music in sioux city past and present l.
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Music in Sioux City: Past and Present PowerPoint Presentation
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Music in Sioux City: Past and Present

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Music in Sioux City: Past and Present - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Music in Sioux City: Past and Present. By: Izaiah Richard Buhrman-Manning Emerson Elementary School Grade 4. My project will show you…. Places people have gone to enjoy music in Sioux City, from the 1800’s to now The many radio stations in Sioux City

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music in sioux city past and present
Music in Sioux City: Past and Present

By: Izaiah Richard Buhrman-Manning

Emerson Elementary School

Grade 4

my project will show you
My project will show you…
  • Places people have gone to enjoy music in Sioux City, from the 1800’s to now
  • The many radio stations in Sioux City
  • Famous musicians who came from Sioux City
  • How music has changed in Sioux City from the 1800’s to present.
my project will also give you a chance to think about the following questions

My project will also give you a chanceto think about the following questions…

What you would do if you were a famous musician

from Sioux City- What would you sing? Where would

you play?

Where would you go for a concert?

What music do you like better- 1800’s or current?

Thinking of bands who have played in Sioux City,

Who’s been the best? Who’s been the worst?

we have had music in sioux city for decades even centuries
We have had music in Sioux City for decades, even centuries!


  • Places people would
  • go to enjoy music
  • Radio
  • Famous Musicians
  • from Sioux City
the places to go for music
The Places to go for Music…

People in Sioux City have gone to many places in town to enjoy music and concerts over the years…

shrine temple
Shrine Temple

Full name: Abu Bakr Shrine Temple

Built in 1926

gather an idea of the places you would go for a concert
Gather an idea of the places you would go for a concert.

Where would YOU go?

London, England

Tokyo, Japan

Beijing, China

Omaha, Nebraska

the corn palaces
The Corn Palaces

Most people think that the only corn palace ever built was in Mitchell, South Dakota.

The FIRST corn palace in the World was built in Sioux City.

The years that the Corn Palaces were built were in the years of 1887,1888,1889,1890,and 1891.

When people came to the Corn Palaces, they watched plays, listened and danced to music, ate food, and took tours.

academy of music
Academy of Music

Built in 1870- located at the south side of Fourth Street between Douglas and Pierce streets

Seated 800 guests

The stage had two trap doors for special effects & gas foot lights which could be adjusted.

Many traveling shows came to perform.

This building was not big enough for larger shows, so it was replaced by the Peavey Grand Opera House.

peavey grand opera house
Peavey Grand Opera House

Built in 1888

Almost every popular stage show come here from 1888 into the 1890’s.

orpheum theatre
Orpheum Theatre

Originally designed in 1927.

It was one of the largest theaters at that time, and cost $1.75 million to build.

During the 1970’s & 1980’s it was remodeled into a movie house,

The building closed to the public in 1992.

At a cost of over $12 million, the theater was restored to it’s original look, and reopened on September 15, 2001.

sioux city auditorium tyson events center
Sioux City Auditorium/ Tyson Events Center

An arena, has hosted a 10,000 seat variety of events including Alan Jackson, Martina McBride, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Kenny Chesney, Fleetwood Mac, BNL, and Cher

The Tyson Events Center

The Sioux City Auditorium was a 3,500 seat arena that hosted sporting events and concerts.

The city hoped to encourage larger performances to come to town, so the Tyson Events Center was added to provide a larger place for performances.

Built in 2004

men s boat club shore acres
Men’s Boat Club/ Shore Acres

The Riverside Boat Club and the Shore Acre Boat Club had beautiful clubhouses on the shores of the Sioux River, adjoining Riverside Park. They had boating, tennis and bowling and other facilities that people enjoyed visiting.

These clubs were special to Sioux City.

who were some famous musicians and composers from sioux city
Who were some famous musicians and composers from Sioux City?

