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2010-2011 Training Night Higher Ground Children’s Ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel. Highlights. 2009-2010. Second successful year of AWANA Second successful year of High 5 (see high5update2010) Children praying to accept Jesus Christ as Savior New worship songs and motions videos

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Slide1 l.jpg


Training Night

Higher Ground

Children’s Ministry


Harvest Bible Chapel

2009 2010 l.jpg

  • Second successful year of AWANA

  • Second successful year of High 5 (see high5update2010)

  • Children praying to accept Jesus Christ as Savior

  • New worship songs and motions videos

  • Curriculum available to other Harvest family churches

  • Family events – picnics, NY’s Eve JumpZone party

2010 2011 l.jpg

  • Third successful year of AWANA

    • AWANA Grand Prix Saturday, Oct. 16

    • Volunteer training Wednesday, Sept. 8

  • Third successful year of High 5

  • Children praying to accept Jesus Christ as Savior

  • New training videos

  • Curriculum writing completed

  • RockSolid storyteller role launched

  • Family events – picnics, NY’s Eve JumpZone party

  • Parenting classes

Characteristics of an effective team l.jpg

Characteristics of an Effective Team

Individuals who are part of an effective team have l.jpg
Individuals who are part of an effective team have:

  • Interdependence

  • Effective Communication

  • Ownership

  • Influence

  • Leadership

  • Commitment

Interdependence l.jpg

  • Each team member has a sense of belonging

    • “I know my role”

    • “I know why I am here”

    • “I trust my teammates”

    • “I can support my team”

    • “I am a contributor”

      • Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making His appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. (2 Corinthians 5:20)

Effective communication l.jpg
Effective Communication

  • Meaningful interactions and open communications keep the team effective

    • “You can be honest with me”

    • “When you talk, I listen and respond”

    • “We will problem-solve together”

    • “Your input is valuable”

      • Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. (Ephesians 4:29)

Ownership l.jpg

  • Individuals own the group’s goals

    • “I understand the direction we’re going”

    • “We have the same purpose”

    • “Our mission/vision/values are in unity”

    • “I/We are collectively in charge”

    • “I am a role model”

      • But just as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak, not to please man, but to please God who tests our hearts. (1 Thessalonians 2:4)

Influence l.jpg

  • Every team member influences events and people

    • “What I do affects what happens”

    • “My participation has a cause-effect relationship”

    • “I can inspire, shape, and stimulate others”

    • “I make a difference”

      • Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ (Ephesians 4:15)

Leadership l.jpg

  • Lead as goal-oriented servant-leaders

    • “Encourage, not control”

    • “Define, not confine”

    • “Mentor others and help them to succeed”

    • “Teach and entrust”

      • You then, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. (2 Timothy 2:1-2)

Commitment l.jpg

  • Team members agree to follow through

    • “I will be there giving my best”

    • “We are mutually dependent”

    • “We share problems and solutions”

    • “I won’t leave you hanging”

      • Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. (Colossians 3:23-24)

Mission l.jpg

  • Help children to Know Christ, Grow in Christ, and Show Christ to others.

Vision l.jpg

  • Motivate children to CLIMB to Higher Ground

  • Build healthy Communities, serve with Love, Imitate Christ, Magnify the Lord, and Boldly go out with the Gospel

  • From the Harvest Four Pillars:

    • ProclaimingGod’s Word without apology

    • Lifting high the name of Jesus through worship

    • Believing firmly in the power of prayer

    • Sharing the good news of Jesus with boldness

Vision16 l.jpg

  • Communities – help children establish spiritually healthy friendships (Fellowship)

  • Love - help children be loved and serve others in love (Service)

  • Imitate – help children imitate Christ as they are discipled from the Word (Discipleship)

  • Magnify – help children magnify Christ through worship and prayer (Worship/Prayer)

  • Boldly – encourage children to be bold in sharing their faith (Evangelism)

Vision 3 w s l.jpg
Vision 3 W’s

  • Worship – encourage and model participation in worship services, summer camps, AWANA

  • Walk – encourage family devotional time, provide accountability for take home sheets, and have meaningful small group time

  • Work – provide opportunities to do missions and service projects, serve in the classroom, and apply Biblical lessons at home

Values to help us climb l.jpg
Values to help us CLIMB

  • Help children and parents plug in

  • Be relevant and apply the Bible to our culture

  • Provide opportunities to connect

  • Motivate children to grow in Christ

  • Help children reach out to friends and know how to share the Gospel

  • Provide a safe environment

  • Inspire by mentoring others

  • Affirm families as they grow together

Relevant children s ministry l.jpg

Relevant Children’s Ministry

Who are pablo austin and tyrone l.jpg
Who are Pablo, Austin, and Tyrone?

  • Chicago Bulls players

  • New Harvest pastors

  • Famous painters

  • The real names of the Jonas Brothers

  • Other ________________________

Fill in the blank diary of a kid l.jpg
Fill in the blank: Diary of a ________ Kid

  • Worried

  • Wet

  • Weak

  • Willful

  • Weary

  • Wimpy

  • Wordy

Who is clutch powers l.jpg
Who is Clutch Powers?

  • A Chicago democrat

  • A cartoon ninja

  • A Lego universe builder and explorer

  • A dragon trainer

Where can you not find webkinz l.jpg
Where can you NOT find Webkinz?

  • Tobacco shop

  • European imports store

  • Dollar stores

  • Hallmark shops

  • Target

  • Drug stores

Which of these is not a style of silly bandz l.jpg
Which of these is NOT a style of Silly Bandz?

