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Design. With Desktop Publishing. Not long ago……. Businesses were producing all of their day to day printed material using typewriters Additional copies were produced on carbon paper and later on a photocopy machine. Only the most important business documents were typeset.

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With Desktop Publishing

not long ago
Not long ago……
  • Businesses were producing all of their day to day printed material using typewriters
  • Additional copies were produced on carbon paper and later on a photocopy machine.
  • Only the most important business documents were typeset.
introduction of computers and computer software
Introduction of Computers and Computer Software
  • Definite impact on the way businesses view their type setting and printing requirements.
  • Offices now contain workstations that include a personal computer.
  • Person who operates a computer can now act as the author, designer and producer of a wide variety of documents.
make or break
“Make or Break”
  • The proper use of design can make or break the impact and usefulness of every document you produce.
  • You want to send a message to the reader and it is important the message is easy to comprehend.
  • Important that the design used, visually enhances the impact of the written message.
who are the readers
Who Are the Readers???
  • Identify your prospective audience.
  • Example – If they are elderly, you may want to set the type slightly larger so that it is easy to read.
  • If you are designing for children, you may want to include more graphics.
what is the purpose of the document
What is the Purpose of the Document?
  • When you begin a document, you must consider the purpose.
  • Example: Is the purpose to inform, persuade or entertain?
  • Is the document supposed to encourage the reader to take some type of action?
what is the message you are trying to convey
What is the message you are trying to Convey?
  • The main message you want the reader to receive.
  • Example: If you want to create a flyer to sell a car, your main message may be that the car is easy on gas. Your secondary message may be the color of the car and other features it may have as well as your name and number and other contact information.
how will the document be reproduced
How will the document be reproduced?
  • There are many different methods of reproducing the work designed on your desktop publishing system.
  • The number of copies affects the method you will use.
  • Example: Birthday invitations may require 20 copies while a newsletter may require 20,000 copies.
reproducing a document
Reproducing a document …….
  • Producing an original from a dot matrix, laser or inkjet printer is not a problem.
  • These printers can not economically be used to print 20,000 copies of your newsletter.
  • For quick and economically reproduction, you will take your artwork to a print shop and they will reproduce it on a high speed photocopier or lithographic press.
what will be the length of the document
What will be the length of the document?
  • The number of pages to be included in the design will be a result of the type of publication.
  • Example: An invitation is usually one page.
  • A menu or a newsletter may be several pages long.
what will the type and size of the paper be
What will the type and size of the paper be?
  • Paper costs are a major part of any printing bill.
  • The quality, weight and handling properties of the paper you choose affect the price.
  • Paper must be chosen for its appearance and durability.
  • The ultimate use of the document dictates the paper requirement.
  • Example: Newsprint is good for newspapers but not suitable for an invitation.
  • The size is important for two reasons:
    • Document size must be appropriate for the message. Example: A business card that is 8.5x11 may produce a good response but would be difficult to carry and/or store large quantities of.
    • You may have trouble producing documents larger that 8.5X11 in size if your computer printer or software does not handle them.
how much money do you have to spend
How much money do you have to spend?
  • The amount of money that you have to produce a document influences:
    • how the document is printed
    • the type of paper
    • the number of ink colors (including photographs)
    • The binding or packaging of the document
    • How many copies will be produced.
  • You should now recognize the need for information gathering on items such as:
    • Your audience
    • The purpose of the document
    • Main message you would like to get across
    • Budget limitations
    • Production deadlines