Keyperson Responsibilities
    • When and how to ask for a donation
    • How to plan Agency and Unit Events
    • How to incorporate Charity Reps into Agency/Unit events
  • 20 minute Break - Talk to some local Charity Reps over refreshments.
  • Training Part II (30 min)
    • Materials Accountability and Admin
    • Weekly Progress Reports
    • Unit and Agency Self Audits
    • Question and Answer Session
  • Materials Distribution and another opportunity to talk to the charity reps
project guide
Project Guide
  • Responsibilities - Making it happen
    • Who uses these charities (Sit Down Drill)
    • FEAT
    • Responsibilities
  • Awareness/Education
    • Posters/Newletters/Media
      • Samples on web
    • FAQ
cfc regulations
CFC Regulations

Code of Federal Regulations


DoD Inst NUMBER 5035.01 January 31, 2008


§ 950.102

  • The CFC is the only authorized solicitation of employees in the Federal workplace on behalf of charitable organizations. The campaign is intended to reduce disruptions in the workplace by consolidating all approved solicitations into a single, annual, officially supported campaign.
  • Contractor personnel, credit union employees and other persons present on Federal premises, as well as retired Federal employees, may make single contributions to the CFC through checks, money orders, or cash, or by electronic means, including credit cards, as approved by the Director. These non-Federal personnel may not be solicited, but donations offered by such persons must be accepted by the local campaigns.
regulations cont d
Regulations (cont’d)
  • 950.108   Preventing coercive activity.
  • (a) Solicitation of employees by their supervisor or by any individual in their supervisory chain of command. This does not prohibit the head of an agency to perform the usual activities associated with the campaign kick-off and to demonstrate his or her support of the CFC in employee newsletters or other routine communications with the Federal employees.
  • (b) Supervisory inquiries about whether an employee chose to participate or not to participate or the amount of an employee's donation. Supervisors may be given nothing more than summary information about the major units that they supervise.
  • (c) Setting of 100 percent participation goals.
  • (d) Establishing personal dollar goals and quotas.
  • (e) Developing and using lists of non-contributors.
  • (g) Using as a factor in a supervisor's performance appraisal the results of the solicitation in the supervisor's unit or organization.
regulations cont d16
Regulations (cont’d)
  • § 950.602   Solicitation methods.
  • (a) Employee solicitations shall be conducted during duty hours using methods that permit true voluntary giving and shall reserve to the individual the option of disclosing any gift or keeping it confidential.
  • Campaign kick-offs, victory events, awards, and other non-solicitation events to build support for the CFC are encouraged.
  • (b) Special CFC fundraising events, such as raffles, lotteries, auctions, bake sales, carnivals, athletic events, or other activities not specifically provided for in these regulations are permitted during the campaign period if approved by the appropriate agency head or government official, consistent with agency ethics regulations. Chances to win must be disassociated from amount of contributions, if any. Raffle prizes should be modest in nature and value.
  • (c) In all approved special fundraising events the donor must have the option of designating to a specific participating organization or federation or be advised that the donation will be counted as an undesignated contribution and distributed according to these regulations.
  • Events Coordinator - CSC Randy Basat
    • Kick Off Events/Planning a Kickoff Event
      • Sep 29 Federal Building
      • Oct 5 Naval Shipyard
      • Oct 7 Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam
      • Others? Funding Requests in by Sept 17
    • Group Presentations
    • Fund Raising Events
      • NEX Coupon Sale
    • End of Campaign Recognition (Nov/Dec ?)
charity speakers
Charity Speakers
  • Charity Coordinator - ENS Crystal Campbell
    • (808) 772-3817
  • Request a Charity Speaker
    • Use form on website
project guide19
Project Guide
  • Strategies
    • Art of Asking
    • Suggested Giving Guide
    • Gifts
  • Forms – E-copies on website
  • Lessons Learned – Leave a Legacy for 2011
    • Let us know what you like or do not like about the 2010 Hawaii Pacific CFC
campaign recognition
Campaign Recognition

Individual Recognition

1% Eagle Recognition

= Annual base pay x .01

2% Super Eagle Recognition

= Annual base pay x .02

Suggested Giving Guide and Calculator

Agency, Unit, Department Recognition

60% participation and $95 per capita = PLATINUM Award

55% participation and $90 per capita = GOLD Award

50% participation and $85 per capita = SILVER Award

45% participation and $80 per capita = BRONZE Award

reporting requirements
Reporting Requirements
  • Submit Weekly Status Reports online at:
  • Reports due starting October 5th and every Tuesday until your campaign is finished (Oct 5, 12, 19, 26 etc)
    • On Tuesdays, provide all the information that you have from your keypersons
    • Do not hold reports waiting on data
  • Each week's totals are a running (cumulative) sum.
  • Use your Agency Code and Agency title off the list that I will be providing. Do not use old Agency Code numbers.
  • Once your campaign is complete, audit all of your Keyperson’s Envelopes, submit a Final Report and contact HQ to return your materials.