  • Justin Bieber

  • Marvel comics

  • Princess

  • Mario Kart 3DS characters

Be relevant l.jpg
Be relevant

  • Start with a “secular connection”

  • Be real, authentic – talk naturally

  • Listen, ask, and learn

  • Use audience participation

  • Evaluate your effectiveness – have I connected with, cared for, communicated with, and challenged students?

  • Have appropriate expectations

Expectations l.jpg

  • Understand learning styles

    • Auditory (hearing)

      • Play music, say answers out loud, repeat key phrases, cheer

    • Visual (seeing)

      • Show with objects and pictures, use reading and writing

    • Tactile (hands-on)

      • Use “touch” activities, object lessons, crafts

    • Kinesthetic (moving)

      • Use all 5 senses, involve kids in drama and movement

  • Use all of these every week!

Expectations27 l.jpg

  • Pray first

  • Plan ahead

  • Invest in relationships

  • Respect students

  • Affirm and encourage

  • Be consistent

  • Understand age characteristics

Preschool children l.jpg
Preschool children

  • Need physical movement

  • Ask questions (why?)

  • Learn by experience

  • Think literally, not in the abstract

  • May change emotions rapidly

  • Imitate others

  • Understand prayer, know the Bible is special, and can memorize verses

Elementary age children l.jpg
Elementary age children

  • Need physical movement

  • Ask questions (why?)

  • Learn by experience

  • Think concretely, not in the abstract

  • May change feelings and behaviors

  • Like attention and to “win”

  • Understand prayer is important, know the Bible is special, and can memorize verses

  • Can choose right or wrong

Adult children l.jpg
Adult children

  • Need physical movement

  • Ask questions (why?)

  • Learn by experience

  • Think concretely and in the abstract

  • May change feelings and behaviors

  • Like attention and to “win”

  • Understand prayer is important, know the Bible is special, and can memorize verses

  • Can choose right or wrong

  • Can choose commitment levels

Plugging in roles in higher ground children s ministry l.jpg

Plugging in: Roles in Higher Ground Children’s Ministry

Roles l.jpg

  • Lead

  • Teacher

  • Anchor

  • Aider

  • Worship leader

  • Games leader

  • Tech leader

  • Weekend prep

  • Counter greeter

  • Craft prep

Slide33 l.jpg

  • Ensures smooth coordination during weekend services

  • Facilitates volunteer deployment so ratios are kept

  • Sets up and locks up

  • Acts as point person for “issues”

  • Helps orient volunteers and parents

  • Communicates among all rooms and parents

  • Serves as substitute teacher or anchor in emergencies

  • “Coach”

Teacher l.jpg

  • Helps children understand God’s Word

  • Illustrates concepts from Scripture

  • Delivers lessons creatively

  • Challenges children to learn key verses and key phrases

  • Works to connect and apply Scripture to lives

  • “Illustrator”

Anchor l.jpg

  • Provides leadership within a classroom

  • Starts up and cleans up rooms

  • Provides servant leadership to aiders

  • Trains new aiders

  • Runs game times, crafts, snacks, and activities

  • Provides individual disciplinary action if needed

  • Communicates with Lead

  • “Air Traffic Controller”

Aider l.jpg

  • Lead small groups

  • Interact personally with children and parents

  • Help seat and order children during worship and lesson time

  • Pray with children during small group time

  • Proactively assist teachers and anchors

  • Participate in worship and lesson time

  • Send postcards to children

  • “Counselor”

Worship leader l.jpg
Worship leader

  • Lead worship songs

  • Use hand motions and body movements

  • Model worship

  • Sing energetically

  • Encourage participation and junior worship helpers

  • Pray and collect offering

  • “Cheerleader”

Games leader l.jpg
Games leader

  • Reads lesson and develops coordinating games

  • Collects supplies needed for games

  • Runs an orderly game time

  • “Recreation director”

Tech leader l.jpg
Tech Leader

  • Ensures iTunes, videos, and visuals are prepared

  • Runs the A/V show during worship

  • Ensures seamless transitions

  • Trouble-shoots technical issues

  • “Chief Engineer”

Weekend prep l.jpg
Weekend prep

  • Comes in on Saturday to set up rooms

  • Copies small group sheets

  • Delivers all components from office to rooms

  • Ensures every room is ministry-ready

  • “Coordinator”

Counter greeter l.jpg
Counter greeter

  • Greets incoming children and parents

  • Checks in and routes visitors

  • Helps volunteers check themselves in

  • “Travel Agent”

Craft prep l.jpg
Craft prep

  • Works ahead to cut and prepare crafts

  • Can be done at home

  • Ensures supplies are ready to complete craft

  • “Architect”

Schedule www harvesthigherground org l.jpg
Schedule: www.HarvestHigherGround.org

Schedule harvesthigherground org l.jpg
Schedule: HarvestHigherGround.org

Orderly children s ministry l.jpg

Orderly Children’s Ministry

Discipline techniques l.jpg
Discipline techniques

  • Engage bored children and provide structure

  • Soften dramatically

  • Do not allow all attention to go to a disobedient child

  • Focus on what the correct, desired behavior is

  • Talk one-on-one with a child who is out of line and keep explanations short and simple

  • Use the Bible as our moral authority

  • Always discuss situations with a parent

Celebrate successes l.jpg
Celebrate successes

  • Affirm the positive

  • Encourage children and parents

  • Rejoice in growth

  • Praise God

  • Model thankfulness

  • Have fun

Liferock lost l.jpg

LifeRock LOST…

Breakouts rocksolid prek and bedrock liferock elementary l.jpg

Breakouts: RockSolid (preK) and BedRock/LifeRock (elementary)