Tommy Bolin

Leo Kucinski

Peggy Gilbert

Ben Bernstein

Scott Hesse

Ryan Kisor

Big Miller

Danny Matousak

lets make music together leo kucinski 1904 1998
"Lets make music together." Leo Kucinski (1904-1998),

The Sioux City Symphony and the Sioux City Municipal Band were created in the 1930’s. They were directed by Leo Kucinski.

Kucinski came to Sioux City in 1923 and taught violin at Morningside College.

Kucinski introduced symphony, orchestra and violin music to the students within the Sioux City School District. These programs still exist today.

tommy bolin guitarist
Tommy Bolin (guitarist)

Fact: Tommy Bolin was born

In Sioux City, Iowa

(Aug. 1 1951-Dec. 4 1976)

He was a famous guitar player.

He is best known for playing in the following bands-

*Zephyr (1969-1971)

*The James Gang (1973-1974)

*Deep Purple (1975-1976)

ben bernstein
Ben Bernstein

Noted Jazz, bluegrass, and rock bassist. Also a singer and songwriter.

Graduated from Sioux City North High School.

A member of the band “New Monsoon”.

Has his own recording/music company called “Petting Zoo”.

jim aton 1925 2008
Jim Aton (1925-2008)

Famous Jazz musician from Sioux City, Iowa.

Born in Shanghai, China, but moved to Sioux City as a baby. He graduated from Sioux City East High School in 1943.

He composed, sang and played jazz music for over 40 years.

scott hesse born in 1971
Scott Hesse (born in 1971)

Famous Jazz artist from Sioux City. He plays the guitar,

Graduated from North High School in Sioux City in 1989.

Has worked with bands and artists in New York and Chicago over the last 15 years.

Has finished a new project with his own quintet called “Music Speaks”.

ryan kisor born in 1973
Ryan Kisor (born in 1973)

Noted trumpet player.

Graduated from Sioux City North High School.

He began playing in a local dance band by the age of ten, and began classical lessons at 12.

clarence big miller 1922 1992
Clarence “Big” Miller (1922-1992)

Born Dec 18, 1922, in Sioux City, Iowa

Died on June 9, 1992

Jazz/Blues Singer, trombonist, actor.

By the time he was a teenager he lived in Kansas City.

Later moved to Canada and became a citizen there in 1973.

daniel danny matousek
Daniel ("Danny") Matousek

Born in 1939

Died in 1998

Danny Matousek was the lead singer and guitarist for “The Velaires”.

Wrote song “Roll over Beetoven, and appeared on American Bandstand.

Graduated from Sioux City Central High School.

Inducted into Iowa Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

Received the Lifetime Achievement award from the Iowa Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

peggy gilbert 1905 2007
Peggy Gilbert (1905-2007)

Peggy Gilbert at her 100th birthday party, January 17, 2005.

Peggy in the 1930s

Peggy in 1928.

Peggy Gilbert is a famous jazz saxophonist and bandleader. She had a band made up of only girls.

locate the first radio station in sioux city
Locate the first radio station in Sioux City

KSCJ- Began airing on April 4, 1927 as part of the Sioux City Journal (that’s where the call letters came from).

Many newspapers in Iowa were using radio to provide an additional way of reporting current news events.

This station is also called Talk Radio 1360.

review the differences between music in the 1800 s and today in sioux city
Review the differences between music in the 1800’s and today in Sioux City.

In the 1800’s there was mainly classical and jazz type music.

Today, we have lots of different types, like Hip Hop, Country, Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative music.

Over the years, more styles of music have been introduced.

how is rock music an example of current music in sioux city
How is Rock music an example of current music in Sioux City?

KISS, Aerosmith, Rob Zombie, Staind, Alice Cooper, Stix, Lynnard Skynnard, Steve Miller, Grand Funk Railroad, Entrapment, Rob Thomas, Ratt, Poison and many other rock groups have performed in Sioux City in the recent past.

