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Recovery Plan 2009-2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Recovery Plan 2009-2010

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Recovery Plan 2009-2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CBC/Radio-Canada. Recovery Plan 2009-2010. Guiding Principles. The current challenge affects the entire Corporation. We are addressing it as one company. Every component is contributing to the solution.

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Recovery Plan 2009-2010

guiding principles
Guiding Principles
  • The current challenge affects the entire Corporation. We are addressing it as one company. Every component is contributing to the solution.
  • The Corporation will implement cuts with an eye to ensuring it is positioned to remain a relevant and effective 21st century public broadcaster.
  • CBC/Radio-Canada will become a content company;
    • Shift from a television provider to a source of video content
    • Shift from a radio provider to a source of audio content.
  • CBC/Radio-Canada will become the most important creator and distributor of Canadian content across all major platforms Canadians use.
  • To ensure continued engagement with Canadians, CBC/Radio-Canada will find ways to remain deeply rooted in the regions. This means striking the right balance between national and regional services, using the most appropriate platforms.
main effects of plan
Main Effects of Plan
  • Reduction of up to 800 positions (full-time equivalents);
    • 393 English Services (Network 189: 169 TV, 20 Radio)
    • (Regions 204: 103 TV, 101 Radio)
    • 336 French Services (Network 270: 226 TV, 44 Radio)
    • (Regions 66: 40 TV, 26 Radio)
    • 70 Corporate Services
  • Major reductions to network television budgets in order to protect regions;
  • Scaling back of regional radio and television programming;
  • Decrease in current affairs, drama, music, and special event programming;
  • Reductions in services to minority language communities;
  • Reductions in news, including elimination of Dakar bureau, reductions to other international bureaux TBD;
  • Repeat presentations throughout the schedule to make up for reduced content production;
  • Elimination of Ukrainian and Cantonese programming on RCI;
  • 10-20 per cent cut in executive compensation.
what is protected
What is Protected?

In order to remain on strategy as much as possible, we have protected andeven enhanced our focus in certain areas.

  • No radio advertising
  • New media
  • Regional stations
  • Distinctive programming
  • Respect of CRTC license conditions
  • Training funds
  • Cross-cultural funding
official language minority communities
Official Language Minority Communities
  • The Corporation is mindful of its responsibilities to official language minority communities. Funding for these communities has been disproportionately sheltered in our business plan. However, some communities will be affected.
    • There will be reductions in French services in Western Canada, Moncton and Ontario.
      • Reduced television programming in Western Canada, Ottawa and Atlantic Canada.
      • Elimination of Téléjournal midi in Ottawa, Québec and Moncton.
      • Elimination of overnight radio programs in Vancouver and Edmonton.
      • Elimination of noon radio programs in Toronto, Moncton and Western Canada.
      • Elimination of radio morning and weekly overnight programs in Windsor. Three people will remain in Windsor and provide coverage for regional programs out of Toronto. This is the same model already in use for Saskatoon/Regina and Calgary/Edmonton.
    • There will be some reductions to English services in Montréal and Québec City.