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Hardware, Software and Networking PowerPoint Presentation
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Hardware, Software and Networking

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Hardware, Software and Networking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hardware, Software and Networking. ISM3011. What We’re Going to do Today. Announcements News & miscellany Alphabet soup MIS in the professions Hardware, software & networking highlights Client/Server Internet & Web Examples Q&A. Alphabet Soup. TCP Transmission Control Protocol

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Hardware, Software and Networking

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what we re going to do today
What We’re Going to do Today
  • Announcements
  • News & miscellany
  • Alphabet soup
  • MIS in the professions
  • Hardware, software & networking highlights
  • Client/Server
  • Internet & Web
  • Examples
  • Q&A
alphabet soup
Alphabet Soup
  • TCP
    • Transmission Control Protocol
    • Protocol (rules) for communicating over the Internet (along with TCP).
    • TCP is in charge of keeping track of data packets that make up the message being sent over the Internet. Messages are broken up into packets for efficient transmission.
  • IP
    • Internet Protocol. IP specifies the format of packets, also called datagrams, and the addressing scheme.
    • IP address is a set of four numbers, separated by periods.
mis in the professions banking
MIS in the Professions - Banking
  • The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives in Thailand
  • Took up to three weeks to reconcile financial records from 600 branches spread throughout Thailand.
  • Using SAP Banking software, this time was cut to one day.
  • Led to better processes, and better decisions due to more timely, accurate data.
helping a friend
Helping a Friend
  • Assume the following scenario:
    • Your friend, Pat, wants your help in buying a computer system.
    • What would you do to help Pat?
  • So, how would you go about helping Pat?
  • Dell Web site might be helpful.
hardware highlights
Hardware Highlights
  • Hardware Categories
    • Input
      • Keyboard, mouse, RFID, scanner, card reader, etc.
    • Output
      • Monitor, printer, speakers,
    • Processing (CPU)
    • Storage
      • Hard disk, CD/DVD, flash drive, SD, floppy drive, etc.
    • Telecom
      • Modem, router, bridge, wireless, NIC, etc.
    • Connectivity
      • Ports & cables; USB, parallel, serial, firewire
software highlights
Software Highlights
  • Application software
    • This is what you really want to do.
    • General: Word, Excel, Firefox
    • More targeted
      • Vertical market: Specific industry
      • Horizontal market: Applies to many industries
  • Systems software
    • This is the “necessary evil” of software; have to have it to run application software
    • Operating systems
    • Utilities
networking highlights
Networking Highlights
  • LAN, WAN, MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), PAN (Personal Area Network)
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Protocol
    • Set of rules that govern the operation of a network
  • Topology
    • Physical arrangement of devices on a network
  • Bandwidth
    • The speed of your connection/network (kbps, mbps)
    • Test your connection speed: http://www.speedtest.net/
    • Download vs. upload
client server architecture
Client/Server Architecture

Client requests something from the server.

Server responds to the client.

internet and world wide web
The Internet and the Web are NOT the same thing.

The Web “runs” on the Internet.

The Web is a way of organizing the information on the Internet.

Internet and World Wide Web
internet and web
Internet and Web
  • Internet
    • Global “network of networks” using TCP/IP
  • World Wide Web
    • Way of organizing and accessing information stored on the computers of the Internet
    • http (hypertext transfer protocol), html (hypertext markup language)
  • Importance of interoperability
    • Different types of systems being able to communicate.
a tale of two systems
A Tale of Two Systems
  • Two different distributors
  • Same types of products
  • Different approaches to extending their internal systems.
old school

Special software

Special connection (modem)

Runs in a text-only terminal window

Old School
new school
New School





next time
Next Time
  • The importance of organizational information
  • Read
    • Intro to Unit 2
    • Chapter 6