Large crowds enjoyed these bands. Some concerts have even sold all their tickets.

analyze how music in sioux city has impacted the town from the 1800 s to now
Analyze how music in Sioux City has impacted the town from the 1800’s to now.

When Sioux City has had music artists perform, people have paid money to buy the tickets. Some people come from out of town, and have paid money to stay in our hotels. When people stay at our hotels, they eat at our restaurants, and sometimes shop at our stores. So music has provided extra money to Sioux City. Also, larger places have been built so bigger acts can perform here.

The Academy of Music wasn’t big enough, so the Peavey Grand Opera House was built. The Sioux City Auditorium wasn’t big enough, so the Tyson Events Center was built.

assemble a list of songs you would hear from the 1800 s that you may still hear today in sioux city
Assemble a list of songs you would hear from the 1800’s that you may still hear today in Sioux City.

Could some music that you would hear in the 1800’s, still be music you would hear today?

Yankee Doodle

Pretty Maids All in a Row

The Star Spangled Banner

Many Christmas Carols

America (aka, My Country 'Tis of Thee)

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Pop Goes the Weasel

The Wedding March (aka Here comes the Bride)

The One Horse Open Sleigh (aka Jingle Bells)

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Oh! Susanna

Many Church Hymns

Jimmy Crack Corn


imagine you were a famous musician from sioux city what would you sing or play and where
Imagine you were a famous musician from Sioux City. What would you sing or play, and where?

What would YOU sing or play?

Where would YOU perform?

contrast oldies in sioux city and new music in sioux city

Contrast oldies in Sioux City and new music in Sioux City.

The differences in the music from

The 1800’s and now are that back in the 1800’s to now is that in the 1800’s there was just oldies and now there is just a lot of

Different types of music like rock,jazz,and a lot more types of music.

decide if you like 1800 s music from sioux city or current music from sioux city and why
Decide if you like 1800’s music from Sioux City or current music from Sioux City, and why.

Which is YOUR favorite?


evaluate the bands that have played in sioux city from best to worst
Evaluate the bands that have played in Sioux City from best to worst.

What is YOUR opinion?

What made you think that some bands better or worse than others?

how much have symphony ticket prices have increased over the years
How much have symphony ticket prices have increased over the years?

$20.57,that is how much they increased.

sioux city radio station timeline


KMNS- 620AM, Sports Talk Radio


KSEZ- 97.9FM, Rock music (classic and new rock)


KWSL- 1470AM, Spanish language music, previously sports talk, was also a top 40 station in the 1980’s.


KFMR-1150AM, Morningside College’s Original Radio Station. Was one of the earliest educational radio stations in the country.


KSCJ- 1360AM, Talk Radio, first station in Sioux City


KWIT- 90.3FM, Public radio, from Western Iowa Tech Community College


KMSC- 88.3FM, Morningside College Radio, now called ­93FM


K-LOVE- 88.9FM, Contemporary Christian Music, began as KCLB-FM in Santa Rosa, California


KGLI- 95.5FM, Adult Contemporary


KSUX- 105.7FM, Country music (Super Pig)


WNAX- 104.1FM, broadcasts from Yankton, SD, but translator K283AG broadcasts from Sioux City at 104.5FM. Was oldies/classic hits, now top 40.


KSFT- 107.1FM, top 40 station.


KKMA- 99.5FM, Classic hits, formerly adult contemporary- bought by Powell Broadcasting


KKYY- 101.3FM, Country music


KZSR- 102.3FM, “Adult Hits”. Was BOB FM but is now JACK FM


Powell Broadcasting buys KKYY & KZSR


KISS 107.1 went from playing adult contemporary music to top 40’s


KTFC- 103.3FM, Religious radio station (Midwest Bible Radio)


KZSR 102.3 BOB-FM turned into JACK-FM


KFHC-88.1FM, Catholic Radio.

Sioux City Radio Station Timeline