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S afety A nd W ellness Plan

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S afety A nd W ellness Plan. 2006 - 2007. A Crisis Management Plan…. ensures that Antelope View Charter School staff is prepared for the many aspects of responding to a critical incident involving their school or student teacher populations. Agenda. Crisis Management Team Staging

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A Crisis Management Plan…

ensures that Antelope View Charter School staff is prepared for the many aspects of responding to a critical incident involving their school or student teacher populations.

  • Crisis Management Team
  • Staging
  • Procedures
a crisis management team cmt
A Crisis Management Team (CMT)

The membership of AVCS’s CMT consists of an immediately accessible core group of school personnel who have the knowledge and skills to handle an emergency situation. A wide range of members for the CMT have been selected to ensure the various aspects of crisis planning can be accomplished.

Members of the team are trained to identify alarming changes in student behavior and community events or incidents that could affect the school. Action is taken to address the needs of the school population.

specific staff have specific cmt roles
Specific staff have specific CMT roles –

The AVCS Role List is as follows:

  • Incident Commander – Mary Navarro (Principal), alternates: Lyn McCarty, Nanci Rose, and Clif Castro
  • Student Accounting Coordinator and Recorder/Communication – Judy Shira (School Secretary), alternates: Ann Decker, Nanci Rose, and Kevin Shira
  • Police and Fire Liaison – Sandi Cooke (Administrative Assistant), alternates:
  • Staff Assignments at the School Site: Ann Decker (Accounts Manager), alternate: Nanci Rose, Clif Castro, and Elizabeth Hernandez
  • Staff Assignments at a Staging Area: Lyn McCarty (Vice Principal), alternates: Greg Baumann, Tina Degan-Henslee
  • Parent Reunion Organizer and Information and Media Representative: Nanci Rose (Coordinator), alternates: Lyn McCarty, Clif Castro, Kevin Shira
  • Security: Michael Tadros (Custodian), alternates: Clif Castro and Kevin Shira
  • Counseling: Greg Baumann (Guidance Counselor), alternates: Lyn McCarty, Nanci
incident commander
  • The incident commander is the overall leader during an emergency incident. The incident commander makes decisions based on the information and suggestions being provided from other members of the crisis team. This role may be combined with a liaison role but should not be combined with any other active role during a critical incident.
student accounting coordinator
  • This team member is responsible for ensuring all teachers have an accurate accounting of students and for coordinating efforts in accounting for missing or extra students. Much of this role involves planning for an incident and communicating with the faculty on the importance of removing rosters during an emergency so student accountability can take place.
off site evacuation coordinator
  • The duties of this position focus on organizing the off-site evacuation location during an emergency situation. This includes planning the movement of the students to the location and assisting with accounting of the students once they are moved; planning for the use of a location, and planning the evacuation route to safely move the students.
law enforcement and fire liaison
  • When the local police and fire departments respond to a school incident, they will immediately require contact with a school official.
  • Contact between the school operations and those of the law enforcement/fire operations must be maintained throughout the incident.
law enforcement and fire liaison10
  • When the local police and fire departments respond to a school incident, they will immediately require contact with a school official.
  • Contact between the school operations and those of the law enforcement/fire operations must be maintained throughout the incident.
parent reunion coordinator
  • Parent contact should be expected and planned for by giving specific directions to the parents as they arrive in the area. A well-informed member of the crisis team will be
    • at a central location and coordinate the activities at this site
    • coordinate with the media liaison for information that can be released to the parents
    • communicate with the evacuation, student accounting, and off site staging personnel to facilitate children coming to the reunion location to join their parents
public information officer pio
  • Local media will respond to events that occur at schools and representatives from community relations will respond to the school during a major incident; the PIO will
    • prepare information for public release
    • draft the parent letter that should go home with each student explaining what took place at the school
    • make sure the media does not gain access to students or faculty during the incident
    • serve as the staff liaison by providing information to staff members about the incident
communications recorder coordinator
  • This person will make sure the various school offices receive notification and updates about the event and that any needed resources are requested.
  • When an event first occurs, the communications person should confirm that 911 has been called or place the call.
  • During the event, this person should keep a detailed record of the events, decisions, and actions including annotation of time.
    • This record will help ensure all critical tasks have been completed
security coordinator
  • This person handles incidents that occur around the school building but do not directly involve school personnel.
  • A violent crime or other situation near a school may require the staff to quickly secure the school from outside intruders.
    • developing specific assignments for school personnel during such an emergency
    • creating a check system to make sure the school is secure
    • acting as a liaison with the agency handling the local event
staff assignment coordinator
  • The role of this position is to use available personnel to assist with carrying out the core functions associated with an incident.
    • Any teacher not assigned students during an incident and any personnel arriving at the incident should report directly to this person.
    • This person will keep a roster of assignments and make requests to administrative offices for additional resources.
  • Available resources should be identified and used on a regular basis when the first sign of depression, anger, or other alarming changes in a student is observed.
  • During a crisis, the CMT member responsible for counseling must quickly organize a counseling program to help students, parents, faculty, and the community to heal from the incident.
staging area considerations
Staging Area Considerations

During a crisis, the expected response by the media, community residents, and parents will create chaos if a plan is not in place.

Every school must be prepared for the possibility of an evacuation during an emergency or crisis.

The logistics of moving a student population must be planned and fully understood by all those responsible for the safety and security of children.

off site evacuation of students
  • Nearby locations where faculty and students can be moved safely away from danger have been identified as
    • Lone Oak Park
    • or the athletic field located on the CHS campus to the rear of AVCS buildings.
  • These locations should be used anytime students need to be moved a safe distance from the school buildings.
media staging
  • The public relations manager will meet the media on the west side of the parking lot adjacent to CHS’s parking lot and use the grassy area there and asphalt just on the other side of the grassy area as a staging location.
bus staging area
  • The school’s off-site evacuation location is large enough to handle school bus traffic. There is no need for a second area to be used if students are going to be dismissed from a location other than the primary school building.
  • There is a plan for requesting sheriff assistance that will be needed to control traffic near the park.
command post
  • Sheriff and fire departments will establish a command post for their operations during a school-based incident and will require communication with a school command post for information and planning.
  • The school command post is located near the school but out of the direct danger zone, in the Center High School Theater light and sound booth.
parent reunion area
  • The Antelope Community Library on the corner of Antelope and Walerga has been identified as a parent reunion area in cases that involve violence and risk of injury to students.
  • This location can support many parents and vehicles, provide shelter and offer some isolated quiet areas.
What to do…

What to do!

procedures for everything

Critical Response

Activity in The Vicinity

Bomb Threat

Bus Accident

Biochemical Hazard



Fire Drills

Gas Odor

Hostage Situation

Hostile Visitor

Medical Emergency

Missing Student

Public Demonstration

Severe Weather




Sexual Assault

Shooting or Stabbing

Student Disruption


Procedures for everything!