geography of africa l.
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Geography of Africa

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Geography of Africa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geography of Africa. #3 Deserts Tree Map. Kalahari Desert. Covers parts of Botswana, South Africa and Namibia The inhabitants are nomadic bushmen who still hunt in the region Sometimes gets seasonal rains .

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kalahari desert
Kalahari Desert
  • Covers parts of Botswana, South Africa and Namibia
  • The inhabitants are nomadic bushmen who still hunt in the region
  • Sometimes gets seasonal rains
animals of the kalahari
Animals of the Kalahari
  • Antelope such as eland, gemsbok, springbok, hartebeast, steenbok, kudu, and duiker are common, as are giraffe & warthog
sahara desert
Sahara Desert
  • Largest tropical desert in the world, about the size of the US
  • Has many mountains as well as sand and rocky areas
  • Covers most of North Africa from Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea
  • Camels, horned viper, spotted hyena
  • the Drakensberg range is a major tourist destination in South Africa
  • White settlers clashed with local native inhabitants during the 1800’s
  • Drakensberg mountain range, originally referred to as the "Dragon Mountains" by early settlers.
facts continued
Facts continued
  • The mountains are located in South Africa
  • mountains are home to the world's second-highest waterfall, the Tugela Falls (Thukela Falls), with a total drop of 947 metres. That’s over 9 football fields long!

They call me

Mr. Pig

atlas mountains
Atlas Mountains
  • The Atlas mountains contain many fertile valleys,
  • Many millions of people live in the Atlas Mountains, almost all of them counting themselves as Berbers,
  • The Atlas are rich in natural resources. There are deposits of iron ore, lead ore, copper,
  • The Atlas mountains are in Northern Africa and run through Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria
  • Mountain Reedbuck,
  • Serval cat, and
  • Jackal.
ethiopian highlands
Ethiopian highlands
  • Home to 80 percent of Africa's tallest mountains
  • The region, which slopes away from either side of the Great Rift Valley, is composed of a series of mountains and valleys;
  • It covers 2/3 of Ethiopia
  • Ras Dashen (15,158 ft/4,620 m), Ethiopia’s highest peak, is there.
lake victoria
Lake Victoria
  • the second largest freshwater body in the world.
  • Named for Queen Victoria
  • Source of the White Nile River
  • The following countries border the lake
  • Uganda,Tanzania & Kenya
lake tanganyika facts
Lake Tanganyika facts
  • ON the Western Great Rift Valley,
  • It is the second largest of African lakes
  • It is the deepest lake in Africa
  • Location-Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Tanzania and Zambia,
Find Each Of these rivers and label them on your map
  • Nile River- Blue Nile & White Nile
  • Zambezi River
  • Congo River
  • Niger River
following the rivers
Following the rivers
  • Make a 4 column chart
  • Write the name of the rivers in the first column
  • Put the countries each river flows through in Column 2
  • Put the body of water each empties into in column 3
  • Put facts about each river in column 4
rivers the nile
Rivers (The Nile)
  • The Nile River is over 4200 miles long
  • It has two tributaries- The Blue Nile (Which begins in the Ethiopian highlands) and the White Nile (starts in Lake Victoria)
  • They join together near the city of Khartoum
  • It is considered an “exotic” river because much of it runs through desert
zambezi river
Zambezi River
  • The Zambezi River is over 1600 miles long
  • It empties into the Indian ocean
  • It is renown for its many rapids
  • Victoria Falls is on the Zambezi River
congo river
Congo River
  • Also called the Zaire River
  • It is 2700 miles long
  • Much of it travels along the equator in the rainforest before it empties into the Atlantic
  • Much of it can not be traveled on by boat because of rapids
niger river
Niger River
  • The River is 2600 miles long
  • It empties into the Atlantic Ocean in West Africa
  • The river is important to farmers who live in very dry regions of West Africa